Daily LessonJul 11, 2022(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Going Above the Arguments with the Will to Receive"

Lesson on the topic of "Going Above the Arguments with the Will to Receive"

Jul 11, 2022
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Morning Lesson July 11, 2022, Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Going Above the Arguments with the Will to Receive - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #

1. Ravs Intro: This is the main principle I would say the first one, In our work that every time we are about to advance toward the goals we stumble upon all kinds of disturbances small ones great ones, disturbances related to particular things or maybe very complicated ones on such levels that a person himself with his past present and future, with his relatives or with those that are far away from him, in all kinds of different manners that he feels all kinds of disturbances, I cannot say it any other way disturbances meaning that he feels that these are disturbances. He does not think that this is his life and he should fight them and he should get along with them, etc. but rather he accepts them all ready as disturbances on the way to the general completes unity where he relates everything that there is in his mind and heart to the Creator and this actually it's our work.

That is his work. How to do it? Very simply, each and every moment with each and everything think all the time how to unite everything so that it comes out of a single source and he has to unite these things and bring them back to the same source together with him with his desire to adhere to everything. Meaning that everything in his mind and heart, everything that he feels is also that through these influences, these sensations, these thoughts he will bring them back to the Creator and he himself will come back to him and this is the work. This is how we correct the vessel of Adam HaRishonthat was broken and this is how we also bring ourselves back to the Creator that we were disconnected from him during the shattering, during creation. Creation is called outside of the Creator, so let us continue.

2. S. (03:21) I have a question from yesterday's lesson. We learn that when I desire awakens within us we do not engage with it we go to a higher layer, where is my intention, not to deal with the desire itself because you can't overcome the desire.

R. Yes.

S. The question is, what should you do with the desire? because if I engage with the intention whether it is to receive or to bestow?

R. The intention can not be disconnected from the desire upon the desire you engage in connection.

S. Ok but even if I have the correct intention, I still have to take care of the desire because it is still pulling me in some direction there is a legitimacy to do with the right intention.

R. That is already something else. If you replace your intention then do you desire from which that intention was born and you or that intention came to you and awakened in you so it already seems you as a different one. You look at this desire not truly as the desire being the object but rather as the means by which you can be adhered to the intention.. It is no longer the … refreshment that you get from the host that is important, but that through it you connect with the host.

S. If I get a desire that can pull me away from the path, a desire for this world. if I get such a desire

R. Yes, clear

S. What do I do now, work with the intention but the desire demands fulfillment regardless of the intention. I mean if I am with the right intention, I still need to reject that desire. to repress it  so as not to deal with it

R. I would not do it in this way because and that for sure you will lose. You will not be able to reject the desire and you cannot correct it and replace it with another desire you cannot do that also, so how do you reject it?  Rather what we have to do is, we just need to and this is the safest, that I ascribe this desire to the Creator. That it comes from him. There is no doubt about that. There is nothing that comes from anywhere else, any other source. When I attribute this desire to the Creator I can already work with it in the right way. To turn to that same source where the desire came from and to demand a change. That I do not want to change the desire and I don't even want to reject it and I don't want to erase it. Let it stay as it is. I just want above the desire to be in order to bestow.

S. The action of ascribing it to the Creator what does it cause?

R. The cause is that first of all, this is the truth. He is the source of all the thoughts and desires and deeds and everything in general, that is the truth. That's one thing. The second is that by that, I do not disconnect from the Creato. I'm saying that the desire that now exists in me,  comes from you. I demand only one thing. Let me be above this desire with the intention to bestow.

S. What about the desire?

R. Let it stay, let it stay. I don't know, I do not demand anything related to the desire, not that he will take it away from me. He gives it to me, why should I tell him to take it away. All of the desires come from the Creator. All the desires come from the Creator. Why should I ask him to take it? All the more so, all of the more desires that I will have in the form that I can process them correctly I advanced towards the goal.

S. I'm afraid this desire will be stronger than me and that it will pull me.

R. On that you need to work, this was called that Abraham was old and had many years. Everything that has gone over him, he collected it and collected it and then he came and  entered his degree. Everything that we get on the path we do not need to just reject it but only to ask for correction over it.

S. Then can he fulfill the desire or not care about it?

R. I don't want to actualize the desire or I do want to. I first want to be certain that it comes from the Creator because at first that wasn't so apparent to me and then I want to be about this desire with the intention to besto. What should I do if this desire, that for sure, I received from the Creator, what should I do with it? Maybe I do not know, so let me ask the Creator who is the same source that gave me this desire that you will explain to me what I need to do with it, like a baby or a little child that is asking, he receive something and now he's so what should I do with this thing that I received?

S. What kind of reaction do I expect to get from the create a?

R. I don't know, let him teach me.

S. Where do I get His exclamation? How?

R. WIthin me, in relation to where I'm in, In the next moment, the next moment surely comes from the Creator and I work with it, that desire, already a new, and more and more and this is how suddenly I see that I entered some kind of a process with the Creator, a mutual process. I ask, He answers and I already understand what He answers me,and what He changes within me and so on. I do not leave this desire because through the desire I have my connection with the Creator besides that I have nothing. If I let go of my desire then I have nothing and I'm in the air. The worst desire comes from the source from the Creator so now I just want to know how to relate to it correctly and how doI advance toward the goal.

