Daily LessonMar 12, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Mar 12, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson March 12, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #26

1. Rav’s Introduction: We will prepare for Passover, understand exactly what are the conditions are to enter the feeling of Exile from Egypt, how to feel the exile in Egypt, what it is exactly? What aspects of it exist? It all happens within us, it is not some external form. Also, we are going to see how to advance from the exile, how to pass through the exile. There has to be 400 years have to pass, which is essentially the four stages until we are ready to come out of exile.

Reading 26. (01:19) RABASH, Article No. 22 (1989), “Why Are Four Questions Asked Specifically on Passover Night?”

2. R. (02:29) Israel means a person who has a passion towards revelation of the Creator and it does not matter what person it is, man or woman, from what nation, at what time, what culture, it does not matter. The indication is if he is straight towards the Creator, meaning there is something in him attracting him to discover the Creator. He wants to know why he's alive, what for? What is the purpose of his life? Then he also wants to discover where does he get this desire from. How to realize it and fulfill it. Who does it belong to, and so forth. Meaning it is a person already has this internal desire called the soul. He is unique and our friends who are drawn to this revelation, they all regardless of where they are from, what nation, man or women, what age. They have that soul meaning that desire that attracts them to connection with the Creator, to the revelation of the Creator. So this connection begins from a person starting to feel that he lacks something in life, something precious in life.

He does not exactly know why he is alive and this is the main thing. There is life, it happens, I exist, I do things, I work, I connect to other people like me. But besides that, I also have a question within that is eating me up, that stings my heart. What is this for? What is this about? What is man living for? What am I living for? This is the question that the Creator, the upper force, the center of creation, the central force of reality. This is how it awakens in the person and attraction to the Creator himself. Then a person starts going through all kinds of paths, roads to develop towards this. Accordingly, he hears all kind of opinions and he advances towards such sources where he can get to know who the Creator is, what is the Creator? How do other people look at that there? Where are those unique people that I can be around and then advance as well? This is how we keep evolving until in our time, you come to a group already who can explain to the person what is his role, what is the purpose of his life. That it is not just to live and then die like no more than a piece of protein.

Thus, that is how we arrive at the organization of Bnei Baruch and get organized as a group who is looking for it's source, meaning the Upper Force, the Creator. He wants to turn them into a single desire from all of them, a single desire where they all relinquish their ego, what separates them. They are willing to connect between them and there they attain The Creator in that single desire. That's it. That is what we are facing. To put it shortly, you can say it in a single sentence, but when you come to realize it, to actualize it, it happens through the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator. From connection with the other created beings to the connection with the Creator, and that is not simple. Because there is an opposite force in us, and it has to be opposite. It is opposite to connection, it is opposite to love, to adhesion, it is the force that is opposite to the Creator because only through one thing and its opposite, we can feel where we are. How far or close we are to that force of the Creator that created us and that brings us closer. Ok so we are going to continue with some questions and answers and texts, and over the next few days we are going to get a bit deeper into this topic.

3. S. (09:38) You were saying that as a result of this development, a person comes to the desire called a soul, if I understood you correctly. So what is that desire? How do we come to it? How is it different from other desires? What is its nature?

R. We have many desires, but there is a desire that is upper, because it draws us to recognize our root, which is what we call the Creator. Creator (Bo-reh) comes from two words “Bo” and “Reh'', which means “come and see”. Which means we have to get closer to it, that is what come means. And then, we come closer and then we will see. And so from these two stages, two steps we make “come and see”. We attain our root, where we come from, and where we are headed, and that is basically the entire topic of our life. Why are we alive? To go through these stages of come and see. 

4. S. (11:27) From where do all these inquiries, these thoughts, come to a person? Where do we get these thoughts that the excerpt talks about?

R. They come from the Creator of course. The Creator is the source of all. There is nothing besides the Creator, but why do they come to a certain person? Because in a certain person, there are probably desires that are connected to that source, the Creator, and can receive from The Creator. This awakening, that is called a question.

5. S. (12:26) Is every descent an exile?

R. The ascents and descents are about getting closer and farther to and from the Creator, to and from the connection, the purpose of creation, the purpose of life. And so, we are talking about the Creator here. And the Creator is two words Bo-reh (come and see) that we have to get close to him and then discover him. Reh, to see, means the discovery because sight is the strongest, sharpest sense in our physical body, and so there is seeing, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and we have to discover the Creator in the fullest and most complete way. We have to use every descent and every ascent in order to feel ourselves opposite to the Creator, where are we? And accordingly, we build within us a ladder of degrees of states, when we are closer and farther, when we understand and feel, are bonded, and so forth.

6. S. (14:36) Connecting to the friends, by this I feel a change inside of me to the Creator? Or does an additional ability to feel what the friends feel open up in me as well? Is this called feeling their desires as my own?

