Daily LessonJul 18, 2022(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction"

Lesson on the topic of "The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction"

Jul 18, 2022

Morning Lesson July 18, 2022 Transcription

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The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #5

1. Rav’s Introduction: We need to pay attention that the Creator doesn't make creation, does not start creation from a bad state, it is the opposite even though the creation means outside of the degree. However he begins with something that is whole, the whole of creation seemingly exist end of the perfect final state. However it is not revealed words, the created beings that are in it. Later on from the wholeness He goes towards what is incomplete outside of the wholeness. Then we begin to feel or at least to learn how the created beings begin to be established, how they become shaped, formed. There is a place for them, there are qualities for them and in this way there is a place for the creative being such that from that place, from that state they can already see themselves, feel and identify and in this way grow gradually from incomplete to complete. This is how all of our work is also to gradually, meaning through the degrees, through stages, to get to know the incomplete states and opposite them the complete states. Incomplete and opposite that complete.This is how we advance and grow.


Therefore, even with respect to the Creator these states do not appear as incomplete because He holds both the beginning and the end. He has nothing in which He sees that is flawed or bad, incomplete. However it is only with respect to us. When we are incorporated in the state, when we exist in these states, we accept the state as it is. We are not able to tie it with the purpose of creation, the final state and how much these incomplete states are eventually necessary. They have to exist in order to bring us to feeling, the understanding, the revelation of the complete r final state. Therefore, we should always judge the states that we are going through both from the beginning of creation and the end of correction and to how it was necessary for the creator to turn us and bring us to these particular unique states that are defined as incomplete on our path.

Until we go through these incomplete states of shattering, distancing, problems,robbing murdering, everything possible until we will go through them. They are all opposite in certain from the complete state. Only specifically through these incomplete states, these terrible states we reach the complete state, the one state that includes everyone that it absorbs and swallows everything, all of the negative states inverting them to good.

Therefore with respect to the Creator what we are going through these states of the revelation of the bad and correcting it into good. "As it says to refrain from evil and do good'. All of these states are not bad states but rather He knows as it is written 'the end result is in the initial thought' ' He created them he shaped them. H immerseus us in them and we need with all of our corrupted desires and thoughts which we received, to try to come out of them by turning to the Creator. This is a way in time to spend our efforts and the time to try to do anything else because There is None Else Besides Him, only the Creator can correct what he prepared for us as corrupted. Then instead of all the bad that he gives us, that he dips us in it that bad,we get the good which he also prepared for us.

All in all all the bad states and all the good states come. This is our special work that we want to do the Creat to. What is upon us is only to ask to come out of the bad and enter the good. and here is our special work that he wants to do it not in order for that first state to appear to us as bad and the second state to appear to us as good. By that we want to make the Creator happy. We want to make him content and proud. This is the most primary poin, if it is emphasized then from all of these points we eventually build our trail from here to the end of correction.

2. S. (7:33) When these states come it is in some manner tied to the records Reshimot. How can we manage them correctly and write them.

R. Over every state which is incomplete we have to add our exertion, our efforts in connecting between us and to ask the Creator, to ask the creator for forces to invert this state from bad to good.  All in all this is what we have to do. Besides that there is nothing in creation that depends on us and that we have to perform but rather in each and every state we have to see how much we connect and ask of the creator towards connection and that he will appear between us. The appearance of the creator in the connection between us, this is already a state of correction which we should aspire to.

S. How can we discern that it is talking about records I don't understand?

R. Kabbalists tell us that these are the records from the shattering and that we go each time from a bad state to a good state and then again to a bad state and a good state by this week correct the record from the shattering which we feel as states of separation, distancing, lack of strength lack of understanding, and the correction is that we connect, In our connection we ask for the reforming light. Why in our connection? Because we were once connected in a single desire through the sin of the tree of knowledge that occurred before our creation. This desire that the Creator created was smashed into many pieces and we are parts of that desire, that desire that was there the one desire the Creator created is called Adam HaRishon.

But it was divided, it was shattered into many parts so each one of us carries inside of himself, he carries a part of Adam HaRishon which is called an individual soul and a lack. We have to ask the Creator that he will connect these deficiencies once again into a single deficiency. To connect means that he will correct each one of these deficiencies so that they will be willing, ready to connect. Meaning that they will have instead of the desire to disconnect as it was done as a result of the shattering of Adam HaRishon that they will have a desire to bestow to each other, to connect with each other. This will be above the world to receive that was formed in a man during the shattering. This is considered that they acquire the power of faith above reason, the force of connection upon the force of disconnection and distancing and then when we ask for that we get that force. This is how we come back to the corrected state. However with the entire corruption that was revealed between us for the time being and therefore when we come back to that same erected state it is not the way it was before the shattering of Adam HaRishon but rather it is done, as it is written, 620 times greater.