S.The Create can also grow the desire to such an extent that it will take you out

R. But I am not the boss of that. I am only the boss of those moments when I have awareness. When I'm conscious that what I received came from the Creator and I can turn to Him and I do turn to Him. Ask more, I am willing to answer these things because these things are truly precious in our work and I know how much here all the points in the work are important. Okay?

3. S. (10:52) Do we separate the desires from the intention, and the desire is a dividing line and a restriction? Is the intention a form of Ohr Hozer?

R.Yes you're right. We just need to enter this more and scrutinize it but actually you asked correctly.

4. S. (11:47) How do I make room in my heart to place the correct intention over my desires?

R. I just want to hold on to everything that I have within me that comes from the Creator. The created being is one that has nothing besides the point of scrutiny of criticism, monitoring the expert point as we call it and nothing else. The rest comes from the Creator and therefore out of this point of scrutiny I need to turn to look inside of me and to relate to the Creator and to ask, to demand for an explanation about the state that I am in. How from it I should I take one step forward?

5. S. (13:04) I wanted to be more precise, what does it mean to be above a will to receive that disturbs your intentions towards the Creator?

R. The will to receive does not obstruct. What obstructs is the intention to receive, to relate this to myself. The will to receive and itself does not hinde. The will to receive is nature. let's put it this way, we have a will to receive just like all animals because we are the animated degree according to our nature, according to our body and besides the will to receive, we also have the intention to draw, to receive, in order to receive. The 'in order to', does not exist in animals only in people. That, I want to enjoy in order to receive for myself, specifically. This addition exists in the will to receive and that addition is called Adam, human. From the perspective of the body there is no difference between us and animals but only in how we want to use our desire. In that there is a difference.

S. Together with that to build a definite intention to the Creator, what does it mean to change the focus from the feeling of myself to the feeling of the Creator? Is that the intention?

R. That is right, yes. Who am I doing this action? Is it for myself or for the host, the Creator, the friend, the world? It is either into myself, intro or extra or extra, outwardly. This is the difference.

S. Can you be more precise, when you answer before, there was such an impression that th desire was given to you specifically in order to remember about the Creator. It is not a not a disruption, it is a relief.

R. Everything that we are talking about from the smallest thing to the greatest thing, everything we receive is in order to aim ourselves towards the center of our connection or the Creator.

S. Can we make it into a habit? such work?

R. No, you will never be able to make this work a habit because you do not have a foundation for it. It is not the will to receive, it is actually the opposite that you are working for others. Meaning that the desire that you want to work with seemingly exists outside of you and therefore it cannot become a habit. It can't be.

S. Once the desire appears it has to be a feeling of an exit from the correct intention?

R. There will always be this point of scrutiny and criticism and a decision and a request that you want to establish yourself not inside of yourself but outside of yourself in others.

6. S. (16:54) To be above the desire, to be above the pleasure, what is the difference here?

R. I would not distinguish between them so much. Besides the fact the desire is a physical force and pleasure, that is the feeling inside of the desire. Sometimes the pleasure is inside of the desire and sometimes seemingly outside of the desire but the desire is the foundation of our work.

7. S. (17:43) To continue with what he was asking. To what extent is it important to resist a new desire when we know that we will fail? We know in advance we will fail in using this desire correctly.

R. It is better instead of resisting it, we should strengthen our desire that is between us and towards the Creator. This is more beneficial, much much more effective than any other action. As much as possible connection between us because in this connection I also awakened the friends and I also worked to strengthen our connections and to rise above the disturbance.

8. S. (18:58) You said that we cannot do anything with the desire we do not touch it so what are we restricting exactly?

R. We restrict working with desires but it is not that we erase the desires. Upon what you elevate and elevate and elevate yourself more and more it is because you are egoistic desires more and more and more they grow and they awaken within you. This is called the 'mountain of the Lord' and you climb and climb on top of these desires until you reach the top. These are all the desires that the Creator created and you have to engage in them to use them and correct them from the state of 0 up to 100%.

This is our work and therefore do not be afraid and do not run away and do not bring any kind of evidence and philosophies and new theories. There is a desire, this is the element that exists in nature, the whole of nature is the will to receive and we have to work on the will to receive that awakens in us until we compose on all of it the intention to bestow. Then we do not destroy the desires, we do not destroy them but we only elevate them in order to bestow. There is no bad desire, there is none. There is only bad usage, which is in order to receive for my own benefit or to the detriment of others. We have to invert it so it will be good. That is all of our work. We do not enter into creation so we want to sort it and arrange it and ruin it and build it anew. We just need to determine how to work correctly to tie the whole of creation together and that is my work.

9. S. (21:36) How do we raise the greatness and the importance of the Creator and the fear of him in order to minimize the influence of the will to receive on us?

R. We don't want to diminish the influence of the will to receive because by that we deny ourselves from rising on the mountain of the Lord in the degrees. We just want to receive forces from the environment, through the environment from the Creator so that we will be able to rise above all the degrees we have before us. We don't want to diminish anything but only to overcome it with the right force or the right intention.

10. S. (22:54 ) How to choose the correct action after a desire appears, nevertheless after all every desire appears from the Creator but I can act differently to each desire. Let us say it and then less than I have a desire to sleep. I can perhaps delight the Creator with my sleep.

