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05 - 11 June 2022

Lesson 2Jun 6, 2022

Baal HaSulam. The Peace

Lesson 2|Jun 6, 2022
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Morning Lesson June 6, 2022 Transcription

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Baal HaSulam. The Peace (Proof of His Work by Experience)

1. Rav’s Introduction: (00:28) Yes, we are delving deeper more and more into the peace article. It is a very important fundamental article, it is not simple and we need to see how do we open up our hearts and also the brain so they together are able to absorb this idea and implement it in such a way that it will be accepted by our collective heart and our collective brain each time we are in a process of connecting between us more and more so we will become one head, one heart and one man. In this way we will establish the infrastructure for the Creator to be revealed.

Reading: (01:29) “Title: Proof of His work by experience…”

2. R. (01:58) Yes, this is a question, I need to do something like the upper force who is working and thinking entirely about human society, on people and His desire to arrange His created beings in such a way that they will have a feeling and understanding, the awareness of what form they need to be connected between them in order to build that connection between them called Shechina. In order to discover by their own forces that are contradictory to each other a single force called the Creator and it all exists in man, in their hands, it's not that there is another force that is exists outside of the created beings seemingly but rather everything that is revealed is repealed inside of them. This is why the Creator, Boreh, is also called Bo Re, come and see. There is nothing that comes outside of the created being so how could it be that we will receive knowledge about the work of the Creator from the outside? It is all revealed not the way that religions and various faiths speak but rather we are talking about everything coming out of experience as he says proof of his work by experience so let us see how we should attain it?

Reader continues: (03:45) “Indeed history itself…”

3. S. (04:56) Meaning that Russia was like a laboratory in which or over which the Creator wants to show how much the spiritual work has to be spiritual, not corporeal, that we need to yearn for a spiritual connection for spiritual results and not corporeal things so that each one will fill his belly with food and each one will fill his head with all kinds of pieces of corporeal knowledge so that everything is enclosed in this world without attaining the higher degrees that speak about mutual bestowal, about Lishma, for her sake, from one to the other above human nature which is revealed in this world. So it is not enough for us to be good children in this world with each other, it is not enough for us to connect, put together the human society, a nice good society like communist say in their fantasies but rather here there needs to be another degree with respect to which we work which is connection and love among all people in order to rise to pure, absolute bestowal.

It is not that we do it in order to live for a certain time in this world but rather that we have to do it for the sake of an idea that each and everyone will rise above his ego and will reach bestowal to others that is pure, pure bestowal meaning without anything coming back to himself. Just as now each one is in his will to receive for himself and this is imprinted in us from birth so we need to try to shift through the force of nature called the Creator, the upper force, so that it will become the opposite so that we will reach a state where everyone will relate to others just like the Creator, very simply, like the Creator, this is called to reach the degree of the Creator. That I love, I care for, I tend to the whole of humanity until the very last individual and even the whole of nature the still vegetative and animate up to the last detail, just like the Creator, good and doing good. Okay?

Reader continues: (08:27) “Instead of rising and exceeding the achievements…”

4. R. (09:01) And why is that? Because the Creator has placed, given them conditions, a huge territory, raw materials, whatever you want you have all the resources and people, yes. Also millions of people who do not demand too much in order to keep the ordinary corporeal simple life they had, meaning, what was lacking? Only one thing was lacking, to take care of the nice connection between them with the example of doing it like the Creator, the way He relates to them that is how they should establish relations between them and nothing besides that. Meaning we need to see that there is a reason why Baal HaSulam takes Russia as an example. He could have taken Argentina or Australia or Africa but no, he takes it because it is truly according to the root that needs to start to realize on a large scale this idea of reaching, not as a few unique individuals, but Nations have to reach this and so this state, this territory and these nations that live in Russia they are the most suitable for this to begin with. This is how it was created.

5. S. (11:03) We see that this laboratory called Russia that it continues to this day even with this war now, the Creator is using it.

R. Yes. This is how it is and this is how it will continue until the end of correction. Do you think that this laboratory will move from Russia like you said to Europe or America or South America? no, it will eventually remain there. All of the other countries, they will surround it and become incorporated in it and it will have to show us nevertheless how they reach a connection between them but through the recognition of evil through the state where they are now the farthest from it.