This connection is connection about the disconnection the will to bestow the desire to connect bold inside of it holds inside of it all of these forces of separation such that the good inclination clothes within it the evil inclination and holds it and therefore we now feel iin this whole state both the bad and the good. This is considered the angel of death becoming a holy angel, the complete angel. Then with all these desires the good inclination and the bad inclination we discover our complete adhesion with the Creator. This is actually the purpose of creation. We discover Him, all of Him and that state exists above time and motion, movement above everything is on the degree of the Creator because by us having made efforts scrutinies. request prayers. the adhesion between us we discover truly that nature of creation. This is how we reach that state, the good states.

3. S. (13:40) We start from the sensation of the part that is not whole and then we turn to the Creator, does the plea to the Creator need to go through the description by the depiction of the whole state? That it is incorporated in it?

R. Incorporating with a Creator include several manners. First of all, out of us discovering how egoistic we are, how much we are incapable of doing anything, so that it turns out that from all of these scrutinies first of all, we reach a state where from all of the spectrum of possibilities we can only operate in one direction, a request to ask and specifically together from the Creator that he will correct us help us promote us so that is the first stage. That is called the recognition of evil that we on our own are not capable of doing anything and along with that we have the Creator the upper force and we can turn to Him on the condition that we will come closer to Him and ask.

This is possible only if we are connected somehow so then already the appeal to the Creator includes within it a request for connection between us a request for our prayer that we will learn how to turn to him and ask just like you see this with little children that with each and everything they need to be taught. They don't know anything because they are born like puppies, like little animals and we need to teach them in all the different manners and all the different manners of connection that pertain to the human level. We ask or we teach them how to ask for each and everything. This is how we should also learn how we need to behave to the degree of Adam, similar to the Creator just like we teach our children to be similar to us, to the human beings in this world. This is how it is.

S. This study so we are learning how to ask how to turn to the Creator and how to form a connection with the Creator .

R. Yes.

S. The Creator, the upper one is depicted through the connection of our connected state the description of the whole state?

R. I didn't understand.

S. They described to us that we will always in-motion between states that are whole and not whole and only from the not whole state can we attain the whole state.

R. Yes.

S. Can we tie between the appeal to the Creator, in this work to depict the whole state for ourselves?

R. Yes. We need to learn from the group, what connection means and from the books what is required of us, what does it mean to correct our systems and to depict ourselves,what it means that we will be corrected, our behavior, our thoughts, our desires.

Also, to see how we are and in particular between us not each and every one of us by the way we do not correct any of our personal internal qualities but rather to the extent that we want to connect between us then our inner qualities will be corrected for that purpose and they will change only for that purpose. Otherwise, they will not change. We can see that with people we can also see on our own in ourselves. Time goes by and we see that I was thinking that I already changed and I will change but nothing happened. Why is that? Because all of the things change only in our relation to building the correct system within us.

S. This work focuses on building the connected system between us, the system of connection between us. to establish it in our sensation and this work in the appeal to the Creator can you help us tie between them?

R. Of course it is related. As my as much as I asked a correct myself to connect with the friends and from that I also intend for my connection with the Creato, according to that I raised this correct request already this is called 'from the love of people it's the love of the Creator' and then I received the forces, assisting forces.

S. There is no appeal to the Creator that does not pass through the depiction of the whole state?

R. What we asked for? How can you ask if you do not depict a state that you want to reach, what the vessel which was entirely corrected in adhesion with him and he broke it gave it to us to get to know the shattering and to ask for correction.

S. The recognition of the shattering and request for correction ,we all feel and are together in the ten and this delta, the difference between the records of the shattering and the sensation of the correction, this delta builds it more and more and this is what builds us what we acquire?

R. This is the distance between what is existing and what is desirable, the difference between the degrees. Each time I discover the next broken degree and I check it, I become incorporated in it. I feel it truly accepts that this is me, then I start correcting. To correct is in the connection with the ten and in turning to the Creator this is how the degree becomes corrected.

