Daily LessonJun 24, 2022(Morning)

Part 1 Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 153. A Thought Is a Result of the Desire

Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 153. A Thought Is a Result of the Desire

Jun 24, 2022

Morning Lesson June 24, 2022, Transcription 

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio 

Part 1:

Baal HaSulam. Shamati 153. A Thought Is a Result of the Desire

1. Rav’s Introduction: The thought is the result of the desire that is certain because the desire is what the Creator created and before the desire there is nothing we have nothing to talk about creation begins with the Creator creating a desire and this force organizes around it already all the other things it stands opposite the Creator according to the changes in it, it comes closer to the Creator it undergoes all kinds of changes in its feeling towards the Creator everything depends on the desire and if the Creator would have created only a desire then this desire would be under the control of the Creator the complete control and there would be no created being standing on its own authority under its own control being able to somehow think to demand but rather as we see the children that we give birth to how are they different when they start demanding and we’re happy that he has a desire for this and that and he wants this and that he develops right and by what will the desire develop by the thought this is why he writes the thought is the result of the desire a person thinks of what he wants meaning the desire activates operates the thought according to what it wants one will not think of what he does not want for example the person never thinks of his death because this is not according to his desire on the contrary he would always contemplate his eternity because since this is what he wants thus one always thinks of what is desirable for him meaning the desire determines the thoughts that indeed a thought is a result a consequence of the desire however there is a special role to the thought even though it is a result of the desire something that is not so important in comparison to the desire however it intensifies the desire the thought can change the desire the desire remains in its place and it does not have the strength to expand and perform its action yet because one thinks and contemplates the matter that the thought operates in some direction and the desire asks the thought to provide the desire with some counsel and tactics how to carry out how to achieve something to change it so the desire the thought can counsel it so that the desire will be carried out so the desire grows expands and performs its work in actual practice it means that the thought is able to operate the desire in all kinds of different directions with different forms and forces and then it is possible to reach something special with the help of the operation of the desire by the thought it turns out that the thought serves the desire and the desire is the self of the person that’s what Creator created as we said, now there is a big self a big desire or a small self a small desire so what to do with a person who has let’s say small desires by which he cannot attain something important and a big self-controls the small selves a thought can help us here because the big desires swallows the small desires he who is a small self and has no control at all the advice to magnify the self-make it greater through the persistent thought of the desire meaning that if the person will constantly think and of course it will be in the right environment with the right books that will support the specific direction of this thought then by this he will stablish and make his desire greater in the right direction in order to obtain something that is desirable and correct and it doesn’t matter with which small desire he was born if he has at least a small desire we call that the point in the heart then it is possible to make it greater if one will cling to the teachers the books the society and by that his thought will persist more and more in the right direction and the desire will already be able to take on the form and the force and direction such that the person will obtain but he needs that is even though everything is in the hands of heaven as we say however besides the fear of heaven because nevertheless a person was given the possibility to direct himself to the right goal the right direction to increase his pace of advancement and it is all by him adding the thought to the desire scrutinizing the thought making it greater and in this way his desire toward the right direction the right goal will grow and will help the person attain the purpose of his life this is what he says here he who is a small self and has no control as all he has no control he has a small self the advice is to be able to make the self-greater the desire greater is through the persistent thought about this desire since the thought grows to the extent that one thinks of it that the person constantly wants to take care of it take care of it this is how it grows bigger and so His law will he contemplate day and night meaning that he should try to think all the time to the right direction about the right goal and as much as he can be around this all the time thinking about it until his desire will change and will grow and will bring him to that goal for by persisting in it grows into a big self until it becomes the actual ruler until his desire will be so great that he will achieve the purpose of his life that he reaches the realization of the root of his soul. 

2. S. (09:45) It sounds like the way that you are describing this process as if almost the process that happens between the desire and thought is like some type of a self-sustaining loop, almost. Is that like a perpetual self-sustaining loop, is this inevitable in our work along with the prayer, connection with the group, the books?