S. What does the Creator want from Russia?

R. He does not want anything more than what he wants from the whole of humanity however, there it is simply a place that has to be word has to be realized, the idea of connection must be realized there first, the popular connection. So you can see history, the way that it was turning, even though we cannot yet reach the understanding of what is happening in the history of the people of Israel which is very much connected to it.

S. Between the nations of the world Russia needs to be the first, like the head of the nations of the world for correction?

R. I don't mean that it's the first or the strongest or that it knows best no but there is something in its opposite as usual in the whole of spiritual development and this is what we will have to study. It is not that now we will delve into it but rather we just need first of all to extract from this a few rules for those people who want to advance towards correct connection, towards the end of correction. What we can do for the time being.

S. (13:24) Is there a connection between the example that Baal HaSulam gave and what is happening today?

R. Of course, yes. What do you mean happening today? Something is happening today so this too we need to see. Meaning I do not quite want to elaborate on this but of course it is related. The things are related, yes.

S. Why specifically Russia and not Israel? Why didn’t He do this with Israel?

R. Israel has a different role, Israel has a spiritual role and the people of Russia it's not one people, you have a hundred different peoples there in Russia and they are very different and they are all mixed up, up to the point that they are like a laboratory.

Reader continues: (14:31) “Indeed this fact puzzles us…”

6. R. It is clear that it seems that we can see with our eyes that it is not the way that Baal HaSulam writes, but we need to learn from this. Of course it happened in a limited manner and with a small number of people in Russia that were connected to this idea, this higher idea even though it wasn't a Godly idea but nevertheless it was a higher one. They wanted to cancel everything and live in a commune where everyone is completely equal, there was such an inclination and this apparently was enough with the inclination to connection among people however, they lacked the connection with the Creator and this became corrupted because of religion that they very much wanted to remove themselves from religion and say that they completely disregarded any kind of connection with the upper force of nature. Nevertheless, we are born from there, we emerge from there, we are operated from there and this is something that they did not want to accept. This is because of the corruption that occurred in them through religion. This is why they contradicted the religion completely and they erased it seemingly on the one hand, later on in our time they came back to it and there is still in this form. The nations of the world still do not have the right relation to the upper force who is managing them and that they need to reach a state where they, people specifically, are managing Him. This is done by raising man.

7. S. (18:52) It is not clear from the example because this is the country that won against Hitler's Germany compared to like France or Poland. All the rest lost.

R. We are not going to scrutinize all of these things now although I disagree with you on this as well but we are not going to now start checking these things because this pertains to all of the confusions that we were pumped with by the systems of education and culture. Let us not start scrutinizing it, let us just accept it the way that Baal HaSulam says it. Let us see all the things he writes all the way to the end, then we will be able to also approach and understand better what is happening in reality. Especially since each one of us is filled with everything that he received from the media and the different countries and parents etc. let us not start scrutinizing all of this.

We will not discover the truth with that because the truth is with us and it is important. The truth exists inside of us instinctively and so we need to scrutinize the truth only through the reforming light. I am not now pulling out of my memory or out of my habits things that I received for my childhood from the education that I received from an early age. I'm not bringing out any proof, any correct or incorrect outlook or perspective, nothing, although I really don't have any of it. Now I'm only learning what Baal HaSulam says and for the time being I accept his view as the right view even though immediately I have opposite, that is a thousand different questions and I'm willing to contradict him from end to end.

However, for the time being I am standing on that I’m insisting that for a limited time I am accepting that his view is the right view otherwise I won’t be able to understand him and I will not be able to draw upon myself his force so that by this I will be able to become incorporated with, to connect with, the system that he is in and thus receive something from it. I will be cut off from this upper force that he is talking about so I have no choice, I have to let go for now for the time being, I need to let go for some time of my view even though I am certain that I do not agree with Baal HaSulam whoever he is and I am shifting, moving from my head to his head and maybe, let us see, maybe in his head I will suddenly discover a totally different approach to the world and that this may seem to me also as a truth or maybe all together this will seem to be maybe as the truth, his truth, let us see. We are all in such states, how could it be that in our world you have so many people with totally contradictory opinions and each one is certain that only he is right and so let us see what the Kabbalists say.