S. All our reward is between these two, the revelation of the craters between the separation and the connection?

R. Yes this is the delta that you asked about because you have darkness and you have light, you have the creative being and then you have the Creator so then everything becomes clear you have all of the opposite states and in the contrast between them we feel ourselves. We feel the creation in absolute darkness you cannot feel anything but also in the lights you cannot feel everything but only in the difference between this and that. This is why we do not destroy anything and all of the states, the worst states become good states because they function as the foundation for the ascent. Therefore we feel this gap more and more between the will to receive that the Creator created and that degree that we attain in the connection between us and with him. Okay?

4. S. (22:14) What is that same point in which we are giving contentment to the Creator? In what vessel does He receive it?

R. Who is He?

S. The Creator.

R. The Creator in what vessel? I don't know what vessel He receives it from. That is a question that has no place, no room. That's it ,we need to do what we talked about.

5. S. (22:48) The explanation is very much understood and very much felt. I want to ask about the passage between the state that is not whole, to the one who has no whole, that I feel it in myself but each time this passage is like you are encountering a wall that you do not not know how to go through. Each time it is, it is like a miracle it is revealed upon this wholeness not upon the whole state? It is understood that there may be this disconnection, this darkness that this is what builds the lack of a person. the prayer Can it be not like a wall each time that it doesn't have to appear like some miracle we've succeeded in climbing on top of it? Maybe a bit more balanced?

R. If you connect then the wall just disappears, it simply evaporates and disappears. All of these stages of the wall simply go away, concrete which is boundless,there is no end to its width or height. Suddenly you see that it disappears like it's in a fog and it is  gone and everything is wide open before you are revealed, clear and understood. It all depends only on the connection.

S. This I understand.

R. The wall that you see is your internal wall, it is your lack of connection with the friends. This is what you see before you. This is also what we learn in the perception of reality and add as it says in the book the Preface to the Book of Zohar.

S. What does he mean this is not the whole state that this wall will disappear quickly we will jump over it what needs to be by me because I don't disconnect from the friends currently?

R. Connect with friends and ask and cry out to the Creator that He will help you to be connected with a friend's because by that you cancel the wall.

6. S.(25:18) Can we say that the friends, the Creator, the path some things are felt as eternal light and sometimes are felt as darkness?

R. Yes, this is how it is felt, yes. Later on we will feel that this is in the concealment and revelation of the Creator, yes this is how it is going to be.

Excerpt 5 : (26:00) RABASH, Article No. 179, "Ibur [Conception] – 1" 

7. R. (28:19) It will cloth in the direct light.

8. S. (28:32 ) What does it mean to raise this part in order to receive it on the intention to bestow?

R. That we will get a certain force from the Creator that will enable us to be in an act of bestowal towards the friends and from them together towards the Creator. That spark is a spark of reflected light, meaning it is the beginning of the reflected light even though it is not reflected light because it does not come from our side but it is what is left for us from that light that was there even before the shattering of Adam HaRishon and a spark remained. Meaning in order to ignite within us the light of bestowal, the spark remains and through it by our own effort, we can as if from a spark, from a coal you can unite a fire.

That is our work. Therefore we have to keep these small desires that we have here and there towards the purpose of creation towards the Creator towards something even if they are clothed in the will to receive and to try to see to look for a means for how we can ignite it more just like let's say some wave some are on the poles so they will light up we need to add spirit, wind and then this tiny spark will light up and grow.

S. We really breathe on the spark, how to be corrected and raise it upward?

R. That is what he writes here, it is not what we want but we realize that our correction is through connection and then we ask the creator that he will take us through this correction even though we do not want it. Of course none of us needs to bestow to others and connect with others, adhering to others this is truly not in our qualities, there is nothing to hide about it. On the other hand, we do realize that as the Kabbalists and this is why they exist in our world and that this is what we have to do.

Then by that ,we seemingly educate ourselves. In our world we educate babies, children until they grow up just like our parents did the same for us. In spirituality we have together to make it so that the group will take care of each one of us, as a parent like a mom and dad and we will change by that, meaning to the extent that we are incorporated in the group we believe that in the group there is the upper force the Creator and that he awakens these two forces, Abba and Ima, father and mother or Hochma and BIna, later on we will get to know that  and they take care of us, they raise us and this is how we develop.

S. In what manner are all of these sparks formed in the ten?

R. Through the influence of the Creator and the influence of the upper light. When we ask, when we want to be connected between us in order to bestow from within us to the Creator so that our whole request is already scrutinized between us. This is how we need to think and this is what we have to ask for and according to that we need to advance. We will connect between us through the upper force by connecting a new desire, a new feeling, a new connection, a new force ,and out of that we will reach mutual bestowal between us, from the mutual bestowal between us once we connect we will be able to bestow to the Creator.