R. To the extent that we connect between us even externally, they are included in both thoughts, desires, and the qualities, like how it is in the physical life. We are incorporated with each other, and then thoughts and desires wander in the world and we ultimately are incorporated with them, and we get closer to feeling the Creator. The Creator is one for everyone, and we can attain him on the condition that we become incorporated with everyone.

7. S. (16:05) You said this process is complicated. What is the relationship between how much we work in the Ten and the deeper states of exile? If we work stronger in the Ten does the Creator help us to recognise the evil inclination and then place us into the deeper states of exile so we become closer to him? What is this relationship between the work in the Ten and the deeper states of exile?

R.All of creation includes only two forces, the force of bestowal and the force of reception ,plus and minus like everywhere in creation and also inside each and everyone there are these two forces. Also in the group if we are focusing on connecting and by this discover more of our forces than we want to connect all of the attractive forces and rejecting forces between us and then we discover them in greater depth in greater clarity and intensity. Along with it, also in our mind and in our emotions we can investigate these forces and use them and become incorporated with them. The connection between us is the entrance through which we can research reality and understand and feel it and become included in it and control it. All that we discuss between us is ultimately just words sorry for saying that. When we are actually beginning to incorporate with each other then we will begin to feel what goes on in creation when it arrives incorporation that truly through this incorporation we attain the force of the Creator. The Creator is essentially what is broken within us. That single force that is operating was broken deliberately so we would reassemble it and feel it and understand it.

This is how the it is like we are playing in our lives just like kids playing with cubes when they are building something, putting something together. Our work is to gather and play I got there and play by each adding to the others the mind and heart to assemble and add to each other the mind and heart. We can discover the connection between us and in the connection between we will discover new discernment and Insights. Whatever we discover without the internal connection is called this world and this is how we perceive this world but what we will discover between our inner connection between us as the beginning to connect like Adam HaRishon that existed before the sin and before the shattering which is such a system where all thoughts, desires and all kinds of discernment are intertwined and incorporated. Then we will begin to discover the system of Adam HaRishon. Of course each one according to the efforts he puts into it but with it we will be able to discover a complete system. The world is a complete, ts whole. There is no division to planets and galaxies and people and different spheres. No, it is all one system, one force. The thought that fulfills the entire world, the entire universe, all of the worlds and that thought is the thought is the creation.

8. S. (22:38) You said the Creator will bring us to one desire, can you explain what are the four states of the desire that we have to overcome in the exile?

R. All together we have to overcome the desire that separates us. Perhaps we are thinking more about the connection but the truth is that we have to pay attention to the separation and be against it. Then always make sure that our attraction is towards connection or against separation, sometimes this way and sometimes the other, and so we have to balance ourselves between these two forces as much as possible.

9. S. (23:59) What should we do in order to thank the Creator for bringing us this far and so we can really unite and be grateful for this path He is leading us in this life?

R. Yes, we have to thank the Creator who guides us, who has chosen from billions and billions of desire, what we call souls andHe guides us and develops us until we can recognize Him and understand Him and agree with Him, adhere to Him and be as partners with Him. We have to be always grateful for this and the first stage where He chooses us and pulls us towards Him. This is called the Passover. Passover means to skip, to jump over something that there is one state that I am in and then I skipped over to another state. Passover is exactly from in order to receive to in order to bestow, from disconnection to connection, from hate to love. This is why it is called Pesach, Passover.

10. S. (25:20) We read that from love of others we come to the love of the Creator, how do I determine the direction of love of others if all the models of my perception and my whole nature are all about concern for myself, even the examples of love that I know are all are all forms of my will to receive. How to determine this direction of love for others if there is nothing in my perception that pertains to it?

R. This is wonderful that you feel that you are opposite to the Creator. Now you just need to understand how to come from the opposite state to the true state, like from hatred, from rejection. It is how you come from concern only for yourself to concern only for others and from others concern for the Creator. That is our work. That is the gradual work that we do, precisely over the opposite qualities otherwise not be able to feel where we are. Whenever we are, whatever we do and whatever we realize, we always emerge from the opposite quality.

Same thing here. The Creator pridefully declares I have created the evil inclination because from the moment of that state onwards we can position ourselves opposite to ego and in such a way resemble the Creator and if there would be no ego we would not know how to resemble the Creator.  You wouldn't feel anything. Just like a person does not feel if he is only in a single thing. As we say that has to be one thing and it's opposite and through the gap between the two, one gets a feeling of where he is. This is the main thing for us.

Also in our life we have to learn to live in two opposite qualities. Therefore, there cannot be love without hate and a good relationship without a bad relationship. The Creator shows this to us throughout the whole path He created for us. We have to understand that in the group, in their family life, life in the government, in the world, in the universe. We are always between two opposite contrasting states and we do not have to choose one over the other just like that but to make between them as certain kinds of packed as certain kinds of dependency or balance they're all that is negative and evil ultimately it connect under the good and positive and will also serve the connection love and equivalence with the Creator.