He does not take any proof or knowledge from this world but rather what he is based on, it comes from the upper nature, the upper nature and I see that he has some understanding of that and this is something which is above me so let us also accept his view on the human society as some knowledge which is above me, for some time, for now. Let us wait, you can put aside your view and what you've learned, even though what you learned we can see in a thousand different places in the world. It's all incorrect but it doesn't matter, right now we are not going to discuss it at all, it is not important for us. We want to extract from this the higher truth and not what we have in our world that all kinds of people say and they want to pass on to us their knowledge so that we will agree with it.

8. S. (24:26) What does it mean that the connection, could it be for the sake of the Creator?

R. I do not know that yet, let’s see, you’re asking a question we didn't get the answer for yet. We seemingly see that what you are saying, in the correction of the world, is that everyone will be as one man in one heart, so first of all there is the question. If we are all in one head, one heart with only one internality of man, then we come back to the model of Adam HaRashon. There's a difference between Adam HaRashon before the shattering and Adam HaRashon following the correction, in that after the correction Adam HaRashon is a collection of all the human beings, all of the brains, all of the desires in the world, and they are all connected between them in bonds of love.

In that, no one cancels the other. Each one accepts what is in the other, in the heart, and in the mind, and he wants to be incorporated with everyone, in the minds and the hearts, with all people in the world, by this we reach a very great power of the head and of the heart, the collective head and heart of all of humanity, with love meaning complete incorporation above all thoughts and desires. This is what we have to reach. This is the difference between where you might do through all of your sophistications and through torture, through an external force, or you repel everyone, or by what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, that you reach a state where you want to become incorporated in everyone, and to give yourself to everyone. This is an entirely different system in which you make yourself greater through all of the people in the world. According to that you discover the Creator, that He becomes revealed 620 times as greater than before, than the way it was in Adam HaRashon, this concept of the Creator, because He is not divided or made up of everyone. You do not have this power here of separation and then connection.

S. (27:30) From what Baal HaSulam writes, there is an impression here that everything externally was done right, but that it was just lacking, that it was missing, to be for the sake of the Creator, and thus the question, in order to reach the correct connection, the external form also needs to be? The same form, we just need to add the Creator? The same idea, or it has to be something different, more tied to the intention to bestow?

R. What they wanted to do, and we are talking about a small group out of Russia that had let’s say 100 million people, let us say there was one million all in all, maybe less, probably, or even less than that, that in some form even a corrupted one however they were drawn to connection. We’re talking about them, not about the entire country, the entire country is like some territory or area that builds the external conditions, so that 1000 people let's say, out of all 100 million, so that in 1,000 people this idea will nevertheless, to some extent, will grow, to some extent, so it will be higher than their ego.

This is what Baal HaSulam is judging and this idea that grows that springs in those 1,000 people in the whole great country, this is what we are taking into account, this is what we are discussing, so what else is missing? What is missing is the connection with the upper force. This is what they didn’t have but rather to the opposite. Any connection with the upper force, religious, national, no matter which one, they entirely cut it off, and they couldn’t do it any other way also, because in each and every correction, we first have to cut off whatever was there before and then it has to grow anew and therefore all of these things they are theoretical, that if they would immediately tie these to the Creator, the Creator and not to some puppet that they have established for themselves, then it would be good for them and it would reach the true solution and the true correction and the opening up of the eyes for everyone,etc.

Those 1,000 people, let’s say, were related to this idea, would be enough to reach the correction of the world. All of the others, it is like in a pyramid, they will somehow connect to them, however those 1000 people or maybe even less, they need to be connected to the upper force, this is what was missing, the connection with the upper force. Where will they get the forest from? The force of the screen, the force of bestowal,the force of connection, knowing the goal. This they didn’t have. The source, they didn’t have it. That is it, we will talk more about it.