This is called the 'love of people to the love of the Creator' and this is how we will do it. The great difficulty is on that first degree, in seeing how this is done. Afterwards there is not as wise as the experienced one when we already know that specifically in that form we have to advance. Of course, according to that we will also have greater obstacles according to how much we understand and feel already but we will overcome.

9. S. (34:26) Why is this term connection so hard to grasp?

R. Because it did disappear, it did disappear, it doesn't exist.

S. Each time you try to reach a connection and it's not it.

R. It becomes even more concealed because we understand connection only with respect to what is good for us, this is anti connection and egoistic connection. Connection is something we completely do not understand. How is it possible to connect? How can you connect those that are opposite to each other? Rather when the upper light, the reforming a light influences them, the upper light, actually the Creator and he is capable of tying together these two opposite things. Just like in an atom. In matter, in an atom how do we understand that these things can be together? Nevertheless,they hold each other the plus in the minus, even though they are in a contradiction and they resolve and build a certain special structure. In this special structure where they are opposite but they are also connected, by this they build matter, they build the qualities that are higher than them.

What is the plus and minus there, there is nothing in them besides the contradiction to each other. According to the degree of the contradiction we measure them according to how much you have this and how much you have that and what's there, according to what is the degree of the opposition. This is the difference between all the different materials and when they are capable of being next to each other, they are capable of building between them a system of connection then it already becomes matter is no longer just an atom and an atom is also not so simple but nevertheless it then becomes matter and from this they meet and becomes matter and while these matters it is very complicated.

S. A bit more please. How will we feel that we are connected?

R. When you have between you ,when the purpose of creation will be felt as the common purpose and you are afraid of losing it because otherwise you lose your spiritual life. This is why you all hold on to each other in order to hold on to that goal because one depends on the other. This is something we need to feel but this is what we have to reach.

10. S. (38:30) Is a part of our shattering the fact that we cannot see the final complete state?

R. At first that too, but at the end of correction we can depict our state to ourselves somehow I make an effort to advance towards it.

S. Through the states that we get from our states that we get the impressions that we get from each other in our efforts to connect the Creator shows us each time where we need to have a more complete picture like a puzzle and another part in another part with her efforts?

R. Correct, let other people ask okay?

11. S. (39:21) We heard that we understand that connection is something that is good for us but we have something that is against connection so the true connection is against friends?

R. No, you're confused. We need to see the north, the north star that we are all connected with the Creator together. Israel, the light and the Creator are one and then towards this to do all the actions otherwise your steps will not be in the same direction. In every place I need to go according to this.

12. S. (40:12) Can we say that the reflected light is bestowal to the friends?

R. I do not want to get confused with this reflected light. Let us talk about our sensations and then when we reach the lights it'll be clear to us what light is. Clear? It is not correct that the reflected light is bestowal to the friends.

S. What the article says is that the reflected light fills the vessels to the extent that it will close the lights. What does that mean then?

R. You are right but if you continue this way you will surely get confused.

13. S. (41:25) It says that we have to raise it, meaning to receive it in order to bestow. Which is called raising a screen and coarseness are made. Can you explain? I mean usually when we talk about screen or coarseness we say that the coarseness is the will to receive and on top of that we build a screen here the screen and the coarseness are built together. Can you explain that?

R. No, I understand where it is not clear. We are going to learn it already in the wisdom of Kabbalah itself. We need to request the force of overcoming the screen because there are many interpretations requested in simple words as you understand and feel and not in the words of the wisdom of Kabbalah that every word you can understand a thousand different ways.

14. S. (42: 39) I was always interested thatI have friends opposite me and everything I see before me is that a light or a vessel?

R. What I see is not light or a vessel. What I see is not the real world.

15. S. (43:07) What is the direct light in the ten?

R. It will have a vessel that will connect together above our desires and from our desires that are connected we will be able to make a vessel, meaning a will to receive that will,  a restriction, a screen and reflected light and will aim it directly at the Creator they'll be able to receive it on the intention to bestow. What will be felt in this vessel will be internal light and what comes out of this vessel towards the Creator will be reflected light. There we will already learn all the details that we have in the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about the created beings that are already in the smallest measure of a bestowal but the measure of a bestowal between them and the Creator,from the love of the  created beings to the love of the Creator. We need to realize this between us. That's what needs to happen, it will happen between us. Okay?

16. S. (44:49) There's some problem here, I do not understand it, before you talked about a spark which is from the records of reflected light so how can records come from reflected light should they come from above down?