11. S. (30:26) It seems to me that the bigger the desire for spirituality the deeper the descent comes and that frightens me. Can you guarantee from this us or encourage us and tell us the Creator is going to be with us and we will not be alone?

R. First of all, the fact that you are afraid is very good. It is already a good preparation to undergo the path correctly. The fear where the person understands that he does not have the knowledge to support and the courage and everything depends on him, he is not confident about himself. This is a good thing. It is a very good thing. Ultimately you have to hold onto the group like a person who is drowning in the sea you have to hold onto the group and through the group to the Creator fulfills the center of the group and this way only this way you can come out of any state that the Creator deliberately set up for you, Dear friend, everything, everything will be very good for you.

12. S. (32:15) We see that we must search for the way to come closer to the Ten but when we try to do this what happens is that after that we feel rejection toward certain friends. If we understand this bad within us and we ask for help in connecting the ten should we tell the friend that we feel this rejection and I need you to help me connect with you or is it each one’s inner work?

R. There is individual work for each and everyone and besides that we also have collective work between us in the group and other than that we also have work towards the Creator. So there are three states here, man, with the friends, with the group and the Creator. And we have to see, we have to properly sort out these tasks so that each incorporates with the other and strengthens it and thus we advance. So we learn how to do this on the way.

The main thing is ultimately connection because only through connection can we reveal the force of bestowal. Only through connection we discover our relationship to each other, only inside our relationship to each other we discover our relationship to the Creator; only in this direction toward the friend and from the friend towards the Creator, as it says from love of the created beings to the love of the Creator. And after we come to the relation with the Creator there we want to adhere, to incorporate, to become assimilated in all that and also to connect all of that. Meaning there are two opposite forms, on the one hand incorporate with everyone, on the other hand connect everyone to ourselves. By this we come to know the Creator and the final correction and we’ll talk about that more.

13. S. (35:41) You said that we have to live constantly in two opposite states and not choose one over the other but connect them. How exactly do we combine and connect states that cancel each other out, that can’t be together? How do we do it?

R. It is said that the best learning is what you learn from your friends. Try it. Even better from your students; it is said that I’ve learned a lot from my teachers and more from my friends and even more from my students. So the more you want to learn to together and the more you want to teach others, beginners, you’ll advance. You will better understand, you will be given mind and emotion and the ability to understand and explain to yourselves and to others more and more. The Creator will take care of that.

14. S. (37:49) What does it mean that balance between the force of rejection and force of nearing? What actions do we do in our intentions?

R. The force of rejection and the force of nearing and all of those forces, we can work with them only by taking all the parts of creation that belong to connection for now, and we try to connect them, to use them in order to bestow. As much as they seem to us as opposite we still try to connect them. There is nothing in the world that cannot be connected with another, on the contrary all things have to be connected and as much as they seem opposite, remote, contradictory, it is actually between them that we will discover the mutual complementation.

15. S. (39:24) I noticed that during Passover when we study the material you ask deep questions about the meaning of life and in regular lessons you immediately come to the importance of work in the group. So why is it important to scrutinise the questions about the meaning of life in addition to my inner work?

R. I don’t see a big difference between questions concerning the group or questions concerning the meaning of life. I think that in principle it’s the same and in general in me they all formulate into one question, how it is possible in the ideal way to achieve complete and final connection? Because at every degree, at every step I have the same question, what is the ideal step that includes within it the best possibility to advance toward the purpose of creation? So I don’t think that there’s a difference. What exactly are we are learning? We are learning the very heart of science, of the creation and the world, what the Creator did and where He is leading us, how we can work within His program to be His partners, this is what we’re learning. And it seems to me  that those who don’t fall off our group are advancing and gradually are beginning to understand what is the thought of creation and gradually they implement this on themselves.

S. I feel that recently the Creator has been giving me this feeling where I feel that I’m just an animal living, especially lately I really feel it. Why does the Creator give me such a feeling that I'm living like an animal?

R. These are natural states where a person on one hand with his intellect and feeling comes closer to the Creator, understands more, feels more of the system of creation itself and at the same time feels himself as made of flesh, blood, bones and animal instincts. So don’t be too impressed by it, it’s all well, just accept it and study it.

16. S. (43:06) From studying these opposite forms do we go through states and change and does our behavior and the changes we go through the ones that change reality?

R. Of course. What is reality? Reality is what we feel, reality is what we build. The real reality is the Creator, it is white light and we on the backdrop of the white light are painting opposite forms from the white light and from this comes all of the reality that we depict. Therefore of course reality changes to the extent that we change, and we will attain it. It is written about it that darkness will shine as light. When all the black that we paint on the white background will come to a state where it too will show us what is white; in other words all of the restrictions, screens, degrees, everything we have yet to go through and study, we need all that only in order to scrutinize the difference between white and black in order to eventually return to the white. 