R. The Creator created the desire and this is what he gives a person and therefore if a person has a root of the right desire this is called the point in the heart then the person can develop it the Creator brings such a person to the right society to the right books and then the person needs there to grow stronger in his connection with the friends in the study in the right books and then by that he can influence his point of desire so it will grow that he received from the Creator only a point it’s called the point in the heart where the heart in the general desires in the person but the point in the heart is the desire for the sublime spiritual role which actually every person should feel and attain however there are only unique individuals in each and every generation that discover that until it will all end in the end of correction when everyone will feel the point in the heart everyone will come closer to the realization and they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them as it is written that’s it so we who received a point in the heart and therefore we are in a special group that is working to bring the hearts closer to connect people together to bring back all of the created beings to a single system called Adam HaRishon so we need to work that way and therefore even though we have small desires and we certainly are incapable of performing even the smallest spiritual actions but if we come together if we influence each other even without words even without deeds but just in thought as it says that everything is clarified by the thought then by that we can awaken each other so that each one of us will feel that he has something to do in his life that he can advance himself toward the goal even though his desire is small and confused it’s not scrutinized that's it that means but he can nevertheless operate by what again by the control of the thought or the desire that even though I have a small desire and I wake up sometimes once every day or two days or during the lesson I’m present a little bit and maybe I fall asleep a little bit or other things that doesn’t matter what is important is that I have the possibility the fact the Creator created me with a small desire that is not important but in this small desire He gave me an opportunity and so I can advance that way now what is upon me is only to perform all kinds of actions in order to operate my thought so it will constantly be about the purpose of life about the necessity for connection about the fact that everyone every one the whole of humanity must reach the end of correction to be as one man in one heart everyone and I have to work in that not physically that I will now do something but rather in my desire that I will want this to happen and then by my actions my internal actions when I think I read I also talk about it with others maybe I operate on my desire and the desire becomes already directed more correctly towards connection towards returning to the corrected system of Adam HaRishon and in this way I also influence the whole world and the most important is that the correction is that I know through the thought I can magnify and aim my desire which is actually the most important the Creator created the desire and through the thought that I will direct myself through the thought by that I will direct my desire so that it will grow and it will move in the direction of connection with everyone so that there from the ten and onward in a broader and broader manner there we will make a form in which the Creator will be able to be revealed in us and to rejoice with us so there we will reach adhesion with the Creator in this entire Kli the entire Kli that we will build will be called Adam and it all be full with the Creator and by this we actually build the house of the Lord the temple that’s it.

3. S. (17:20) When the spiritual, different spiritual desires from corporeal desires by the screen and the reflected light, so how is spiritual thought different from a corporeal one?

R. By that I want to attain what is desirable, connection and in order to achieve that I have to make my desires greater, and I can make my desires greater by persisting with my thought.

4. S. (18:05) I didn’t understand if the thoughts change the desire or just direct the desire toward the goal? 

R. The thought cannot replace one desire with another desire unless you have many desires but the thought does not beget the desire it takes care takes care of the desire meaning if you want to change your desire in some way in some specific direction to raise its intensity or lower its intensity you can do it by the thought yes what am I trying to say here you do not give birth to a new desire by the thought you can only take care of those desires that you have within you by the thought in order to more effectively in a way that’s more beneficial to take care of the desire you need a stronger thought that is more directed and this is why we also connect in the tens and use the books and we study, it is all in order for us to have more and more possibilities to influence our desires in order to direct all of them to the goal to a single goal, okay?

5. S. (19:59) When we increase our desire through thought and work, after all it is not sufficient in order to reach Dvekut with the Creator?