R. In the end we do not yet know how to correctly use all the desires but there is no desire that you cannot invert it to the right usage. There's no such thing. We will talk a lot about that. Bit by bit, this will settle in us. What do we do? We can just say simply overtime, day after day we will scrutinize our correct relation to all of the desires and intentions and how we gather them and how do we even gather contradicting desires. The desires themselves. Let us say. Hesed and Gevura and we bring them to Tifferet, to the common usage between them. and then Netzach and Hod. They are also opposites. We bring them to Yesod and then they are ready to enter Malchut, the desire. Meaning that we have to learn, and soon we will have that, we have to learn how we reach the right usage and the combination between the desires. This is actually your question.

11. S. (25:05 ) Let's say I have a desire, a desire appears in me and I scrutinize the intention and I discover that the intention is in order to receive. Is it possible that this desire will simply disappear?

R. Desires do not disappear and they do not change, they just rise or decline within us according to the general correction of the system of Adam HaRishon and my relation to the system. We do not need to ask about the desires so much because the system is huge and it updates itself in general according to the plan of creation. There the first point of creation resides with the last point of creation and along the way, each and every state, the present state  and so we cannot yet scrutinize all of these things. This is only on degrees that are closer to prophecy.  But we need to work with whatever we have. It is very simple. Right now each and every moment I need to be in adhesion with the desire that awakens in me in order to correct it.

S. What is the what did you mean when you said that the desire rises or declines? Rise or fall according to the intention.

R. This means that the desires within us rise or decline in our feeling according to where we are or according to the group according to the world. That really doesn't depend so much on us. We do not need to be concerned about which desire now arises within me, which desire has disappeared from me. That does not matter so much, what is important for me is how I relate to each and every desire.

S. Is it possible that the desire that was fulfilled or not fulfilled is a desire that is corrected? As long as there is the scrutiny of the intention that is already the correction?

R.Yes, the intention is the correction is over the desire, the desires themselves do not change they just need to be corrected with an intention.

S. Only this scrutiny itself of the intention is that already the correction or the intention has to be in order to bestow and only that is considered a correction?

R. Gradually we will have to correct all of the desires in order to bestow but at least we should scrutinize them as much as possible.

12. S. (28:16) I can’t understand it completely. If you’re given a desire to drink wine for example, how can I rise above this desire with the intention that the desire will become a good beneficial desire?

R. What is it that you do not understand that everything depends on the intention? You don’t understand that everything depends on the intention.

S. I can’t understand it, no. Okay I installed the intention on it that I won’t do it for myself but what's going on with the desire, it does not disappear.

R. The desire you cannot do anything with it’s impossible you can only turn it from the intention in order to receive, as we receive all of the desires after the corruption, to in order to bestow so that they’ll be correct, this is all of our work, all in all we have no work more to do besides that just think about the intention, that’s it, that you want to do everything.

S. And if I think of the intention what happens with the desire? What should happen with the desire should it disappear?

R. You need that same desire that you had, you need to realize it to be in order to bestow for the benefit of others either the friends or the world or the Creator.

S. Maybe someday I will understand but for now I totally don’t understand.

R. Ask the friends to explain this to you.

13. S. (30:28) How do we generate the intentions, where are they born, how are they made?

R. I would check myself and see for what purpose or for whom I want to perform some action, the action can be only in the intention and the action can also be in practice in actuality it can be in speaking which is also a kind of an act so this is how we check it, until I bring my desire to be realized through an action

S. Is it something of the created being or does it come from the Creator?

R. Everything comes with a Creator besides the way that I respond and decide.

14. S. (31:53) If there is a desire that has nothing to do with necessity or the sustaining of my life I have to build an intention but many times you say that you are building your life so that the only condition remains is to study. We also heard that from the Rabash. That’s a result of this analysis of building the intention?

R. Yes certainly your plan is that according to your calculation this is how you should organize your life yes. Of course.

S. As long as I can’t do it I can only think that for right now I don't give pleasure to myself?

R. Well this is what you should do, yes.

15. S. (33:02) Desires come to us and we have to perform actions and our actions are related

to the intentions and the intentions can be in order for it to be good for me or so that it will be good for everyone, for others, so is this the gas that we have to cover in our actions?

R. Yes.

16. S.(33:38) A similar question, every desire always motivates you to act and the intention of the action can be in order to bestow to me or to the Creator, and the intention does it ride the desire or the action with which I want to realize the desire?

R. The intention is always connected to the desire, that is all, the intention is connected to the desire.

17. S. (34:23) I have a desire for a spiritual action, but can I do it so this desire will be accompanied by the right intention?

R. This is your effort that you want to perform an action by which you replace your intention from an order to receive to an order to bestow, the whole wisdom of Kabbalah is only about that everything that we study everything the Kabbalists write everything that we have to do in this world in general all of the work that the Creator gave man to do in this world is to replace the intentions from in order to receive to in order to bestow, certainly most people don’t understand it they don’t feel it they don’t know about it, this is why it says about them they all seemed as beasts. But there are those like us let’s say who feel that and they want to invert their intention from in order to receive, what the Creator did, to in order to bestow this is all of our work. There is nothing in creation, in the whole of reality and all of the worlds, where we need to do anything else but only that and our desires constantly grow and we rise according to our desires on greater and greater degrees and each time we have to make a change in the intention upon the desire.