17. S. (45:24) Why do we feel more the lack of connection in the ten than the connection?

R. Because this is what we feel for the time being, what we can grasp and what we can digest, the lack of connection. Where can I detect my connection with the friends? I’m not drawn to it for the time being, not really. I don’t think about it day and night, I don’t see it as the purpose of life, I don’t make an account of the day by the extent to which I’ve come closer to the friends. So this is what happens, it’s clear.

18. S. (46:47) In order for a person to freely choose between good and evil he has to feel at the same time both love and hate, both light and Kli. So this means they have to feel it simultaneously every moment or there are times when you feel that and when you feel that. 

R. Look we can’t talk about feelings, what I feel, what I should feel. I can’t order myself to feel this way or that way, it all depends on how much I position myself within the society. Because in spirituality I have no other vessels. To the extent that I balance myself within society to that extent I am able to feel these phenomena or those phenomena. It’s like having a system and you speaking about a certain element in the system.

So that element, that component depends on the entire system. To the extent the entire system has its own internal balance, internal state as a result this component will work accordingly. So this is how we have to see ourselves. I can’t turn to myself and discuss or demand to feel this way or that way. If I look at it seriously, truthfully, I have to say that I am dependent on the society, on the group and only by what is happening inside the group and to the extent I belong to it and connect to it, this is what I'll feel. Therefore the more I advance the more I feel myself changing, improving my inner feeling. I can do this only through the influence of the environment on me. I enter an environment and in a second I change my relation, my inner state. They operate, they influence me, whether I want it or not this is what will happen. I need only to agree with it, study it and know how to use it.

19. S. (49:55) The Creator is infinite and we discover Him in an infinite process. Like you said we put ourselves into a system and that system has a finite form. So a system of cannibals is built by cannibals, a system of lovers is build by lovers, so the system that we’re in determines some parameters and the Creator, that we seemingly become compatible to.

R. If this is a question then yes. We make the Creator because the Creator Himself, in and of Himself doesn’t exist. We make Him by what we depict to ourselves.

20. S. (51:13) What’s in our hands, what can we do and what’s in the Creator's hands so we can make the right effort?

R. In our hands is only the possibility to come closer to the friends and to turn to the Creator, this is the only possibility in our hands everything else is in the hands of the Creator. In Him too everything is directed to eventually bring us closer and from between us to Him.

S. When I approach coming closer to the friends I always feel resistance. Is this my resistance or what I see in the friends?

R. I don’t think that now you can begin to scrutinise it, from where do you get the resistance to connection with the friends, from you or from the group. I think that you simply need to resist it with all of your might, with your hands and legs and everything and try to come closer. Truly, it’s just like being in some current in stream that is pulling you to a dangerous place and you have to get out of the river. So you make every effort as much as you can to come out of the stream. That’s what you need to do.

21. S. (53:27) How can we see equal hate and love if we try so much to reject the hatred and speak positively in love?

R. We nevertheless should try and whatever comes out comes out. But we have to work on the connection non-stop and help each other in this because none of us can be drawn toward connection, no one, we can only help each other.

22. S. (54:29) If I understood correctly the existence is not in me or each one of my friends in the ten or whatever side of the conflict, like in Israel in the last few weeks or between.

R. I don't understand.

S. Existence is not in me or in one of my friends in the ten or one of the sides that is in this conflict in the country for the last few weeks but only through the interaction between them?

R. Correct.

S. And that’s in order for me to choose whether the interaction will be loving or belligerent?

R. Correct.

S. How do we choose correctly, choose to love and not to come out of nature and not be competitive and so forth?

R. Only together, only together. Try to come closer to the friends and toward the connection between you.

S. In our study we always say we don’t engage in the corporeal world but when I look at what’s happening in Israel it’s like what it was 2000 years ago.

R. I don’t want to deal with what is happening in Israel in the country, I don’t want to deal with it whatsoever. We are speaking only about what is happening in the society of Kabbalists.

S. Does it influence or not to engage in it at all?

R. I don’t care if it influences or not, I don’t want to be confused between the two. And you are confusing them, you’re mixing them and you’re asking from within it, that confusion. You understand? These things you can’t get out of them.

23. S. (56:40) Baal HaSulam says that we are the last generation, seemingly the third exile. What’s the connection of the exodus from Egypt with respect to us? We have to go through it as well or there's already a preparation of that exodus in our soul?

R. In our soul there’s also preparation not only for the exodus from Egypt but for all the stages that come afterwards. So we don't only come out of Egypt we rise above all the desires of what is called the nations of the world and we connect among us in a way that is already closer and afterwards will be suitable for the revelation of the Creator. So the upper light will fill the connection between us and we will become as a circular form as we were in the beginning of creation.

S. Is there a special kind of study about inner work that has to happen in our generation or it's still the same study of the exodus from Egypt?

