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Part 2 Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 6, item 6

Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 6, item 6

Nov 20, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 6

Part 2:

Baal HaSulam. "Study of the Ten Sefirot" (TES). Vol. 2. Part 6. #6 (Then it wanted to bring the externality)

Reading #6

Reading Inner Light item 6 (00:14) All the inner phases of SAG

1. R. (07:10) This means that there's always an exchange of lights, the departure of lights, the return of the lights and then it enters the same work again in that degree.

Reading continues: (07:26)"Do not misinterpret that the level of Malchut, .."

2. R. (12:24) This means that these records cause us the arrival of the new lights.

Reading continues (12:40) 'Their MAN, to the tastes of SAG themselves…"

3. R. (17:54) This is how we sometimes think that YESHSUT is the Rosh of the next degree, the lower degree.

Reading continues (18:18) " Upper AVI make a coupling…"

4. R. (27:57) Meaning we actually don't have a true Malchut in all of the worlds.

5. S. (28:23) What does it mean that a screen moves, that it rises and lowers, what does that mean?

R. Wherever there is a degree for the coupling, there we say that the screen rises to or lowers to.

S. The screen is our ability to receive in order to bestow?

R. Yes.

S. If it's lower it means that it receives more in order to bestow, if its vessels are bigger. What does its height mean?

R. It's height is defined according to the relation between the Partzufim.

6. S. (29:15) He wrote that the records ascend with the screen.

R. Yes.

S. Aren't the records in the vessel, was it in the screen?

R. The records rise with the screen and they are called, they define where the screen will stand for the coupling for striking.

S. The fact that the screen refines doesn't change anything?

R. Yes.

S. When it reaches the Malchut of the Rosh what remains in it?

R. Nothing of the previous Partzuf remains there and the new records are awakened there where the screen is awakened in the level of the Rosh and the records that are awakened and are new records.

S. What's the matter of the records when it was below in MA and Bon?

R. He can't work with them already.

S. It sounded as if that is what does work, it brought those records of the inner ZON.

R. That's in that situation, yes.

S. What does that mean, that that's where the coupling is?

R. You hear.

S. How could a screen refine itself and the records I understand also get refined the records of that screen?

R. The records remain in the screen, and?

S. How does it remain if the screen refines itself from Malchut of Guf to the Malchut of Rosh?

R. Wait, wait. What Partzuf are you talking about? If we are talking about the Partzufim of AK, Adam Kadmon, then we are scrutinizing the Partzufim, the screens of AK and there the screen rises to a higher degree each time.

S. You're speaking about an inner SAG that the Malchut of the Guf that is below ascends back up to the Malchut of Rosh, and it shows that there are records of the inner MA and BON.

R. Yes this is an addition. This is what we have in the second restriction.

S. Those records do remain in the screen that refines itself?

R. They don't really belong to the screen.

S. What does it mean that it brought those records of the inner ZON together?

R. Yes.

S. Where does that happen?

R. In the same screen, it's like in an accompaniment he carries them with him upwards and therefore we also have the two coupling of strikings taking place there.

7. S. (32:37) He writes about the Nukva that there is a new Nukva and there are two of them and from them 10 Sefirot come out. How from two Sefira you get 10 Sefirot without a male?

R. We're just reading these things for the time being and we are not talking about the results, if there's a Nukva of the second phase or a Nukva of the fourth phase we'll talk about that later.

S. There's an inner MA and BON and an external MA and BON so in every Partzuf there’s an internal and external or only in MA and BON?

R. MA and BON only.

S. What’s the difference between internal and external?

R. Usually the internal one the inner one is more important than the external one. It's known that all of the sixth part is, as important as TES is, it’s not really clear. Next time you will start grasping it.