R. Records come from all of the states and also from the reflected lights, that was the Reshimot records. Do you know how many types of records there are? From each and every action in action, from every discernment that was and changes there remains a Reshimot a record.

S. It says that it remained and stayed in order to sustain the vessels so they are able to rise for the revival of the dead. What is the concept of the revival of the dead?

R. The vessel does not have a screen and thus it is called dead and the will to receive without a screen Masach is called dead, without his appeal, his plea, his prayer, that the others help him with this he established the screen with the vessel, that he raises the intention to receive to the intention to bestow.

S. Are we actually able to bring about the revival of the dead?

R. Yes, we are capable if we listen that’s it

Excerpt 6 (46:29) Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article No. 81, "Concerning Raising MAN"

17. R. (47:00) Meaning we had vessels, our souls actually, yes those are vessels. In the degree of the world of Atzilut by the shattering that the Creator caused then they fell shattered all these vessels and the lights that were in them turned into small lights, sparks, the vessels, fell from the world of Atzilut below the Parsa, to the worlds of BYA and there below the Parsa there is no light rather just a little bit of small light in order to give them life. We need what or who are in these vessels, that’s us. We need to raise ourselves to Atzilut by doing Mitzvot and good deeds which are called efforts for connection,in order to give contentment between us and to the Creator.

Ultimately, the goal is on the intention to bestow to the Creator to bestow contentment to the Creator and not to ourselves.We can give contentment in this that we are corrected we’re in this process that we correct enough to give contentment to the Creator, By this that we make efforts we raise these sparks from the shattering that are in us to the world of Atzilut. There they are corrected and we rise after them. When we reach the world of Atzilut there we go through correction to be below the Parsa in the worlds of BYA is to be in a state that we cannot correct ourselves, rather just to request to rise, a connection can be only above the Parsa.

S. Our efforts towards connection, they give contentment to the upper one? In this that we are connected to are in this process to be corrected to give contentment to the Creator so by this we make efforts.

R. So by this we make efforts we raise a spark from the shattering better from us to the world of Atzilut and there they are corrected and we rise up to them. And when we reach the world of Atzilut there we go through correction to be below the Parsa in the world BYA is to be in a state or we correct our cells or rather just to correct connect to rise a connection can only

be above the Parsa.

18. S. (49:25) Our efforts towards connection, they already give contentment to the upper one?

R. Yes of course even though we don't succeed in the meantime nonetheless. it’s already causing contentment to Him.

19. S. (49:52) How does one become aware of the changes that he has gone through in this study? What should be the internal attitude towards the picture and conditions shown to the person?

R. Gradually by the study from lesson to lesson we nonetheless connect and get formed into a system that gets closer to the Creator, not according to our qualities rather according to our suitability for correction and this is actually the content of each and every lesson we don’t come in order to learn we come in order to connect in order to reveal the Creator which is already dwelling in us.

20. S. (51:06) How do I build this intention to give pleasure to the Creator and by this we raise the spark to Atzilut?

R. We don’t need more if you intend that you want to connect in order to bestow contentment to the Creator then you already have a correct intention and a correct action all is clarified in thought as it is written it will all be clarified.

S. This is what it sounds like, it sounds clear seemingly but connection in order to give contentment to the Creator but we have complete worlds there.

R. The worlds are just states degrees just like in our world it’s a certain state that appears in us towards the general system that’s it, it’s not what appears to us like galaxies and stars and then some corporeal infinity it will already be scrutinized later how it’s all incorporated in a higher state and disappears has no meaning ultimately, all is done all appears within our qualities how much our qualities will rise from degree to degree you will see how much they are like folding folding folding all of these states into one higher state that includes them and then we don’t feel ourselves that exist in this universe or something. All will work out soon.

21. S. (53:36) These sparks that he writes about is that the will to receive?

R. The sparks are from the reflected light.

Excerpt 7 (53:53) 7. Baal HaSulam, Letter No. 19  (Twice)

22. S. (55:04) Yes it is a general question really. Can I give contentment to the Creator and to the friends, a friend from the ten is asking that, even without feeling Him as good and doing good.

R. Yes like a baby that doesn't know by what means he gives contentment to mother and father rather by this he exists to come to a lesson and exist in a state that we still want to grow although we don't know how and by what nonetheless we in this are already giving contentment to the Creator yes. No more, read again.