9. S. (31:23) Also in addition to this, and what the friend said, I want the Creator. What are we talking about here?

R. We need to believe only in a force, well also believe, all of these things need clarification, but we need to believe in the upper force of nature, it is called nature, Hateva his upper force, which is nature, iit takes us through all kinds of different states, to a state where in the connection between us we will discover Him. That is it. And when we do discover Him He will be the result of our connection. You cannot discover something which is outside of us. We will connect between us, put together out of us, a system, such that from all of our thoughts and pieces of knowledge and our preparation, we will put together something common.

What will we put together that is common? Through the mutual disposition towards each other, through connection and love, by this we will connect such discernments in us so that they can all be related to connection and love, and the result of the connection and love that we will establish, this will be the Creator. From the side of the created being we cannot get to know the upper force of nature and any other way. This is why it is called you have made me.

10. S. (33:34) I also also had many questions regarding this article and you give this explanation now that if you want to accept Baal HaSulam and on the other hand scrutinize. The main question is why does he call this a sin, that the whole nation has sinned? I mean the nation didn;t have this information, didn’t know about these rules of the Creator it’s like some process here, right?

R. But the Creator Himself did all of these things. What do you think, that what people recommend or do or fantasize amongst themselves about the Creator and about the upper force and about all of these things, do you think that it does not come from above? That there is some thought or some desire inside of any person that does not come from up above? Of course not, it it all comes from the Creator, that the Creator wants, in such a way, to build in us all kinds of discernments, for and against, true ones and false ones, by which eventually, not now, we will be able to reach the summary, and the summary will it be a correct one? Rather, with the precedents that now specifically in history we are in a state where we can start to correctly scrutinize ourselves and the Creator and the relations between us.

S. That is exactly what is not clear. Why Baal HaSulam, who is usually so precise with his words, he calls it a sin?

R. This is using our language. How else can he call it? What are you talking about?

S. (35:36) But this nation has sinned once in which the Creator will not forgive.

R. So of course, while the Creator did that, this is clear to us that there is no action down below, but rather it all cascades from above but this is how we call it. Just like all of our transgressions that a person does. On the one hand the Creator says I created the evil inclination and there is None Else Besides Him, and on the other hand seemingly there is punishment and we are at fault and we have to be corrected. It’s clear that this is how we need to see reality. So what is the question?

S. The question is, in this that this whole process, the Creator did this, so why is Baal HSulam calling this a sin. The nation didn't know?

R. But you have to go through all of these things and understand them also in the best way that even though the Creator does everything in there is None Else Besides Him, nevertheless it goes over a people, and a person in his limited brain, not being able to see even one percent of the true reality, nevertheless, this is how a person determines it. This is how we need to learn otherwise we won’t reach the opening up of the eyes over the whole of reality. It is not that what we are reading now, that’s the end of it already.

S. It can wait.

R. Okay we won’t run away from it. This is the main topic from here until the end of correction.

11. S. (37:47) If we take this article, as it turns out, according to the words of Baal HaSulam, that the basis for a perfect country, is that it has to be based on mutual bestowal, on the basis of what’s mine is mine, what’s mine is yours and what's yours is yours?


S. (38:10) Why did the system of bestowal that Russia founded failed? They started in Lo Lishma. Should it not have developed into Lishma?

R. He writes an answer for you. Because they weren't connected to the upper force, and they wanted us to build according to their mind a correct system upon the earth, and that is not possible. There were all sorts of attempts from the side of man, let's say in the Kibbutzim the communes in Israel, and all sorts of others. Everyone want to to build a just, nice good system, built upon connection between people, mutual help, and just the giving generosity between each one and everyone, and it didn't work out, because it wasn’t in the program of humanity, and the program of nature, that the program is to bring all human beings to a state of the end correction, that the force that comes from nature that created the entire universe and humanity, that the force that we want to establish human beings by, these forces need to connect between them, that the desire of the upper one and desire of the lower one will connect together.

If we don’t take into account the upper program, the upper plan, that we are searching and we want to connect with it, it does not work. It is not that the Creator or give a condition, but because it is the truth, that only in connection, that’s in both parts of nature, to the very last detail, that the connection is the very first point of the existence of reality, and the last point of the existence of reality. On the way, this reality just goes through a shattering, in order to reveal intensity in the connection that was to begin with, but towards the created beings, to reveal the intensity of connection, and in thus it will end. Because if we don't take into account this connection, as the first and final point in our development, in the development of humanity or still, vegetative, animate, and speaking then we are seemingly outside of the process, and so we don't succeed, we fall,we go over all of our mistakes, we understand, we feel and once again enter the process. Now we are with you.