R. Of course there is, we will come to it. This too is the exodus from Egypt but besides it's also special connections that we have to establish between us in order to come to a state that is called the last generation. That’s not in Egypt, that’s not in the exodus from Egypt, it's not in the Red Sea, not on Mount Sinai and not in the 40 years in the desert. It is truly the inner connection between us when we begin to build from our hearts a single heart which is called the construction of the temple.

24. S. (58:57) You said we need to reveal in the connection between us new discernments. What discernments and how do we reveal them?

R. Whatever we discover we discover. I can only say that these new discernments will be in an increasing connection between us. When I feel that in my heart there is room for everyone, not that I don't know everyone and I don't care but I prepare a place in my heart for everyone, even to those who were not even close to my heart and I was not attracted, drawn to them. I suddenly see my heart opening itself to everyone.

S. Let's say in my attitude to my kids it's not just there's connection or no connection it’s a whole volume of complexities and intricacies. Where do we get that depth in relation to the ten?

R. It’s not on the same plane because when you're talking about your kids it's the animate level and we’re talking about the spiritual level which is the complete opposite. It comes through rejection, through recognition of evil. It is completely different. The type of connection is different through hatred, repulsion, remoteness and only in this way do I come to connection with everyone.

S. So the new discernments, we have to look for new discernments, we have to try to connect better and then the discernments come?

R. They come gradually. The more we advance the more we will discover it.

25. S. (01:01:14) It seems to me that I hate both the demand and lack of demand but we have to attract the light out of darkness. How to work with it correctly?

R. Only through connection between us, from a small group to a bigger and bigger group to the extent that more and more people can join us.

S. So what would it be like to be between two opposite conditions in practice?

R. We should scrutinize them through connection with the friends. This is the place where everything is clarified.

26. S. (01:02:36) When I'm inside the ten what I'm trying to become incorporated with, the friends?

R. You try to be incorporated with their desires for correction, for the final correction.

S. Is there a connection between incorporation and the opening of my heart, how much I can open my heart?

R. Of course.

S. What is it?

R. The incorporation is in the heart. Meaning you have to include in your heart all the desires, intentions, thoughts, views of the friends and put together from this your own internal system which would grow until it can contain the Creator.

S. And how to do this sorting, how to see the positive things I can take and what I can't?

R. It happens along the way, it is done along the way. Just go from moment to moment to become more and more incorporated where you build together in the connection between you the vessel for the revelation of the Creator.

27. S. (01:04:05) In the beginning of the lesson you said that you have to check for each descent and ascent how we are towards the Creator, are we closer or farther and how to operate. How does a Kabbalist clarify his state, what state he's in?

R. I can't tell you how a Kabbalist scrutinizes. It's like a child asking his father how the father calculates something, decides something, it’s impossible. Each one has his own elements within him his own qualities within him so accordingly each one decides.

S. So how am I supposed to clarify my state if I don't see the father's example?

R. You need to see an example from the group. Try to take example from the group how to behave and how to be incorporated in them and in this way you will advance together with them.

S. But the group is in some general state.

R. Don't give me excuses now I told you what to do, that’s it, everything else is excuses. Become incorporated in the group.

28. S. (01:05:44) In the beginning of the lesson you said that Israel is in exile 400 years which matches four degrees. Can you explain those four stages?

R. No, we we will study it and we will go through it when we need to, don't worry. Now we're not talking about the exile but about how to come out of it, when we study it you will see everything.

29. S. (01:06:32) What should I do if I can't pass what I achieved in my heart to my friends in the way of mouth to mouth?

R. Keep going as much as possible. that’s it. Read what is written about it, try to change a little bit and in this way come to it.

Reading Item #27 (01:07:10)

30. S. (01:09:01) How do we increase pain from separation so it will be really be will, be the bad with us?

R. How what?

S. How to increase pain from the separation so we will make noise within us, reverberate in the heart; meaning the states, we go through states but they don't leave enough impression to advance from them, how to increase that impression from disconnection?

R. Through work. through more intense work and you will feel how much separation or connection are stronger. It all depends on how much you pay attention, how much effort you put into it.

S. How to increase the intention?

R. Through work, invest more energy, do more intensive work and you will see that you care more.

31. S. (01:10:26) In item twenty-seven, that “our fathers were idol worshipers”, what does it mean to be idle worshipers in our work?

R. They were all immersed in the ego, this is how we begin to read the Passover story, “in the beginning our forefathers are were idol worshipers”.

S. They were more immersed in their ego which is the quality of bestowal, what is?

R. I don't understand what you're mumbling there, speak more clearly.

S. Why does one have to be immersed in idol worshiping so it becomes a vessel for the reception of light?

R. Because you cannot begin the work without negation, without the basis of negation when you are immersed, when you are in the intention to receive and they cannot do anything in the correction between us, the connection between us is called ‘the Exodus from Egypt’, and they're in the opposite form. They treat each other they go basically like Joseph's brothers who sold him, what does it mean that they sold him, that they sold Joseph? That the force that could have connected them and said that they have to unite in order to advance onwards, they didn't want it, they did not want it; on the country they throw him out, they sold him, this is why they went into Egypt into a state where they all resisted objected one another.