Excerpt 7 (55:58) 7. Baal HaSulam, Letter No. 19   (again)

23. R. (56:33) Yes this is our path from below upward that we are corrected it in each and every state our attitude between us and between us to the Creator from love of the created beings to love the Creator such we will rise and seemingly we turn all those broken vessels into sanctity to the Creator to the upper light to bestowal the whole bestowal.

24. S. (57:03) When does the Kabbalist discover all the letters?

R. This we are already doing in the state of the world of Atzilut that all that arises from the worlds of BYA to the world of Atzilut already turns into the light and all of the vessels are filled with the upper light, that’s called revelation of the Otiot ( letters)

25. S. (57:42) What does it mean,what he writes here, the work of gathering, collecting, what is this work of gathering that we could do in the ten in the current state?

R. To collect the letters?

S. He talks about collecting the letters.

R. That we take all the details within us from the shattering we make an effort to connect them how between us we can connect them how by this we learn to understand where each part each detail is and such ultimately we gather them into one system that in some total we don't reach anything besides YHVH besides YHVH and so we don’t have so much of a problem well we say we reach something that’s more and more and more whole, we are gathering all the parts of creation.

26. S. (59:50) When the ten goes from the broken state to a complete state when and how does it collect all of the souls to itself?

R. On the way on the way from this broken world that we start our work we enter the worlds of ABYA not from above below rather from below upward Assiya Yetzera Beria Atzilut raising ourselves meaning that we raise MAN and in this extent we rise in the degrees of the worlds.

27. R. (01:00:27) Meaning we need to understand that we are not just in some space rather we are in a system of forces of separation against the correction against the Creator that all our nature and all that is around us it’s all opposed to the correct attitude to between us and from between us to the Creator that all of those same steps that we need to reach from our state to a state of connection between us and from a state of connection between us to a connection with a Creator and sum total these are two steps we have to take yes from a state that we reveal ourselves as shattered all of these things rise us in hardship in darkness and great exertion He's always working all the vessels of separation and the opposition is greater and greater increasing and all who is greater than his friend his inclination is greater and such we rise.

Reading (01:01:48) “This vessel called receiving in order to bestow…”

28. S. (01:05:21) Is the breaking the breaking of the intention?

R. Yes of course I don't need to correct anything except the intention.

S. So the act of connection is the building of the intention?

R. Yes, all in the intention.

29. S. (01:05:52) When a Kabbalist attains the root of his soul, it is written in the text when he collects all the sparks that were broken, does that mean that the work of the Kabbalist is not complete, is not done when he reaches the root of his soul?

R. Unless he finishes everything and we do not awaken in him anymore deficiencies and do not awaken in him anymore deficiencies.

30. S. (01:06:37) From an ordinary perspective like in our word world it usually appears as though with the good seeds or the bad deeds, for this you'll get some punishment, for this you will get some reward, but in our work from the acts we read, the impression is that a good deed or bad deed, this is already a punishment or a reward.

R. Correct if it reaches me some thought of bestow of connection that is already payment. Yes.

S. This means that it always seems to you like I guess it is the ego which is working in this way, it seems to you that there has to be something else, something beyond and I should focus on what I'm doing right now if I am receiving in order to bestow.

R. Yes yes you did not need anything else if you are corrected the thought to do good for others is already payment. It is already everything.

31. S. (01:08:06) Why do we need to be favored by the Creator if we get everything from him if we get everything from him? Why do we have to fight the Creator?

R. We don’t fight with the Creator, we fight with that same will to receive of ours that came to be during the shattering of the vessels.

S. But what does it mean that we fight this desire the Creator created it so?

R. Of course of course but in order to make of us independent and similar to him, that we are truly will be able to be at his degree, then we need to thus build ourselves to build we cannot, but to request we can, meaning to recognize the evil in us and to request that he will correct.

S. And that request that he writes here is that by this war we discover all the deficiencies, the lacks?

R. Yes we reveal all of the deficiencies and see how the Creator corrects us and the extent that we recognize these vessels we do not need to do anything except we recognize the evil and the correction of the evil does not belong to us at all, the Creator broke and the Creator will correct just that we will be in the middle and request.

S. How do we get to know the evil?

R. It’s that we cannot connect, it’s that we cannot bestow from us to him, that is all the evil.

S. But what work has to come first before we get to know the evil, so that we make these efforts?

R. We make efforts in order to connect between us in the group. The group.

S. And we cannot seemingly somehow shorten, I mean in the beginning of the lesson you said by turning to the Creator he seemingly, let’s not waste any time, turning to the Creator is the correction?

R. The actual plea to the Creator is already correction but make a correct plea, you do not need anything else. In order to turn to him correctly we need the connection between us and how do we turn to him to learn these things.