18. S. (39:12) I'm talking about this critical inner point, I wanted to know if this place of self-criticism internal criticism, is this a central part of our work or I need to be objective regarding our inner perception and this inner point of criticism, of monitoring, is this a place where we establish the screen and it gives us the possibility to change our spiritual perception? We have some inner ability in the will to receive to be objective? When you speak about this mechanism of animate degree and that in the human degree there is the possibility to say yes or no? That’s my question, is that the point of our work?

R. The place of our work, the point of our work is in the point of connection when I enter among the friends there I wish to stay and there I wish to be adhered inside the connection between us in establishing it locating it detecting that connection and in that connection I wish to scrutinize the intentions that desires the direction for my development as much as possible that I can enter the connection between us deeper into it, this is the scrutiny and this is the correct check it’s the correct test.

19. S. (41:17) How will we receive the aid of the opposite as rewards, to clothe the whole reality with Him?

R. Through prayer and through effort.

20. S. (41:41) What sort of desires are you talking about? You said all desires then I get a little confused. Are there different source of desires? You have negative desires, you have positive desires because there, sometimes you see that people, let’s say, have a desire to kill for my own sake or for the sake of the Creator. How do I interpret this word desire? What does desire actually mean? What sort of desires we should work with?

R. We have to work first of all with our desires toward the society towards our small society our group and try through these desires to connect ourselves to one single desire and the desire is typically not one it cannot be one but the intentions above the desires we can aim them all at the One Source it’s like many bodies let's say you have a group of soldiers we have many bodies but they carryout one order or in soccer or football one group each one is doing his thing but everyone has but one intention how to reach success how to score how to put the ball in the goal, that is all you have to do, so I have to work above my desires to assemble them on the one intention and to work with my friends to try for all of us to be in one intention although the desires are different and the desires are not under our control but under the control of the Creator. What’s under our control is to try to keep the intention but in truth we have to constantly pray to the Creator for the intention for holding it correctly that is how we succeed. Start doing it together so that your intentions will be connected and aimed at the purpose of creation where you all connect together with the Creator and you will see how all of it suddenly begins to settle to connect to be clearer.

21. S. (44:55) In my appeal to the Creator to replace the intention to be in order to bestow to others how can I make sure it’s not some confusion of mine or maybe the Creator is trying me?

R. If you take everything without distinguishing if it's this way or that way, if you ask all your intentions yearnings through the ten you will not make any mistakes.

S. Do I understand correctly that there is actually a greater love of friends?

R. Yes connection the result should be in the connection.

22. S. (45:49) I wanted to understand the mechanism again.  We’re talking about the moment the desire awakens in me I want to search for the connection with the root with the Upper One and then I suddenly have another deficiency and again and again it keeps changing, so the art is to above all the desires that awaken in me to have a connection with the Upper One? What does it mean correction?

R. Or you can do it differently, you catch the intention among the friends that intention aims all of you together at the Creator and then everything that is happening in them all the changes that take place in them you wish to ascribe also to that same inclination.

S. That is exactly my question, that’s exactly my question, to constantly be above all of the desires that awaken between us, or…?

R. Yes, the main thing is to choose the correct goal, the unity between us and with the Creator and everything that awakens in us you need to add to that.

S. So what happens with these desires is considered correction?

R. Yes, you connect them together to the same intention.

23. S. (47:16) I also wanted to understand the process let's say that I have a desire to become this well-known artist or to become rich so I respond to this desire by performing another action for the group, I'm going to perform an action for the group and I'm going to use this desire as the power to do a action for the group and I just want to think about that. But usually when I try to do it I discover these desires were only some clothings or masks in order to do something for the group and I realize that I just want to do something for the Creator. So I understand that there was a desire which was aimed towards the Creator but it was just covered by some clothing. How do we arrange correctly the work that I do with my desires? Is what I said correct or not, what should I change in that?

R. It is possible that is correct and it is possible that is incorrect but you have to again and again aim yourself through the connection in the group to the connection with the Creator that’s it, I have nothing more to add, all the rest are a person’s internal scrutinies.

24. S. (48:45) It turns out that if I remember occasionally to pay attention to the intention that too disappears, how can we hold on to or have attention towards the scrutiny of the intention each and every moment?

R. Each moment you have to be in the scrutiny of the intention, as you said.

25. S. (49:18) Can we distinguish between the will to receive and the intention in order to receive through the level of necessity so that everything which is beyond the necessity it’s…?

R. No we don't need to do such things, we have to work with the intentions and not with the desires. It’s good that you asked.

S. I can't find the difference between one and the other.

R. That is not good, try more and more to check and you will see that there is a great difference between intentions and desires, desires you do not decide on they awaken you but the intentions you can decide on, why do you work for what?

26. S. (50:14) We know that in the past there were great Kabbalists and at the same time they were also wealthy, so for the sake of the example, a Kabbalists sees a good possession that he would like to buy for himself some property, so from that moment please describe to us the process of correction that these Kabbalahs goes through from the intention to acquire this property for himself up to the point where he corrects the desire so he wants to acquire the property with the intention to the bestow.