R. In order to reach Dvekut adhesion with the Creator we need a strong desire the Creator doesn’t give us a strong desire but rather these desires are revealed to us all-in-all from the complex the entirety of the broken souls so strong desires cannot be revealed because it is all broken so a little bit is revealed here and there some kind of awakening from some piece of the general soul and according to that we awaken so this general awakening by the surrounding light that is expecting us to build a place for it to be revealed in actuality so by this surrounding light we have a connection between us and then we come to all kinds of opportunities like the group like the study and so on and it is all in order to magnify our desires our desires are small also our desires are not directed correctly we do not know why what for what is it we’re doing where do we exist it’s like a little child who doesn’t know where he is but he has parents who do know what exactly is happening to him and what exactly they need to do with him how to take care of him in order for him grow correctly it’s the same with us and therefore as much as we want to grow so they bring us to the group to all kinds of states where as much as we establish ourselves more correctly between us we by that lead ourselves to the right direction and this is how we advance there are many things to it I can spread here in all kinds of different directions but this is what we need to do and besides the development of each and every one is no longer individual we are already in stages where we are entering the Last Generation which means that we already entering a state where the whole of mankind has to awaken it’s not enough that we have an awakening in a group or individuals as it was in previous generations we have to realize that only in us above all the groups and languages we need to see ourselves that we all of us and the most important is the thought that we all belong to a single desire of Adam HaRishon and we need to come closer and to become incorporated in that and then we will see how much the Creator will help us more in a way that will be more concrete more tangible this is what we have to think about this hatred that is now revealed in the world there is a reason why it is increasing more and more seemingly it is unrelated to the human development humanity should already understand and feel that’s it, it should stop wars it should be concerned about more important things but the opposite turns out we will forget about flying to space we will forget about all these high things if we will not advance towards connection between us we will feel humanity from one day to the next how much it is declining and it is immersed in things that are truly trash the low things because the most important thing that we have to do is the connection between us into the system of Adam HaRishon and therefore if we disseminate this method at least we talk about it we explain these things so that humanity will know why is it that it is mistaken why does it enter again and again such states then by that we can promote everyone towards corrections and it is a wonder that actually the more that we will advance in our technology and science and culture and education and all kinds of things it will be something that truly we seemingly can achieve everything we can get to the stars but at the same time our life on planet earth will be worse and worse more lowly and murky and we will seem like truly cockroaches that are in a pile of rubbish truly like that because if we will not advance towards connection then all of the other things will be the opposite they will actually harm us they won’t allow us to develop correctly our life will be worse and worse and therefore taking care of our ego also cannot be in the direction where we want to overcome the ego we have to connect between us above our ego and by that to give examples and to give forces to that meaning I don’t cope against my ego there are no longer such actions this was in previous generations when a person would develop on his own but today it is only by us overcoming it together all of us and this atmosphere this field that we establish between us this field of connection the field of love of participation of Arvut this field should actually save us and take care of us and bring us to a new state otherwise we will not succeed. 

6. S. (28:20) We talk a lot about the individual desire and the individual thought which operates upon this desire, but I also heard from you that there needs to be a united desire.

R. A goal a single desire sometimes we speak this way but it cannot be because we cannot check it we cannot measure our desires but the direction has to be it is not the same desire but the same goal so that each one has his own desire the desire is our foundation and it is a personal individual unique desire in each one but that all of our desires will be more or less directed to achieve a single goal as it is written our hearts will rejoice in him that we all aim to reach a connection in the Creator I cannot reach bestowal but only bestowal to somebody if I bestow to others then together with him I can bestow to the Creator and therefore the minimum of many is two that at least two have to be together and then when they are aimed towards the Creator they can reach the Creator because then each one has to nullify himself to the other and then through this mutual annulment and their mutual connection above the annulment they reach establishing the form of the Creator the image of the Creator in their common desire.

S. What happens to the desires as a result of the connection? 

R. The desires connect and become incorporated into each other into a single system, and this is what happens if they are able to work towards the unification of the desires, but this happens only if they are aimed to reaching mutual bestowal and to that extent they are already incorporated in the Creator and this higher force of bestowal that is the Creator influences them and connects them. 

7. S. (31:26) We touch each time our feelings but in this matter of the feelings and desires?

R. I do not understand. 

S. Our feelings and thoughts are connected and where in this chain is the feeling?

R. You should use the definitions that Baal HaSulam gives us. There is a thought and there is a desire the desire comes to us from the Creator and through the thought we are able to make it greater and to aim the desire don't bring into here different other definitions and notions because it is confusing.

8. S. (32:42) I am interested in the reason?

R. I did not understand. 

S. The desire gives birth to the thought but many times the thought takes on a split into two different ways and you don't know how to?

R. But you can scrutinize that only in the group and not on your own only through the group when you connect to the group you become Incorporated in them and with this you can scrutinize this and keep going.

9. S. (33:46) In the ten there are many different opinions of what spirituality is. How can I take from here the thought, the correct thought?

R. Spirituality means what I attain with the intention to bestow that is all I have a desire if this desire works in the direction of bestowal then the intention to bestow that rises above the desire it is actually spiritual and what I achieve with it is called spirituality for us in the wisdom of Kabbalah it is called the reflected light.