S. Why didn't they want Yesod, Joseph?

R. Because they were egoistic, the ego was revealed in each and everyone.

S. Event hough they were brothers they had some connection?

R. Precisely because they were brothers.

32. S. (01:13:09) You mentioned the fact out of billions of people we were chosen, why don't we appreciate that the Creator chose us?

R. What is to appreciate, where did you see a Jew who wants to remain a Jew; it's better off if I would be better off being Swedish, Norwegian, American, Canadian at least. But what's in it for me and being Jewish what's to be proud of, what’s to be proud of?

S. What is really special about us that we were chosen, why us not others?

R. Because we're not a nation, the Creator, after creating seventy nations of the world, chose from all of them a very special group the worst in terms of its ego and in terms of its obstinacy and character. And out of that group He connected the ones who came out of Babylon, who came out from all the nations in Babylon and came to a state where they began to unite among them. And we have to learn this history if you want and then once they come out of there, they feel how bad they were. How only the upper force was pulling them forward, how they were running from all of the Chaldeans into the land of Israel, and here they already implemented, they began to build their first camp.

S. When can we say that the people of Israel, we those with the point in the heart, managed to be grateful for being chosen?

R. We are not the people of Israel, we're not the people of Israel, if we are named so in relation to the future, that is a different story. But we're not the people of Israel that the authors of the Torah or Passover story referred to.

S. So we are a group that connected with the point in the heart, that common desire?

R. We are the group that the Creator assembled from all the nations of Babylon, from all the seventy Nations that were in Babylon and He turned them into the group which He called the ‘people of Israel’, which is above all those other nations because they wanted to reveal the Creator according to the desire that the Creator installed in them and nurtured in them.

S. And when will that very group succeed to recognize to itself that it has been chosen to realize that mission that wrote?

R. In the meantime, it can’t, in the meantime they don't see that they want it in any place, in no place after turning to the land of Israel, meaning the general desire which is entirely aimed at the Creator, and once they unite between themselves they become the people of Israel. When they choose among them a king, King David, and this is how they advance, then you can say they became a nation.

S. And we as a ten that we have been gathered that same desire has been gathered together, how do we pay back, how do we realize our role, when is it called that in something we are realizing the role in the ten?

R. Whenever we tell all the people that our whole earth is basically Babylon and we should all connect to stop fighting, and then we will reach the realization of the message of the Creator for us, that's it. When we will start connecting all of us together ‘as one man in one heart’, all of the humanity and this will happen fast, you will see how much in our days it's going to happen; that is why Baal HaSulam says that we are ‘the last generation’.

S. Yesterday we made a very internal action and we were very successful, there was a feeling that it will influence, impact the whole of reality?

R. Very well, that’s very good

33. S. (01:20:18) What makes me realize that I'm under the rule of the idol worshipers, I mean what can I do to reveal that?

R. If you will yearn to love others you will see how immediately in that same place in your heart there is resistance for this love and then you will see that you are the idol worshipper wanting to realize this resistance. When you replace the true love for people with the force of the Creator, you replace it to something else, let's say like an artist. There are all kinds of international organizations, all kinds of connections done by them, governments seem to engage in nice connection, nice relationship between each other. That is all Idol worshiping, when instead of developing the open, correct, nice relation between everyone, we pretend to do it.

34. S. (01:22:06) If we have a point in the heart meaning we have a Reshimot from the first group of Abraham?

R. Of course.

S. Meaning that all the desires that the Creator created are all are in the same system?

R. Yes

S. Thank you, thank you very much!

35. S. (01:22:59) How can I influence so that no one leaves, what forces can I give to a person so he doesn't leave anywhere?

R. To show them the desire to connect everyone, besides that, in practice, meaning to show them that you want to embrace them, that you want to connect them, that you are inviting them together to have a meal or some kind of assembly through scrutinizing something, to learn something, something that will give you an upliftment, will bring you closer, will warm you up, these are the motions one should perform. Now we're going to have a Congress in Passover and you will do the same whether you do here or in your place; it is cheaper in your place without the plane tickets and all, but you should have a Congress that will connect you all, all of Baltia. Today these are strong people, strong groups, they know a lot, have experience already, I think you should have a wonderful Congress or you can come over here, we will host you gladly.

36. S. (01:25:04) When you use the word King David I felt something, what does King David mean in spiritual walk?

R. King David is the general Malchut of all of reality, the true central point of it, that's the discernment, King David. Malchut, Melech, ‘King’ is from the word Malchut meaning the Sephira of Malchut of the entire structure of Israel, meaning of all the ten Sephirot of creation and that is Malchut.

37. S. (01:26:11) I apologize for the question but in the previous excerpt it was mentioned about our forefathers, I heard they were ‘purer than us’, but then if we lean on the experience of the forefathers then we should be greater than them. In what way are we better or less than our forefathers, if it's appropriate to ask?