R. I don't understand what are you concerned about, you have such a problem in life?

S. No but I'm trying to understand how precisely that Kabbalists want this property for himself.

R. The Kabbalist makes a simple calculation that every moment he wants to be adhered to the Creator as much as possible then everything he is about to do now, acquire property or whatever, will it help him be more adhered with the Creator in speech and thought and action and everything.

S. Okay after he has acquired his property he feels that this property is his or this property exists within him in order to bestow?

R. If it’s a true Kabbalists then it’s in order to bestow.

S. So this property is not his, it's the Creator’s?

R. Like the whole world.

27. S. (52:02) What do we do when the desires come one after the other with great speed and I don’t manage to buy intention, I don’t even manage to process the desire.

R. Don’t be in those intentions but arrange yourself in the intention, the intention for yourself and the intention for the Creator and whatever’s added to it from your desires this will be added, don’t worry, the main thing is to be in the intention that I work for the sake of the ten and for the sake of the Creator.

28. S. (52:51) What in our work does it mean to score a goal?

R. Connect in the ten with the intention to bestow to the Creator.

29. S. (53:20) Is there a benefit out of me remembering an intention after I already realize the desire so I'm asking a question but I forgot about the intention so what do we do?

R. We need to prepare the intention in order to bestow before we even recognize, identify desire in us, we have to live in the intention and not in the desire, the desires, they rise and fall the intention has to remain always one from me to the ten through the ten to the Creator.

30. S. (54:05) So let's say that this was the past but the question is which desires am I supposed to blunt their teeth?

R. It is written blunt its teeth, if I see that I can’t deal with the correct intention then with the incorrect intentions I have to hit them in the teeth meaning to go against them.

31. S. (54:52) Can I consider the light that comes to me as though it is something that is me with the desires that is born within me and the screen and intention is what I need to compose over the attention?

R. I did not hear the translation.

S. Can I consider the light that comes to me as though it is made of the desires that are born Within Me and the screen is the intention that I can pose over this desire?

R. Correct.

32. S. (55:42) When a person feels that he has drawn to some fulfillment, what does he feel, does he feel his own desire or does he feel the intention that is attached to the desire?

R. Try not to have attraction to a certain fulfillment, but to get attracted to the intention. Get used to living in the intentions in order to bestow contentment to the friends and through them to the Creator. All the time the intention will be before us, all the time, the thing to which we yearn, I have to constantly feel my intention and not the desire itself. The desire will rise and fall, will change a thousand desires, but my intention is to bestow contentment to the group and to the Creator until the end of correction where this intention becomes whole and complete over all the instances, the desires that may awaken. So come out of the desires, care about the intention and constantly live in the intention.

S There is this impression that we don’t feel the desire, but only the intention to receive. It’s already attached to the desire.

R. Very good. Now we understand that you have to be in order to receive in order to bestow. The desires, let them change. The important thing for you is to worry about the intention, pray on the intention, maintain the connection and grow it.

S. So how precisely do we tear away this in order to receive from the desire it’s attached to the desire.

R. So you try to work on the intention as I said, and then we will speak.

S. How do I have a desire to do this? How can the will to receive want to replace the intention from in order to receive to in order to bestow?

R. Inside your group try to work in this way with the friends. Inside your group.

33. S. (54:40) Regarding the friend from Italy, when he told about his desire to use his artistic skills to add to the friends and also the desire for finances. I also have these same problems and the question is, if I can’t  gain it for my own desire, should I focus my desire with the intention for the friend to make music videos and inspire the world vessel and to realize his artistic talents for the sake of the rest of the group?

R. With the same desires that awaken in you, you need to change them to be in order for the benefit of the group, that’s it, only work with those desires for the benefit of the group, for the benefit of the creator, that is it. Not that you're now going to change your profession or something else, that has nothing to do with it, we are not talking about the desires and not even the actions, but the intentions that are above it.

S. (01:00:25) I've actually changed my profession four times to be able to study, so when I hear that this friend that he has the same desire, I want to know, what is the intention? If I want for him to win the lottery so he can give the biggest donation to Bnei Baruch so we can have dissemination going globally, is that a correct thing? Where is that intention? How can I put my desire on the friend so he can gain?

R. You will work with your individual desires, but try to think that you are doing it in order to bestow through them to the group. That is it. You need to read more of our material.

34. S. (01:01:42) What is the point of submission in our approach to work so that we can discover the integrity in intention?

R. I do not look at the desires, I look only at the intentions, only the intentions. I wish to aim all of my actions, my thoughts, my desires, everything that is coming out of me so it would be in order to bestow to the friends and through them to the Creator. That is it. That is my intention. I am happy that we are studying it today and this way we are talking about it and look how much we are discussing one verse, because this is the most important thing.

35. S. (01:02:57) Practically, how can we maintain the intention continually, while the desires are being replaced, they change. Usually I want to do everything for myself, so where is the restriction and the screen? How can I maintain the intention practically? I get into the lesson for example or . . .

R. I do not need examples. I am saying that a person needs to lock himself onto the Ten, needs to see himself in the center of the Ten, and then all of the desires that awaken in him he wants to realize them, fulfill them, for the sake of the Ten. That is it. That is what he's asking the Creator. Do not take a thousand different directions, don't get confused.