10. S. (34:59) Why is it written often that the thought is more disconnected from the desire, and it always seems that we are wise about things

R. It happens but it does not matter, you need to aim yourself in a way that all of your thoughts would be in order to make the correct desires greater.

11. S. (35:34) How can I sustain the thought if I feel that I have no desire and can I use the desire of the ten in order to keep this desire?

R. You have to become incorporated into the others and then start scrutinizing this again you need to get incorporated in them and then start scrutinizing it.

12. S. (36:12) How is my work in dissemination daily connecting towards the bestowal towards humanity how does this how is my work in dissemination influence the world and humanity and the work in the ten? 

R. Within a very short period of time we will see the extent that the whole world is entering all kinds of problems, limitations whereas there will be also in food and energy in different balances with the climate and with all kinds of things. At the end it will lead mankind to the question of what to do with our existence with our lives because how can this be that we are so developed on one hand and at the same time we are in such despicable states and not good states. It’s through this that the upper force brings us to a change in everything that will happen, this is how we will advance to corrections. Look at the way we will be in the near future, more and more dependent on nature and on the environment and everything. That is where we will be really small ones within this whole great system which actually controls us and this is how we will have to feel, that we have to decide correctly that we are looking for this balance with the higher system, this is the upper one. It is not that we decide and do whatever we feel like, but we will feel from the moment we do not know how to get to the evening and from the evening we won’t even know how to make it to the morning. This is how it is written. 

13. S. (39:34) If there is a state that we decide in the ten to go out and attack and every friend in the ten increases his desire by five percent, how does this common field influence everybody in that ten?

R. This is very influential, and you will discover how connected you are to each other even those who do not want to be connected. Even those who resist the connection in the ten they will also feel the extent to which they are connected inevitably, and this will convince them.

S. Will the influence be much greater than the sum total of how much he is growing himself? 

R. That is something else. Bestowal from the connection is already a spiritual force and it operates on a completely different plane that person will also feel this corporeally. That it influences the society is pressuring him and aiming him but there is actually a spiritual matter here which we might not discover now and usually do not discover in the ten yet. But we need to try to become more sensitive to the common force that we have in the ten, in each and every ten to the extent that you are under His feeling or not and then you will see that there are such forces there. You are simply blocked or obtuse to them but there are plenty of things to reveal.

S. These forces open up within me?

R. Through the efforts.

14. S. (41:51) Yesterday when we studied an article the question came up in the ten that all the thoughts and the desires come from the Creator and here it says something that is contradicting, that we have our own thoughts and through them we can influence our desires. Can you explain what is our part and what is the Creator’s part?

R. The Creator awakens desires in you and certainly the Creator evokes thoughts in you, you cannot operate upon the desires directly. Instead through changing the thoughts and especially if the thoughts connect and you want to operate from the common thought, then it turns out that you can work on these thoughts and change, and from the thoughts you can influence the desire. This is how you change your direction, try. We need to think together and talk about the thought and what you are connected by what you want to attain together etc. To the extent in which you come to a certain decision between you a common decision, and by that you can operate upon the desire, and each will feel the extent to which his desires change. This needs to work.

15. S. (43:52) Thinking about spirituality and the prayer are they similar or different?

R. The prayer is also thought. The prayer organizes our thoughts and by those thoughts we operate upon the desires. 

16. S. (44:30) What is the difference between a deficiency and a desire?

R. The desire and the deficiency is the same thing, only the desire is more clarified and scrutinized and the deficiency is still only the feeling, and the desire is already at feeling direction and a clearer goal. The desire is already with a vector with a direction, from where and to where, and the deficiency is a potential lack. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't even know if it’s missing.

S. We should focus on the desire and not the deficiency?

R. We need to build out deficiencies correctly. 

17. S. (45:33) There are tens in our organization that take part, come to lessons every day and during the day, participate in the zoom meetings in the lesson summaries and they are 100% active. Other tens are not like that, and they do not even come to the lesson, or they come in the middle. We hear this from friends around us. It is clear that two tens do not connect together into one ten but how is it possible for one ten to support another? How can we connect in the right way in order to help each other?