R. We will learn this, I can't answer it on the spot; on the one hand forefathers were much more pure than us, they had a small egoism, small desire on the other hand, thanks to that small ego they were higher than us, more elevated, purer than us. But we will rise higher because our egoism is bigger and when we correct it we can rise higher because we rise after them, we seemingly stand on their shoulders and even though we rise higher it's thanks to them and they rise thanks to us, that's how it turns out.

38. S. (01:27:48) As the Turkish Kli, what is our purpose in our country?

R. The Turkish vessel is a very special one, it has a connection with many nations and countries, it can influence everything, both according to the geographical situation when they are in center of the roads of the world, and also according to the history and politics and everything. A very strong vessel, very strong nation, I think that we are yet to hear from this vessel, I'm really happy we have both men and women from Turkey that have awakened and they can be a foundation correction of the world, I am really glad to see that!

39. S. (01:29:48) I am proud of the nation I'm in but somehow I have inner feeling that really Turkish nation, our nation has a certain cunningness, certain aggressiveness, it's like a fierce, brutal nation when compared to Europeans or Slavic Nations or even towards Middle Eastern, what is, I feel special coarseness in the nation, how should I relate to this matter?

R. I think that each and every nation has its own character and it is living and developing in its own path and we will see, this is still ahead of us, the final role in connection of the vessel for each one, the final one. But it seems to me that Turkish people are capable of discovering their main role, their central role, I see strong man, strong beautiful women, to me it seems that they are capable of blossoming more and more. To me it seems that we're only starting to see now the developments of the Turkish people, both corporeal and spiritual, we will help them and we will see them high above.

40. S. (01:32:04) Earlier when you explain the roles, the special role of our special group of Bnei Baruch, you said that we will start connecting together as ‘one man in one heart’ all of humanity and that will happen fast; you also added that we will see how much between us it will begin to realize, as Baal HaSulam says that “we are the last generation”. So the question is what are the signs that it will happen fast and that it will realize in practice between us?

R. I think that we are heading towards connection, that this connection will be more and more homogeneous, that we will connect between us, having nothing to do with the countries. Ultimately we will have one language, somehow one heart, one desire, I will know how to connect nice and good. We have to build up ourselves an organization where every person from anywhere on Earth, whatever language he's speaking, we can connect with him and he can incorporate with us whether it's a man, woman, it doesn't matter. A Muslim or Christian or Jew or whatever, it doesn't matter at all, only according to his relation to connect to everyone to build what we call “the people of God”, and connect to the Creator. I think bit by bit we will grow to that and in a few months or half a year, a year, we will start talking about how we are going to build a group that can draw every person in this world, that is how it is.

Reading Item # 28 (01:35:11 - 01:37:06) twice

Reading Item #26 (01:40:34 -01:42:28 ) Twice

Reading Item #27 (01:42:31 - 01:43:49)

41. S. (01:44:05) You spoke earlier that we need to at the intensity, intensity in action, my question is how to combine this intensity and stability, regularity in the work because every time you add it’s new, we don't know how to combine it to the steadiness in the work, the habit?

R. I don't really understand you, when each and everyone scrutinizes himself, how he's under pressure to connect to the friends and his whole life is only organized towards connection in order to attain in the little time left for him the purpose of creation, so what's the problem?

S. It's not a problem it's just that we want to add intensity in the work, add more work, how do I make sure that this new state remains steady instead of just like a Congress where there was an upliftment and addition in the work right, and now is not like the same in the Congress we need to add a new level of desire?

R. So say in a month we have another Congress, Pesach, right, so on Passover you will be able to do the work as well so start preparing yourself for the Passover Convention: what Exile means, what Redemption means, what does it mean to go down to Egypt, how did they go down by the fights, the quarrels they have between themselves in the group. That's why we go to Egypt and what happens in Egypt because they're not connected, so they going to all kind of troubles and problems until they start bit by bit to recuperate, to understand and wake up, to connect and rise from this degree to higher ones. But too is not simple, there are many states to go through.

S. How to make sure that we do this every day until the Congress of Passover, how to be in it every time, to add this intensity?

R. Read the materials about it, the articles about it, and see how much we can belong to that, how much it belongs to us this whole story about the entry into Egypt, and how much we can realize it in the relationship between us and the group.

S. What is the realization, what can it be in it?

R. The realization is our connection, so that our connection will advance through all the situations until we are under pressure to come out of there at any price.

S. What is this pressure, how to generate it in a positive way in the ten? 

R. Mutually, when you’re in a state where each one gives an example to the other, one should help his friend.

S. But the examples we can share right now connection is static, this is how it feels at least, how to see that each adds in his example, how to add myself to the example?

R. I don't understand what you are saying.

S. Let’s say I’m giving an example to the ten, I'm in this same example for the past month, let’s say, how can I add so that the friends feel that there is intensity in my part?