36. S. (01:04:24) What kind of relation is there between bestowal and altruism? Does a Kabbalist need to be an altruist?

R. Not an altruist in this world, like the way it is interpreted in this world, rather he has to work towards connection, connection between everyone and to do this certainly not by the hands of man and not through all kinds of political parties or man-made entities, rather only through the Creator, only through the Creator. Therefore the Kabbalist who wishes to cause good to the whole world works in his Ten in order to connect to the Creator through the Ten and to create a deficiency in the Creator to bestow to all of humanity. That is how we work, this is the true path, the correct path.

37. S. (01:06:05) How do deeds influence the intentions, if at all, and what kind of action should we do in order to have the right intentions?

R. We do not care about the actions. What is important is to have the intention for the connection between us in order to bestow to the Creator, and the Creator will do what is needed.

38. S. (01:06:42) It turns out that on the day today man's work is opposite this human corporeal desires that awakened in him like an equalizer the Creator place with him one time this one time dad with different intensities opposite the desires for spirituality and a person already has desires for spirituality and everything in between so it is not clear we're so focused on the intention here? Because usually we try to awaken the desire are the point in the heart so that's a big fish of proportionality will announce comment swallow the small fish that I have for spirituality and to constantly awaken the importance in the environment because that is for spirituality the purpose of connection so where does the connection coming here because that is usually our work?

R. I wish to do good to someone I wish to do good to someone if I plan how to invite him over how to feed him how to make him feel that I wish him all the best and so on and so forth meaning that I have an intention here and later I realized its intentions for some action. That is how we work. Same thing here I wish to bring contentment to the Creator eventually I cannot do it through anything except by correcting our broken system I reckon connection I have to bring it to connection so the Creator will be able to bestow to our corrected connection or to correct that connection and then bestow into that connection him stop. Because his will is to be revealed in his created beings. That is what I do. So my entire intention is to bestow contentment to the Creator and what I need to do I also don't do it rather it is the Creator who is the door I only need to clarify and to reinforce my intention.

S. On the other hand was saying that I have to focus and strengthen my deficiency it my yearning.

R. Right.

S. This is what we lack the deficiency the desire not the intention.

R. You are not the owner of your desires it only seems to you this way everything is in the intention what do you wish to happen? This is the intention.

S. It is just that with respect you or Coryell human desire and is all clear but with respect to the friends with respect to correction there is less than a bility as far as I'm concerned to define the desires is more like a system of relationships either I have a desire to connect to them in general or not.

R. Whether or not you have it then you pray or do something.

Reading Item #4: (01:11:11) “When one takes upon himself faith like knowing ...”

R. We can move on. This is general knowledge. We will learn how to realize it.

Reading Item #5: (01:12:45) “If he's rewarded he sentences himself and the entire....”

39. R. (01:13:27) Meaning we don't argue, we don't do anything, we simply move on. We don't look at it, we don't argue with the evil inclination, we just simply go above it. This is the meaning of the one who holds himself during an argument restrains himself.

Reading number #6: (01:13:53) “With officers we see there's no point in arguing with them ...”

40. S. (01:15:12) What does officers mean in the article?

R. There are judges and there are officers and there's people, so in each one of us he has all of those judges and officers and the people and in that way we supposedly get commands or directions from above and in such a way we have to divide ourselves into three orders, judges, officers, and people.

41. S. (01:16:05) If in relation to my altruistic intention a friend sees it as something egoistic how can I prove to him that I am not his enemy? No matter what I do I see that he looks upon me negatively. I try to bestow good onto him but he sees it as the opposite.

R. Who are you talking about ?

S. A friend in the ten.

R. Repeat what you said.

S. If I want to bestow something good to the friends altruistically he’ll accept me as though I'm his enemy. How do you work with such a friend?

R. What do you think that he'll accept it nice and good that he's already corrected? If he's already corrected so what do you want to give him, what do you want to explain to him, so there's nothing to explain. If he's not corrected so you need to adapt what you want to explain to him that he'll take it with the least resistance possible but obviously there will be resistance if you're explaining something new that he is to absorb and correct himself obviously is going to be against his desire and against his nature.

42. S. (01:18:12) Since yesterday, since we started talking about the intentions I'm trying to catch the intention.

R. Without introductions can you give me a question?

S. Today I'm going to have many thoughts and many desires from the lowest to the most exalted ones about connection with the friends and bestowing onto the Creator. What am I supposed to change in order to live in the intentions and not the desire?

R. The desires are not up to you, the Creator changes the desires in math either directly from above or through the environment and the intentions is what a person has to try to stabilize that they will be in order to bestow through the friends to the Creator.

S. But the desires, they are various?

R. I don't know, diverse or not, I know that on the desires I have no control and the intentions I can change, I can ask for them to change.

43. S. (01:19:40) Right now we feel a certain depth and variety and awakening and throughout the day you know it comes down to rejection even so what is the work during the day?

R. When we still want to remain in the same state as the morning lesson, in the same direction things change up and down, but in the same direction.

44. S. (01:20:23) It says here that we needn't argue with the evil inclination but when we have thoughts against the connection what can we do we can't tell the friends yeah let's go because a friend he's simply can't.