We are in a very special process. We actually received the opportunity to build a society that are built of two forces, the force of connection and separation, and that both will be directed to connection, of the end of correction. That love shall cover all crimes. Where there are all the flaws, they need to be revealed, and then above this and that they shall be connected in love, and love is the force of the Creator, that we need to be drawn to Him, to draw this force from Him, and only by this we’ll be connected. This force still doesn't appear between us, we're not familiar, we do not feel it, and we will need to reveal it, reveal Him. It is a very unique force because in the study it connects between human beings, they stop to feel who is I and who is you, rather all is one.That is the force of love, that’s the essence of the Creator. That we need to reveal.

12. S. (42:48) Has the state that connection of the upper force ever been seen in history so far?

R. For a very short time the country of Israel, if you could say country, it wasn't a country but let’s say, it was at such a point, but only on its own, and afterwards it began again the corruption, as usual correction, corruption, correction, corruption, and today we have already reached what it's called the end of correction towards the final correction.

13. S. (42:53) This description where Baal HaSulam describes the experiment in Russia, can we say that the entire historical process of social development, imperialism, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, these are processes that teach us the mistakes that we made as a society? In the future, capitalism, we will discover, also that it is a failure, and we will be able to see a different future by which we can sustain humanity?

R. Of course in the future we will see all of the stages that we have gone through as mistakes but from these mistakes we learn, and from this study we reach the correct decisions more and more, until we reach the end of correction. Of course, what is capitalism? Capitalism is that each one worries for himself, yes? Just from lack of choice we put together all sorts of systems in order that the capitalist society will not destroy itself, and for the meantime that is the most successful. Of course that cannot be as the end of corrections, because there is no connection between human beings,rather just separation. They just keep their separation, keep themselves that separation shall not destroy them, but that is it. That’s the capitalist society. I am not praying upon it or not in favor of it just like I'm not in favor of socialism or what was in Russia or what isn’t Russia. It is clear that all of these things that humanity has to go through and ultimately needs to decide what needs to be.

14. S. (46:22) In Brazil we have about sixty great students in our society but only two tens connect to the lesson. My question to you is respectively and this is a completely different situation because I was in North America, so it is a little different. My question is how can we dig in connection in this situation, we have a lot of people asleep and how to awaken them?

R. I do not know what to tell you. You need to get to know your friends better than me, than I know them. This that a person weakens along the path and he thought beforehand that he is jumping into something interesting, and it draws him so much, it's kind of sexy, and makes him feel like alive, gives him tastes, that is in the beginning, but afterwards he sees that this is a scientific method, based on experience, very technical technological, very social method, which is entirely is to be found in all of humanity, all of reality,and thus as it is written that we need frond this world to rise to the upper world, and not that I am making a jump and I am already above the clouds, in the upper heavens.

So people who come they have fantasies, that now they are going to rise to the skies and then reveal what’s happening, and we tell them yes, that is exactly, that’s what we need to do, to rise to the heavens it means to rise upon all of my egoistic desires and thoughts that’s in a person. We need to work on that, how to rise, that’s on the entire matter and each stage of the ladder, each degree, we need to invest how we rise from degree to degree, because the heavens is called the final state of all of humanity, that we will all be as one man in one heart, and we are in the opposite state from it, and then we learned how we rise from the present state to the heavens, and how to rise, how to do this, to connect between us more, how to begin to reveal in the connection between us, that we attain the connection between us slowly, gradually, that’s increasing the qualities of the heavens and those are the qualities of bestowal. Until the quality of love. Here it’s truly a problem. What are we going to do?

So they say each shall help his friend. We need to give a strengthening and show an example between everyone how we will all do this. I as a teacher, look at them, and it’s forbidden for me to intervene and even to show a good example, because in this I am stealing from your exertion, and you need to know this, and be sufficiently mature that overcoming your laziness on the habit, your routines, and each time you're looking, more and more, how to receive forces from day to day, and advance, and in this each one shall help his friend. In no place you will find that the Creator, that the teacher needs the help. The teacher is just a guide on the path. Who is going on the path and strengthening? The friends between them. That we are lacking. Don’t look forward, look at the connection between you. That’s the main thing. That’s it. There's nothing forward. The moment we begin to reach one another, to such an extent that there is no distance between us internally, there we begin to reveal the Creator.