R. We have to try, I do not know, you need to think how to do this, I don’t know. I would like to build an ideological group that all together can take my place and be able to decide all these things and lead the organization onwards. I truly hope that we will succeed to build such a thing, it has to be a group from ten to fifteen people who will be able to manage these things in my place. What you are asking now, I don't know. We need to try, and we need to learn from life.

S. Until we have this ideological group I would like to ask about this guiding line. There is a concern to connect between the tens in some form so we won’t actually connect, and you always say, we should not connect the tens but what is allowed between the mutual support between the tens? 

R. I am not saying that you are not allowed to connect between the tens, I am saying the first of all, the ten needs to be a ten which feels itself as one man in one heart, this is already the end of correction. When we are talking about something that is stable and exists and is felt in each and every friend from the ten. Then such tens can connect and create between them such a connection that there will be like two tens as one.

18. S. (48:25) You talked before about humanity that is declining and that we are now entering the last generation. What is the order of factions to humanity that awakens and realizes that it is part of a single system? Is that the first level of awareness or is it already in such a state and it only has to connect together? 

R. Humanity needs to understand that they all belong to one single system and that we must connect to this system, and we need to explain this to them, and they will have to understand and grasp this, like it or not and by this, this is our work. 

S. Can we say that the first stage in our explanation is that humanity first of all has to understand that this is a part of a single system?

R. Yes that it belongs to one system. 

S. What is a single system? 

R. It is a one system of humanity, and everybody belongs to one mankind, and this is how you belong to one system, one network. 

19. S. (49:57) What is the relation between thought and intention?

R. We have talked about the fact that the main thing is the desire, and we can increase the desire and diminish the desire and by that control our fate through thought. Upon the thought we can control and through the books and the study and connections between is of course and so on. First of all the ability to control the desire by the thought is what we need to see in us, how we can do this, how we come to this control and the desire comes from the Creator. This is truly the upper force where our entire universe, all our nature and we can control this desire and be above it through the thoughts as we concentrate and aim them correctly. 

20. S. (51:40) We learn the desire and the thought is also a force, so how can a Kabbalist identify the force of the desire is more dominant and it controls the force of the thought.

R. I cannot explain because we do not yet have such words between us but work on this and you will see, what desire is and what thought is and how to change these things through persistence with desire.

21. S. (52:22) What is the difference between the work in the heart and the work in the thought as he describes in the article?

R. You can change the thought by all kinds of external factors, and you cannot change the heart through external and internal factors but rather the way it changes it changes but not exactly in your hands but through persistence in thought, you can change the heart, the desire in the heart. Try to work on it.

S. What is the work in the heart, he explains what is the work with the thought but what is the work in the heart? 

R. The work in the heart where we change our desire when we intensify it and make it each time more and more towards the goal. The heart is the desire, the mind is the thought. 

22. S. (53:37) We learned that the whole matter of the creation is the desire, this is the only thing that was created, so what is actually a thought and where does it come from and what is it developed from? What is it? 

R. If Adam HaRishon were to be in one body, in one desire, in one intention then he would have no thought, rather he has everything in place. Because his parts shattered into many pieces, so the connection between the parts begets now all kinds of connections, mutual influences and also between each and every shattered part there is now, how should we say this, a broken connection. Not instinctive, not direct between the mind and the heart. Therefore the mind can influence the heart and also the heart can influence the brain, but this is not for now.

S. The thought is the result of the shattering actually? 

R. Yes. 

S. Baal HaSulam writes in the Peace in the World article that the difference between man and the still vegetative and animate is that he has a new gradual order of development of the force of the thought. Why does that exist in man and not in the still vegetative and animate. What is this mechanism?

R. It exists in still vegetative and animate but they can’t use it. Man can use his inclination even his desire moreover his thought and the control of the thought on top of the desire and thus aim himself towards what resembles The Creator. It is not yet like the Creator where he changes his desire according to the way he decides, but through the thought he brings himself to a state in which his thought changes his desire.

S. This happens only on the fourth degree of the desire this ability 

R. This happens also on the previous degrees but not according to the decision of men not according to. 

S. This happens only on the fourth degree of the desire?

R. This happens also on the previous degrees but not according to the decision of man.

S. An independent decision?

R. Yes.

23. S. (56:44) What is the reason that if I do not meet the framework of the morning lesson I automatically become distant and I do not feel directed towards the goal?