R. You can give him an example, you can give your friends an example. As much as you understand you understand but to give an example that you come to the lesson every morning or evening wherever it's your hours, that you're not missing out on anything, that you try to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah wherever you can, you give them an example, that's the awakening that you can give.

45. S. (01:21:33) We have no control but should we have control over the realization of them, of the desires?

R. Realization of the desires we have no control, it's all organized by the Creator. The Upper light organized these things. We just need to have the intention, to show our willingness that the Upper light will bestow upon us and a spiritual action can take place within us, that's all of the intention. Just understand that in my intention, the desire no, in my intentions I show the Upper light as much as I am willing to be in that direction like it works and if my intentions with the actions of the Upper light they can be together so the light shines upon me and advances me.

S. Am I the owner of my intentions?

R. Yes, the intentions. I can through the studies through participating with the friends to awaken every time to the intention to bestwo more and more greater greater not the implementation but only the intention.

S. But the implementation is something that I don't want sometimes, I want soccer but I don't want to do it, I want to go to sleep and go to the lesson.

R. Okay, so go to sleep, let's talk later.

S. A scrutiny we tried to perform in the ten yesterday, we have many different desires and pleasures awakening in us from the most corporeally ones to those that are more related to spirituality, there are different circles that you can bestow to friends, the world, excetera excetera. The work of putting the intention above the desire is something that no matter who I want to do it towards how I want to do it it needs to simply in order to bestow or is it in relation to various desires?

R. It’s constant work in one direction with the ten and anything we can prepare and above those desires those conditions we receive.

S. I'm asking, is it like a kind of mantra I repeat it until I repeat it until I start feeling something there I wanted to be in bestowal?

R. Imagine to yourself as with the feeling and in that feeling you have to work.

46. S. (01:24:40) What faith, that is like knowledge?

R. That faith will be so strong that it will be like knowledge.

47. S. (01:24:55) Working above reason is that working on the intention?

R. Yes, it's working with the intention.

48. S. (01:25:10) When we scrutinize the desires and the intentions in the work is it somehow related to the restriction?

R. Yes, on the way it will have to do the restriction.

49. S. (01:25:29) Does the desire change when the intention changes?

R. The intention doesn't change. It has to be entirely through the group to the Creator. It has to change according to the different information, the data in it but it’s like the direction that we have to constantly update to get it more and more precise but it's been the same concern and the same attitude towards him.

50. S. (01:26:05) When I get a desire and I ask what am I supposed to do with it now when I ask how to correctly realize it, the answer in what form does it come?

R. The answer comes from all directions I can't say. It depends on man, it depends on the state, it depends on the degree. I can't say the answer can also be in a negative way, a positive way supposedly, but it's always a direction for the next state.

51. S. (01:26:55) Doesn't it come to I see it for my benefit or for the benefit of others?

R. Repeat please.

S. When it comes to the intention doesn't it come down to it's either for my benefit or the benefit of the others?

R. No, it should only be for the benefit of the Creator, not my benefit, not the others. It should always be for the benefit of the Creator.

52. S. (01:27:55) If there are constant desires awakening in me on the desires of still the vegetative and the animate.

R. I can't pass my desires to other ones, to anybody else. No one can give or exchange his desires, we can just get an impression from the others and give them impressions but not that we give our desire. A desire that’s in man is a desire and it constantly changes in according to as much as a person by their advances on the path of Torah or the path of suffering until Gmar Tikkun.

53. S. (01:28:54) Do we reach connection through the intention or do we reach the intention through connection?

R. The intention and the quality they affect each other once this affects that and that affects this.

54. S. (01:29:22) We learned that we have no control over the desires, everything comes from above, we work only with the intention so how does that coincide with the education that we are going through that habit becomes the second nature?

R. We can't change the desire, and the intentions we can't change, we only do it to the extent of our connection in the ten and to the Creator.

55. S. (01:29:30) How to calm the desire that awakens in me down, so that I'll be able to focus on the work?

R. Only by connection how can you calm it? You can't calm it, it will constantly grow only through connection every time to put the intention to reach the Creator Gmar Tikkum that way you'll organize your work correctly.

56. S. (01:31:06) How do you use the power of Arvut in order to live in the intention?

R. As much as you raise the force of Arvut between you you'll be able to use your inclusive force in intentions and in the actual implementation.

S. When I fight for the intention what state are my friends and how to correctly depict them in this work?

R. That they’re with you together.

57. S. (01:34:49) In excerpt six it says that man needs to pray to the Creator to give strength to the guards to overcome the guards, to overcome. What does it mean?.

R. Man has to pray that the officers will have the forces, in his body there's the officers those who can make sure that he doesn't run away to all kinds of bad directions, and that they will have the forces to sustain him and not let him do actions that can completely take him off the correct path and be as a beast.

58. S. (01:35:46) Is the strength to overcome related to faith?

R. Yes, faith is that same direction that through it we overcome correctly.

59. S. (01:36:08) What do you do when the aspiration for pleasure is much stronger than the correct intention?

R. To work on the intention that'll be great or more important to connect to the friends, to see as much as they are yearning for the goal, and that it will affect you and you will also yearn.

59. S. (01:26:25) How to separate the intention and the desire?

R. How to separate the intention and the desire? It seems pretty clear to me there's a desire and above the desire there's an intention, how do I use that desire, for what, for who, is that my desire is that someone else's desire, and then according to that we can scrutinize what we do and that action.