15. S. (51:51) I would like to clarify according to the text what he writes here that since they did not do their work for the Creator, they had no right to exist to nature's point of view, in other articles he says that in even the worst impossible thing has the right to exist.

R. He writes that they have no right to exist, meaning that they are cutting themselves off from the source of life. That is how we should understand it.

16. S. (52:47) This article, of course doesn't speak of religions but can't this push people in such a way?

R. No religion cares for connection between human beings rather every religion, maybe one time will need to talk about it. I'm still not sure that it is the right place yet. that you are capable of accepting it in the right manner, objectively, that no religion cares for truth and that is why there is such differences between them and the division and each religion into sub-religion it is like we have learned in the article.

S. And this article The Peace when it talks about nature and the second one multiple authorities.

R. Right, right and thus religion cannot aid us in attainment of the Creator. I do not want to talk pro or con, for or against, gradually as we learn we will see how you begin to add in your observation, in your perspective on everything andalso in religion. The truth is religion is called attainment of the Creator, the essence of religion and its purpose as Baal HaSulam writes it is attainment of the Creator. From this we are going to attain the Creator or without changing our nature or egoistic nature, that we do not attain him then from this that we are keeping, guarding our ego and we want to be in connection with the Creator then from this intermediary state seemingly, then from this state we have the source for all religions. I think these are pretty clear things for everyone.

17. S. (55:15) The article The Peace is our primary article, we talk a lot about it and I hear from Rav that he says that all of the problems that exist in the world, all of the bad, all of the wars, it all comes only because of our Jewish people are not connected. This is why we have all of these problems, I'm asking you a question. When do we resolve the great rift that exists in the great human nature, there are so many different sections so many that we can't even see a solution on the horizon.

R. The Jewish Nation is a result of the connection of all Nations that wanted to connect in ancient Babylon around the spiritual leader of Babel, Terach and Abraham and that is called the Jewish Nation at its foundation. That has in it the connection of people of the whole world in one group, that they agreed only to one thing, we need to reveal our root for all of us, one, and that is what happened. Too this day, of course this group that went through all sorts of changes, it is still in a state that is seemingly looking what actually is the plan of its development and as the wisdom of Kabbalah explains how the people who are looking for the plan of creation can reveal it and realize it, it is precisely what is the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of.

Only by the correction of the ego that was revealed in that same small group first of all from all of Babel, and afterwards from that small group that gathered that used to fill Babel. When this group received this method of correction finally in the exit from Egypt called the reception of Torah, how it realizes it by the realization of the Torah in it, in the realization of Torah and all its participants and the idea of Arvut such a revelation of the Creator is revealed and that is it so there is nothing to ask about the group itself or the nation of Israel. We are asking about the small group that is in the nation of Israel today that is learning and yearning to reach connection.

S. So all of our work as Bnei Baruch, this could solve the problem if we will reach unity, a true connection, that we will pull the people of Israel and reach one piece so that we can truly serve as an example to the whole world to the nations of the world?

R. Yes sir, if you are all the time in our study then this answer needs to be clear to you.

18. S. (59:36) If the whole world, like you said in the Arvut, will we reach the end of correction at that moment? If the whole world will come to Israel and agree to work for the benefit of the whole world, what will follow Israel and agree to work for each other, to work for the sake of others as you explained about the Arvut, at that moment will we reach the end of correction?

R. Yes.

19. S. (01:00:33) This nation of Russia as Baal HaSulam writes according to their experience during the Soviet regime and also in recent times what is happening there, does this people have a chance to hear and see the truth now?

R. I think that the Russian nation is very, very complex and in this specifically thus it has an opportunity to better understand this message of the wisdom of Kabbalah more than other nations. Because they have inside many shatterings and thus I think that also the nation of Israel that was there for many years and also now, nonetheless, if there is still a unique connection, unique ties, let us say the connection, unique ties between the nation of Israel and the Russian Nation. I do not mean specifically the nation of Israel but rather the nations in the same area which is more than 100 nations that exist there. I think that there is really some sort of mutual, inner opportunity to connect and pass an internal load from one to another.