R. By what could you connect to the others, by what would you receive the reforming light, the surrounding light if you're not connected to everyone? The connection is only during those hours of the morning lesson and after that during the day you are just implementing here and there these things in the connections between you. Also sometimes you come to connection, sometimes you don’t, so it works out that these two or three hours are your entire connection between you and spirituality.

S. The lesson is the most critical for the connection between us?

R. It is not the most, it is the actual most critical point where if you let go of it then you are in a void. 

S. How can we help friends be with us who cannot be with us in the morning lesson?

R. I do not know, try to connect them to the lesson in some kind of way. How could it be that you don't help each other to be in the lesson?

S. They have the necessary issues with health so they can’t be here.

R. I do not truly accept those kinds of things. Baal HaSulam worked and Rabash who worked in their lives they had hard labor in their life but nevertheless they kept those lessons, so there is no choice, there is no choice. I do not understand what needs to be for a person that he does not come to the lesson. If during this time, let's say he's working in Australia somewhere and then during this hour he is working, so the moment he is free from work he turns on the lesson because it is recorded, there is no problem to download it and then he is in the lesson and then he corresponds with the department heads and even listening to the lesson with his group. I do not understand. Let's say Australia, they have a time where for us it is a completely different time zone, so they gather, the Australian group, and they hear the lesson. Or at least part of them hear it at the right time with us and the other part hears the lesson during the time that they are capable of according to their time zone. But they have to do something, the fact that a person doesn’t hear the lesson within that 24 hours, it’s like you are leaving the connection. 

24. S. (01:00:31) Can we control our thoughts?

R. You can control the thoughts through the environment, that's the book's, the authors, the group, the study. All those things influence you and control you or rather arrange for you your thoughts. I'm not saying that it is simple, but they do control. What am I trying to say? Where you mean that you cannot control your thought, then scrutinize whether it is a thought or it is a desire. It could be that you are getting confused and actually it is your desire that is bothering you to become concentrated in a certain thought. 

S. How can I notice if it is a desire or a thought?

R. Think. First of all examine this and then we will talk, it’s worthwhile.

25. S. (01:01:47) You talked about harsh times that will come soon in the world, what will they come for, so that our thoughts will change?

R. Of course, it is in order to come to corrections. If we don’t perform corrections prior to that then we are evoked, awakened by the bad forces that we should have corrected in the previous state if we didn’t correct them. They awaken these forces and pressure us until we perform corrections already from the not good states.

S. It is simply a wonder, from 2008 and before whatever you say it happens in practice. Even regarding the crisis, regard the virus that you talked about and there is this impression that what you say happens in actuality, but we don’t draw the right conclusions from it in humanity. Even myself, let's say now there's a war going on, so my thoughts actually change, I don't know what is the problem here? Why am I advancing so slowly, how come people are not listening to anything? It is like two parallel processes that do not join, and one does not influence the other?

R. It is a correct question. Why is there no conclusions from the state that we are going through? Humanity does not want to hear yet and we ourselves do not want to hear anything that compels us, that obligates us, that we do not want to hear and that is the problem. Therefore humanity is coming closer to problems, bigger ones, global ones, and also more individual ones until we will be ready, humanity will be ready to absorb this.

26. S. (01:07:20) When can I think that my thought and my desire is towards bestowal, that it is the revelation of the Creator and not just something egoistic belongs to me because I still do not understand the difference.

R. Incorporate in the group together with the group you will be able to feel where your thoughts are. Also from the participation in the group you will be able to change the direction. Alone you cannot do it only by participating together with them and with them you are turning yourself truly in the right direction. The right direction in connection of us all as one man in one heart and then you will see that more and more of the upper force is revealed by this, the Creator.

27. S. (01:08:54) In the group where there are more than ten friends but most of them come to the morning lessons not more than half the week. Should we set a common time for viewing the lesson every day?

R. Try anything possible, specifically if at least part of the group gathers and hears the lessons yes. You are doing a great favor for yourself by doing so.

28. S. (01:09:35) When we say that the thought influences the desire, does it mean that the result is that the thought brings according to which the desire operates?