S. So there has to be an attempt and based on that there is an appeal you can't just turn to him immediately?

R. You cannot just like a baby, you can't demand of him something.

32. S. (01:11:17) If I'm not mistaken but if Malchut of Ein Sof was filled with the light of Ein Sof, how come another desire awakens in her, how come she says she wants to bestow, how come a deficiency awakens in her?

R. Because this is what she lacks, the Malchut and all the light of Ein Sof, sees herself, reveals herself opposite the Creator, thus she made a restriction on herself and begins the stages of correction.

33. S. (01:11:51) We learned that we begin from the lighter to the heavier, so we discover more and more disconnection, are there any aspects of our work that make the other work easier?

R. The first step is the most difficult, the hardest is now, that we are entering spirituality. To enter, meaning to begin to change our nature, to begin to recognize in the smallest extent, what is happening here, and what I need to change, what needs to happen. How do I look at the world in a different manner? This is the most difficult form, the hardest degree, the hardest step. Thus we need very much effort and we waste a lot of forces in this that we seemingly are firing in all directions, but we need to focus ourselves precisely to one goal and all of us together and then we quickly, and easily pass through.

34. S. (01:13:15) How does one know that the time of correction has come for receiving in order to bestow?

R. According to his desire and how much he succeeds to realize the desire correctly.

35. S. (01:13:49) What is the difference between the state of peace or the state of holiness?

R. State of peace and a state of Kedusha sanctity are the same thing.

36. S. (01:14:06) What is that control of the peace?

R. Method or control?

S. Control.

R. Control of the peace means that I am in the light of Hassadim.

37. S. (01:14:20) It says in excerpt 7 that all the letters were disconnected to corporeal conducts, what does that mean?

R. That according to the forces that exist on the spiritual degree accordingly, it was copied onto a lower degree of matter which is in order to receive and we are in the order to receive and then according to, it’s in accordance to the same system of connections as in the upper world, meaning the relations between us are corporeal but the connection between us is according to the spiritual system.

38. S. (01:15:07) Could we learn to forgive, learn to be happy from bad states?

R. To rejoice bad states, sure it all depends on how purposeful they are, how goal-oriented the states themselves are.

S. So how do we reach that right prayer during the bad states to be happy from them?

R. I'm happy that now I have the ability to turn to the Creator and I understand that even the bad state that I'm in, that it really elevates me to the state of good, that the bad means in order to receive and the good is in order to bestow.

39. S. (01:15:59) Is the feeling of the gap between connection and disconnection felt in every ten or is it personal?

R. It's personal.

40. S. (01:16:15) Is connection, does it take place in a certain moment of mutual awareness, that we are not those performing the actions, but the Creator?

R. I don't understand again.

S. Is connection when I understand that I'm not the one who is doing?

R. Of course, man isn't the one who makes the connection he asks for it and then, what he discovers is how it falls all into place, works out, who does it, he reveals different details here.

41. S. (01:16:56) What should we do if I'm the only one who sees the wall in the connection between us?

R. I don't know, I'm not waiting for it, I pray for everyone.

42. S. (01:17:08) In what vessel do the records of the reflected light appear first?

R. In what Kli?

S. They're asking about excerpt 5.

R. It's about Adam HaRishon. That it is left from the Ohr Hozer, from the reflected light, and what Kli does it come out in? In whoever felt it for the first time after the shattering, I think that you can call it Adam in this world, man in this world too, that 6000 years ago, it was revealed in a certain person this Reshimot, and from him we began, it's also like the …, they children, etcetera, etcetera, until ancient Babylon and there with Abraham, and so on like we learned from history.

43. S. (01:18:35) Every time we ask the Creator to correct us, he reveals another layer of bad and it becomes tiring and scary to ask again because he's really fixing but he's sending more corruptions, what will be the end?

R. The end is that you'll start connecting and this way you'll invert the bad into good and you feel that this is what it becomes revealed for, the bad is revealed in order for you to invert into good through your connection.

44. S. (01:19:10) There's a feeling that the shattering is a brilliant invention by the Creator, a gift that lets us become similar to him, so how do we accept this gift in a good way and bless the Creator for it?

R. To be in joy in times of descent like you are in the times of the ascent because it all depends on our connection to the goal and in relation to attaining the goal then the broken state is actually more worthy.

45. S. (01:19:45) I start understanding that I never felt what connection is that true?

R. True of course.

S. So where would I understand what connection is?

R. Ask the Creator to help us connect but to really ask, to try and perform different acts of connection, what we can do in our world to discover that we can't and to ask the Creator to do it, this is what we need to do, so please go ahead.