20. S. (01:02:38) Through the example of the Soviet Union can we come to a certain conclusion for humanity, meaning this example was unavoidable, you cannot build something good like this?

R. Of course that everything that passes over everyone on every private person and all of humanity and its entirety, it is what needs to pass over us and we need to accept these things and not think how it could have been otherwise. Rather just to learn from it from the future but not that we are going to correct the past. No. So thus these seeming mistakes that we did we need to ascribe them to the Creator who passes us through all of these mistakes, that if there was no need and he wanted, he wouldn't have passed us through all those states but we need to look at all those things as Baal HaSulam writes, to learn from it for the future. How we can fulfill the connection that ultimately this is what needs to be. That love shall cover all crimes and this can be only by this, that we are drawn to the Creator, that shall be revealed between us and we'll perform the connection.

S. And why was it necessary specifically throughout history, it was necessary for them to also destroy the churches and everything?

R. The Creator will ultimately break all of these stigmas, the false thoughts, just that it needs to be broken gradually that human beings will learn from the correct form to have an attitude towards the upper force.

21. S. (01:05:08) We also experience in ourselves as in a laboratory how easy it is to forget to perform simple acts of connection even come to the lesson or the meals or how can I depict or imagine that now I performed an action for the Creator?

R. You need to do, not for the sake of the Creator, sure we learned this in all of our articles, the writings, connection between all of us as one man with one heart and in accordance we come closer our vessel will be coming similar to the Creator.

S. We who have already a point in the heart every action that we perform, an action that we call connection, is it different than others?

R. We make the effort to connect between us, rather the rest of humanity doesn't make an effort, doesn't understand this goal.

22. S. (01:06:27) What conclusions for our work can we take from this example of Russia, is it how important it is to put our attention and bring the Creator into each and every action?

R. But this is what we are learning all the time so this question has no answer. We need all the time to learn from what is happening and make the effort to be drawn to the increase in connection.

Reading (01:07:07) “Where they should have reason….”

23. R. (01:07:45) Yes, we see how much from all of the efforts that are done, let’s say the Russians, 100 nations but that is how we call them, that they make the effort to seemingly build, each time, a new state in the country. The result for them is that they reach even bigger and bigger breaking, shattering and there is no end to this, to such an extent that they are constantly losing they want to do it by this, that they are raising the quality of life, that they are having success in weapons and agriculture and nothing they succeed. It is a wonder.

Reader continues: (01:08:44) “Indeed this fact puzzles us….

24. S. (01:09:50) We see in history that these left-wing egoistic ideas reproduced itself very successfully in Cuba, China, there is poverty there also and besides China also a return to an open market economy. So how do you think this will develop in the future? So that Baal HaSulam also talked about it.

R. Yes yes, he was a socialist in his social approach, meaning equality for everyone, that was really his approach to the nation, to each and every nation, so what are you asking? It all depends from each and every nation in that same puzzle that we have from all the nations, the general of humanity, that each nation needs to complete the rest of the nations until they will all connect into some one system, one mechanism and so you cannot look at each one that they will be similar to one another or that that really one you can take an example for another.

No, we do not see the future form that needs to be revealed from within the connection of the nations which are also opposite to one another in their variety and all sorts of opposite forms. So the approach for the correction of each and every nation needs to be different, it is not that they are now coming out from under some stamp that everyone is getting out of the same form everyone is all coming from the four phases and the ten Sefirot the discernments in them are very very different.

S. So here the question is more about the Marxist idea that conquered many minds in the 20th century, Baal HaSulam says about this that should it continue in the future also and maybe we should add to it some Godly awareness or?

R. Baal HaSulam gave an observation and criticism on all that was written by Marx and what they thought was supposed to be the correct human form and not more. Marxs himself would hold on to a very certain perspective in this theory and of course the connection that he wanted to build, that he saw that needs to be built between human beings, it is also a connection that is not exactly what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about. It is not that it is a connection between human beings with the upper force, it is simply, they will say communes and groups and mutual engagements in business; it is not really what the wisdom of Kabbalah is saying needs to be done. Of course not. The nearing needs to be from the inside but from the outside each one needs to be to work within their will to receive. We will talk more about this.