R. Yes, yes.

29. R. (01:01:02) Overall we need to understand that just as the group which is group which is called Israel was chosen from all people in order to show them constantly that they need to advance, towards connection towards the goal, to the extent to which they succeeded, or did not you can see that it was under constant pressure, blows, ruin, and destruction. The same is coming now to humanity where that group that had to show, until today, the purpose of development where connection is the goal it did not succeed in doing so as of now. The time is come now for the whole world to now need to go through this from separation through all kinds of forces, matters, to connection. Though we see how the opposite is being revealed now where five hundred nations are being revealed in the world, many countries and even more each and every one each wants to know how to erect itself as a state, who knows what is happening, but we will have to discover the extent in which only connection can be a solution. Humanity will have to know how to recognize this, this is why we need together with all the bad things that are being revealed to reveal and disclose to all of humanity the direction of connection is necessary, it must be by us human beings nevertheless, take some connection between us and connect and not according to our ego and our egoistic intellect shows us, rather according to the nature of the bestowal, connection and love. From there we need to take an example with what we need to do in order to bring humanity to some form of mutual nearing and then we will advance in the lighter way towards connection because there has to be connection there is no doubt for the future of the world and the more we come closer to this, this will be our reward, our profit and our role is to talk about this in front of the whole world.

30. S. (01:013:35) You said that in order to be adhered to the Creator you need a strong desire, does our mutual prayers strengthen the desire?

R. Correct. That too.

S. You said that the heart equals desire so what does the thought equal?

R. The thought is the system which is in the person, and he can work up on it, intensify it, diminish it, change it through all kinds of external factors where his desires are more difficult, that's it. Therefore we can arrange your thoughts by group, books, authors as it is written and then these influence our desire, and the desire brings us to the correct towards correction. The correct desire is already the vessel for the reception of the upper light for the feeling of the upper world.

S. It is important that all the friends be in the morning lesson as we feel how.

R. Work on that, what do you want from me, what can I do. The fact that they do not come, I do not understand that. I could not understand how several other friends come and several do not come and how can you be calm with that. Try as much as possible more for everyone to be present to be in the lesson even if he sleeps in the lesson that is not so bad, even if he hears it with half an ear that is not too bad. The participation itself qualifies him to participate with everyone. 

31. S. (01:15:53) The thought that comes to a person is a general thought of the ten?

R. Yes, nothing comes for no reason, it is all divided in comes from the general state of Adam HaRishon.

S. The question that arises from the lesson, is it also from this general thought?

R. Yes, it is awakened from there as well because we are limited with time and ability, but it all comes from there.

S. How do we scrutinize a thought or question, is the right correct question that it comes from the general thought or is it just something that bothers us?

R. It is hard for me to say, I do not know, a person needs to scrutinize this, you do not need just to spew out what you have from within. Especially during the lesson, you need to measure what he's asking or bother, help everyone and accordingly he asks and not what interests but what is best for all.

S. The question is a thought or a result of a desire to feel something?

R. A thought is still not still a desire, it still comes through him from a different system.

S. When a person has a question, what is a question, is it a thought or is it desire?

R. it is a result of a thought, what does that have to do with the desire.

S. That he wants to know something, that he wants to feel something, where does a question come from?

R. The question comes as a part of the thought, when he wants to know, but knowing is not a desire, there is a system of thought and the system of desire there are two systems and they both work in parallel and we have to use the system of thought in order to strengthen the system of dessert. So the desire will be more scrutinized, more aimed properly and stronger the deeper we go over the thought into a certain desire, this desire will become more important work.

S. We have this compass that everything that benefits the connection is the correct scrutiny and everything that does not benefit the connection we should put outside and not strengthen it. So what is the connection between the thought and the desire?

R. By the thought we can aim and strengthen the desire when you scrutinize desires also by thought and then you scrutinize the most important desire you have with which you want to go with, specifically in your life and around you start thinking and strengthening the desires until it really becomes what leads you in life. Everything depends on the thought, everything scrutinized in the thought.

S. There's something that is called the thought of creation and then there's a thought of the created being, is there a connection between them?

R. The thought of the Creator is general how to bring the entire creation to the final state, it is scrutinized the thought, by the actions of the Creator over the created beings.