46. S. (01:20:29) It's not clear what to give contentment to the Creator as if we don't feel him or know him?

R. Just depict it to yourself as much as possible.

47. S. (01:20:50) You said a few times that the first degree is the most difficult one.

R. Because we don't understand, we don't feel, we don't understand what it's all about, it's like a birth, from the entire process that women goes through the birth itself is a very special state, that the embryo passes through.

S. And you said we're shooting in all directions and we're not aimed toward one goal because we don't know what we're going towards?

R. Yes.

S. So how not to be scattered because we're losing a lot of energy?

R. By seeing only our connection and our connection with the Creator, two degrees of connection, that's all that's ahead of us, two degrees of connection. Only that, the word connection is the key here actually.

48. S. (01:21:49) How can we live in happiness and taste the flavor of life after we see that in this world everything is broken and dead, we’re so far from the light, from the Creator?

R. This world later on will seem as the imaginary world as the Kabbalists explain to us and therefore go forward, do not stop, do not look to the sides but only forward. Connection with the friends connection with the Creator that is it. This will help you to very quickly attain the goal and then the more that you attain it, gradually you will be able to see the truth and not get confused.

Reading Excerpt #10: (01:23:02) “The Essence of Man is the heart, the heart is the Kli ...” Twice

48. S. (01:26:46) Whole heart is the heart of the ten?

R. Actually yes that at least that will be in a person that a person has already arranged himself in the direction of connecting with the group and the Creator that he wants this correct direction and accordingly constantly aspires to advance.

S. What does it mean that the whole heart will get holiness?

R. That it already starts getting corrections and fulfillments………is the upper light the qualities of bestowal .

S. So it turns out that we connect into one heart in the ten and then what happens? How will the holiness fill our desire?

R. You start feeling that you're connected and that you want to mutually bestow to each other in your common will to receive which is called your common heart and from it to bestow to the Creator until you have a common heart you can't be close to the Creator you can't have the intention for the Creator toward the Creator.

49. S. (01:28:14) It is written in this excerpt that everything the will to receive receives goes to the Klipot and that is the breaking of the heart, what does the will to receive receive? Holiness or corporeality?

R. The will to receive receives nothing but the desire in and of itself if it's aimed in order to receive this causes its shattering the desire to receive receives nothing but it only breaks more and more.

50. S. (01:29:03) Everything that goes to the Klipot to the shell so it accumulates supposedly like we learned whatever goes into the sea of the other side remains in somewhat uncorrected and then comes the moment that a true prayer rises and then the correction comes?

R. No, after there's the matter of connection of all the different desires and states and requests and prayers all that together reaches a certain critical mass and then the Creator hears the prayer.

S. And this critical mass that it accumulates, there are states that we don't know what to do, so it gathers in the Klipot and then thanks to that there's a pressure that a person feels worse and worse?

R. Yes the main thing is to perform as many actions that’s possible that awaken in these opportunities at every given moment and forward.

S. I wanted to ask about the previous part that we have to gather all these desires so we say that in every state no matter what I should try to check it to test it that it comes from the good Creator so from that point I look at every state?

R. True then you don't get confused.

51. S. (01:31:11) What he says that he doesn't want luxuries that means that he doesn't want any knowledge but only what he can use to help the friends in the studies?

R. He's asking only for connection because there was the shattering and now it's the opposite of the shattering so what he needs to ask for is only connection, connection between the friends meaning for the desires to connect and then from the connection that they get the understanding of what does together mean they connect with the Creator that's it, connection is actually our intention our goal our correction everything there is.

52. S. (01:32:13) He's speaking about a corporeal heart, what's this heart he's speaking about?

R. Desire.

S. The desire. So when a person dies this desire stays with him?

R. I don't know what you mean by a person dies.

S. He's gone from this world, what does it mean that he rises to the spiritual world he leaves his body below and he rises above? What does that mean?

R. Yes The body remains below because it’s a beast and his soul starts ascending through the degrees of the spiritual worlds.

S. So the soul itself that’s a heart too?

R. Yes.

Reading excerpt #11: (01:33:05) “Our sages said that dispersion is good for the wicked ...”

53. R. (01:35:07) Well it's a different style than what you're used to it's not Baal HaSulam or Rabash it's a book by another Kabbalist called “The Book of the Work…..... Israel” so I don't think that we have any questions here and let's move on to the next part of the lesson.