25. S. (01:14:42) You said that the nation of Israel….

R. This was thousands of years ago and for a very short period of time.

S. Can we take an example from that time that they were behaving correctly?

R. No, nothing first of all because it is related to this special, specific nation which was a connection of many nations that connected for a certain period of time and under the great suffering that they went through throughout history 2000 years ago, how is that going to help you now and it was also under the pressure of foreign forces like in the days of the Maccabees. We cannot imagine the conditions under which they kept the connection, we cannot. Very hard.

26. S. (01:15:58) What year is Baal HaSulam writing about, that he didn't have what to eat? I lived here in the Soviet Union, when was that?

R. I think that he is writing about it. Look, this was a state of affairs at the end of the nineteenth century and also during the first World War and the hunger by which by the way the Socialist themselves brought about hunger in order to force everyone to go into connection due to the hunger. We will not get on into all these things but we will actually understand these things the more we advance instead of delving into how things were, because in relation to how things were, everyone has their own opinion and history of their own.

27. S. (01:17:18) I wanted to ask, we have been studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years and I cannot understand what it means for the sake of the Creator, how can the whole nation understand it?

R. That everyone cares for the well-being of others and from that a person starts understanding what it means to care for the Creator, otherwise we cannot attain care for the Creator. Because the Creator, all-in-all, is the result of our connection.

28. S. (01:18:03) Baal HaSulam is taking Russia for an example but are the rest of the countries, they also said like China with Communism there without the Creator, why are they so developed now?

R. In other countries there were not the same conditions as in Russia and that is why Baal HaSulam sets it as an example.

29. S. (01:18:38) How to not make the same mistake like Russia?

R. We could not make the same mistake because it was already registered or was written in the general plan of the world and we are already advancing, moving forward.

30. S. (01:18:57) Why is connection for the sake of humanity worse than a complete lack of connection like in capitalist states?

R. Because it was closer to the Creator and therefore the corrupted connection is more felt as corrected.

31. S. (01:19:28) Where does man’s choice start? From thoughts or deeds? Can we feel the freedom of choice where it begins in our feelings?

R. These are two completely unconnected questions, where does the control of the Creator over man start and where do we start feeling them.

S. The question was where does our freedom of choice start when we are under the control of the Creator?

R. Man’s choice in the Creator's rule over him begins when a person is connected to the ten otherwise he has no connection to the Creator.

32. S. (01:20:24) How will we promise the right spiritual connection in the ten of Bnei Baruch and also in all of humanity?

R. Again.

S. How will we promise the right spiritual connection that it will not be like in Russia in the tens of Bnei Baruch and all of humanity?

R. Only by wanting to come closer to the Creator in our connection. That our connection will be constantly accompanied by a prayer to the Creator.

33. S. (01:21:07) If we learn from the mistakes thatBaal HaSulam is mentioning, can we build a new system in our country that is aimed towards the Creator, can our experience make change sin our society?

R. Undoubtedly, actually we open the way for Humanity especially for women too, to be connected to the connection and mainly the majority of the world are women and we are to discover how much a connection between women determines everything, this is the main force in the world in nature.

34. S. (01:22:07) Is the only form of unity between people around the Creator?

R. You can say that.

35. S. (01:22:) Is the more a man or society is closer to the Creator trying to work toward bestowal is the reward and punishment given also towards a society?

R. Yes.

36. S. (01:22:39) Why does the Creator want us to manage the world instead of him?

R. This means that we have to return to the Creator that we will come to perceive him, to false forces and everything, this means we reach his degree and that we become integrated and all of the forces of nature.

37. S. (01:23:19) What is the freedom of the desire of the individual throughout evolution and throughout history?

R. The freedom of desire is revealed where we want to become like the Creator, similar to the Creator.

38. S. (01:23:38) What will happen with a capitalistic state that leaves the citizens struggling behind in health education and all kinds of things?

R. There will be a correction for. It will come.