S. The role of the created beings to resemble the thought or to aim to that direction?

R. To perceive correctly every thought that comes from the Creator, these are thoughts about the correct to only correctly and gradually presidium and realize them.

S. But the vessel to perceive it is a desire?

R. That is the influence of the thought over the desire.

S. So we need to aim our thoughts so that they will build this to receive the desire of the Creator?

R. Right you can sort out your thoughts and strengthen them and by that you turn into one thought and by that you increase the desire.

32. S. (01:21:12) We learned the desire to receive is the created being and desire to bestow is the create so desire to receive can I change it remains a desire to receive?

R. Right, it can change by the thoughts if we can play with the thoughts, to be persistent to learn to go up and down, with the desire we cannot, the desire is a result of the thoughts and by the thought we can elevate and decrease all kinds of thoughts.

S. But the desire remains in order to receive.

R. Yes of course.

S. At what stage does the desire change?

R. We want to turn our desire from in order to receive to in order to bestow, we have to use the intention and the thought.

S. Then the desire receives a different, what changes in the desire, I don't understand.

R. The desire, what changes the thought is the usage of the intention of the desire, by the right thought the desire is activated in a new way.

S. The desire that was created is the will to receive for himself right, so what in thoughts changes it to the good?

R. That he says that is this bad and he has to change into the good and then by all kinds of action we do all kinds or go through all kinds of states they change the direction of the desire from in order to receive to in order to bestow.

S. We learned that the desire refines itself, how does that, is that connected to the thought?

R. It's not the desire that is refined it is the screen that is refined, your desire cannot be refined.

S. Is it connected to the thought of some way?

R. The changes are the thoughts, the results are in the desire.

33. S. (01:24:12) According to this lesson that I feel very much also as the representative of the social team, there's a group of people that for the three hours of the lesson, is this considered a ten if they are in the lesson every day, three hours of the time?

R. No, they're not acting for their connection, they're acting to organize things. We have sent many such assistant groups that act for translation to organize things, that is not considered a group. A group is considered as we've learned with Rabash it is a group of people and this group of people is working on the connection of hearts between them and their whole purpose is to bring themselves into one heart, that is all.

34. S. (01:25:35) What desire must I develop so my friend's desire will be more important than mine?

R. We need to work on the importance of the society, you will only be important if you belong to the society, if you do not belong to the society you are not important. There's no importance for one particular person.

S. Is this the right approach to develop the friend’s desires before mine?

R. Yes.

35. S. (01:26:16) How can I control my desires if they are controlling my thoughts?

R. Try, listen we're trying to learn this certain article we learned something very in there something very small out of it. don't make a full philosophy out of it and what do we want and bring everything/ I understand it disturbs you, but I cannot make these changes in the lesson, this week we're going back to the second part of the lesson.

36. S. (01:27:15) Does the intention come from the thought or is it a result of the desire?

R. The thought is a result of the desire. The thought influences the desire, the desire depends on the thought and later the thought affects the desire, and the desire affects the thoughts that is how they are in the mutual balance and bestowal.

37. S. (01:27:57) If my thoughts are towards the friends’ desire does it do the same action on my thoughts as to the friend’s desire?

R. No, we should see how we are connected and how we bestow in the group to the friends, that is it and what is inside of me is not important for me. I have to disconnect to a certain extent from myself and to see myself more part of the connection between the friends.

38. S. (012:8:36) Why is in the beginning of the path of the desire for the goal strong and big and as the years go by it seems to be weaker, does the desire really weaken or is the truth show to me to us as much as our desires are weak?

R. You are not working enough over the desire in order to increase it and to correctly aim it at the goal that is why it seems that you like that, everything is a result of your work.

39. S. (01:29:14) In our thoughts do we control the thoughts of humanity?

R. Yes.

40. S. (01:29:24) In order to discover the Creator in the group do we need to reach a mutual thought?

R. Of course we need to be in the mutual thought, to have a kind of understanding and in this understanding we will bestow upon our desire so that it will become more and more one desire like in a spiral, it goes inside and becomes one desire, that is our work.

41. S. (01:30:03) If first there's a desire and then a thought, so what influences the intensity of the thought to the right direction?

R. To the extent you are persistent in your thought, accordingly we can affect it and from it the desire.