60. S. (01:37:17) It seems that when I use the desire for myself less unless I feel it and the less grateful I am to the Creator for what he gives me and I give less contentment to the Creator. How can I be grateful to the Creator to the same extent that I want to myself?

R. No, to such an extent we can't yet, but actually yes we need to try and do it, that I'll feel the importance of the Creator at least as much of myself importance, that he will be in my eyes as I am.

61. S. (01:38:09) If I feel a constant connection with the Creator and all my actions are dedicated to him, directed toward bestowal, all my entire life is dedicated to him, does it actually mean that all my desires are to bestow?

R. Yes, if I'm truly aimed like that so yes, I’m in order to bestow.

62. S. (01:38:29) During the lesson I am sitting on the computer. I have a desire to surf the net instead of being on the lesson. How do I relate this desire to the Creator in order to give him contentment?

R. The mistake is that when I think that I'm now in a foreign environment, in the internet, I think I'm giving contentment to the Creator by that.

S. So what do you do about desire, do you restrict it or what?

R. Only to be in contact with the people I'm studying with in the morning lesson and with the teacher in order to be in contact with Him and to absorb the morning lesson, to absorb it and then that way advance.

S. But what do you do about the desire to surf the net?

R. Postpone it to later. During the lesson instead of the lesson I'm doing something outside of the lesson that's really treason and hurting my attitude towards the teachers and the Creator in the worst way.

S. But doesn't it mean that I erased the desire?

R. We can’t erase the desire, we either go with one desire or with a different desire, it depends on us which one to increase.

63. S. (01:40:19) How will we be able to perceive that the desire comes from the Creator?

R. To think about it. By being persistent in our thoughts we increase all our desire, our intention, only by persistence.

64. S. (01:40:42) Am I supposed to feel that I succeeded in changing in the intention or only to ask the Creator to change my intention from myself for his sake?

R. I can just by the actions, by studying, by connecting to the friends, participating in the lessons, by these actions, by these actions I can strengthen my connection with a spiritual force. It's the only opportunity for it. If instead, out of that I do something else that's the worst flaw in the gift that the Creator gave me that he's pulling me to him and there's nothing worse than what's happening to me, we need to think about it new.

65. S. (01:41:46) Is my response to the desire not only in the intention but also to respond in action?

R. No, the main thing is in the intention, but if now we still can't research our intentions and increase them so we think it's a desire, it's hard for us to be an intention, but still we have to go to the intentions and we have to live in the intention, and the intention is what I'm aiming towards, aiming my exertion towards, that's it, so I want to aim myself through the connection to the friends to the connection with the Creator, that's the intention.

66. S. (0142:40) Changing my intention, does it depend on the measure of my connection of my friends in the ten or is that each person's particular work?

R. The intention depends on as much as I'm connected to the friends that I want to gather from each and every one, his intentions.

67. S. (01:43:05) You such realize the desire to the benefit of the friends, the world, the Creator, towards the friends and the Creator that's clear, but what does it mean to realize the desire to the benefit of the world?

R. That I'm thinking of the benefit of the world, that I'm concerned that it hurts me that the whole world is on the degree of a beast and that there's no benefit by them living and dying, living and dying, but I want them to wake up more and understand that from this life you can come out with a big reward, in contact with the Upper force, in a feeling that you're in an eternal system and so on.

68. S. (01:43:57) Is the intention what you perform the action with, does the intention require an action?

R. Yes there's no intention without an action and need to connect the intention to the action and the action to the intention.

69. S. (01:44:20) What's the connection between prayer and intention?

R. Prayer is already a plea to the Creator. In changing the intention but the deed is, it could be all kinds of forms of deeds, the main thing is to the intention of the deed. The intention is actually like the headline, like a summary the intention is everything. We can do all kinds of deeds and they can be the same to you but every time in a different intention so the deed seems different to us.

70. S. (01:45:17) What's the relation between prayer and intentions?

R. The prayer increase has the intention and emphasizes it and through prayer we actually perform the intentions.

71. S. (01:45:35) What do you do with the lowly desires of the qualitative ones that almost disappeared?

R. It'll come it's certain periods, you can't say that with this to finish the correction of your soul, for sure that not yet, that's why it's going to awaken and keep going. The main thing is hold yourself in a way that, on standby as we say, that you're prepared to continue

72. S. (01:46:13) Is it enough to just have the right intention in thought for praying for the friends and such or does the right intention needs to clothe in some action?

R. The right intention has to also be expressed in deeds, at least in somewhat, and that by the way usually it's in the group.

73. S. (01:46:44) If we use the desire as the foundation that we store from why does it matter what kind of desires that we have for our aspirations always upwards?

R. Correct, the desires aren’t so important. What's important is that every desire that awakens in us we aim it through the connection to the ten to the connection with a Creator.

74. S. (01:47:10) How to correctly sort the desires that work with them?

R. How to sort the desires? We don't need to, to the extent that they awaken us we have to connect above them with a ten and with the Creator.

75. S. (01:47:30) How to build the intention on the will to receive?

R. We restrict the desires that we think we can't use and the desires we can use to sort them out and put the intention to bestow on them. That's how we build a spiritual Partzuf.