R. You are with them all the time in the different states, the changes of the states, so you are acting in them, they’re acting on you, try to influence each other so you come to a state that you will feel that everyone depends on everyone else and then there's room for change.

S. Why?

R. I can't explain ‘why’, I don't even want to start answering ‘why’; when there are dozens of people, even more, hundreds of people that can influence each other, by that each one changes his state, you are asking why, you’re speaking as you are not a living person.

S. But we influence one another out of a place, we're not in spirituality yet?

R. From the place where we want to bestow, that's it.

42. S. (01:49:24) It is written in the excerpt that in each and every generation we need to remember that we exit Egypt

R. In each and every generation one should see himself as if he is the one who came out of Egypt.

S. So why are these ruins, Babylon and the rule of Rome?

R. That’s not important for me right now, I like learning where we are.

43. S. (01:49:57) What is in our address to the Creator that He await and everything depends on it?

R. In our address to the Creator there's a recognition that He is the only one who can help us.

S. And this address can be personal from me and include all the friends in the heart or does it have to be mutual?

R. Yes, it come as a general address, it comes as a general address.

44. S. (01:50:37) How can a student understand that as soon as he is in exile nothing can fill up that emptiness in his heart and he is wasting time chasing desires in the corporeal world?

R. You have to learn with him, then what he’s studying will affect him and he will think this way, there's no other way.

45. S. (01:51:13) We tend to think that we will connect in someone unknown future, not now, someday, connection like some dream that we have for the future. Why do we act this way and is this way of thinking helpful or on the contrary, does it make it it's lower for us?

R. The main thing for us is connection and as much as we can come closer and act towards connection, it will help us and give us new thoughts and desires.

46. S. (01:52:22) What can add, how can the quality of Abraham add to our yearning for the Creator? What's the difference between Abraham and Israel?

R. Israel is the direction toward the Creator, Abraham is the direction towards unity on our level, this is all, a concrete question and answer.

47. S. (01:54:13) Regarding seeing ourselves: there is this verse when each person should see himself as if he is the one who came out of Egypt, should we see this as faith above reason that pushes us forward?

R. Yes we need to see ourselves as if we were exiting, leaving Egypt even though we are not leaving yet, we are not coming out yet but this is where we strive to and this is how we should live, as if we were exiting Egypt.

48. S. (01:55:26) Whoever comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah comes from the feeling of exile, something in this world is not enough, reject him where he feels he doesn't relate to that and it’s as if we settle for this feeling of exile many times. We say “yes this world is not enough and this is how we study Kabbalah”, how can we deepen this feeling of exile to more discernments?

R. Simply to ask ourselves why do we need to study Kabbalah because when we study Kabbalah we, as if, don't get anything out of it,  what is the purpose, what is the benefit? The benefit is that we reveal the Creator and uplift ourselves, ascend ourselves to the level of the Creator.

S. But how in the daily life can one enter the feeling of exile to more subtle discernments, there’s always this feeling that we are escaping this world because it's not enough for us?

R. It is not good, it’s not good, in the beginning maybe it's enough to distance and separate from this world but after that, we still need to see our goal. Our goal has to be more than this world, to reach the awareness, the feeling of the upper world, “you will see your world in your lifetime”, that now in our physical lifetime in this world, we will also feel and attain the upper world. This is the purpose of our life: that we ascend to the level of the Creator, otherwise, what is the purpose of the study, that we read some pages in the book?

S. How can we increase the feeling of sorrow, the sorrow, this the feeling of exile?

R. By reading and the friends, through their friends, that speaking about it and each help the other.

49. S. (01:58:03) You said that the only way to change the emotion is through the ten, through the group; if we already in the ten, what instruction can we give the emotion, all you can do is notice that you’re coming in or out of the ten?

R. Simply continue, a few more cycles and you'll see how this brings you to a higher level, a higher degree.

50. S. (01:59:51) What’s more effect to come out of Egypt, the torments in the Exile or the greatness of the Creator?

R. The greatness of the Creator.

S. How in the connections between us can we established the greatness of the Creator?

R. Speak among yourselves and that's enough.

51. S. (01:59:25) Only when a person is far from the Creator can you say that the Creator brought him near, that's what it says, do we always work far or do we come closer?

R. That depends on how the person feels it.

S. Coming out of exile is feeling more distant?

R. This is all your reasoning.

52. S. (02:00:16) You said previously that idol worshiping is the relation, the imaginary relationship, when we pretend. How do we change this pretending to a real relation and how in it do we come closer to the Creator through it?

R. By our work in pretending we are moving through reality, it's called Lo Lishma, Lishma.

S. Must we go through this state.

R. Yes, yes.

53. S. (02:01:06) What can we do to accelerate the self-assembly of the network of our connections?

R. Only by making effort, there's nothing else, we need to labor and then the Creator will transition us from state to state as He chooses.