Daily LessonMar 27, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Mar 27, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson March 28, 2023

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Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. (Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt. #121)

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1. Rav’s Introduction: (00:15) We are studying more and more deeply what it means to be inside our ego and exile as we call it from the Creator from the desire to bestow from love of others and how to advance towards this more and more. Hence, all of our work is from exile to redemption, exile when we feel we are outside of love of friends, outside of love of others, outside of love of the Creator, distant feeling, distant from one another and redemption when we feel that there is a force that is pulling us towards one another, it is pushing us towards one another and we begin to come closer to one another. Here we will feel the difference between exile and redemption where the difference between exile and redemption is in the letter Aleph, which means [Champion of the World] the revelation of the Creator inside a person. And if we try to come to some closeness between us some nearing and then separation and again closeness, then again separation and again closeness nearing and then separation and then the closeness we begin to feel these movements as they begin to work on us these states how we may influence them, how to ask the Creator to bring us closer because then we will be able to in the connection between, us in coming closer between us, we will be able to feel His presence, as we are moving apart away from one another we will feel the Creator disappearing from the heart, from our feeling from our world.

All those feelings that we feel they are approaching and then the Creator is awakening between us and all this is called redemption and the other way around. When we move away from one another this is called exile. Exile isn't a matter of geography or history, it's simply how the laws of nature are working on us. We have to be more sensitive to them and then we will see, we will see how we are making our lives from the feeling of exile, to the feeling of redemption which is happening in each and every generation, in each and every time, in every ten, among everyone, whether to the extent that we want the Creator to be revealed, we will be drawn to it. This is the attraction to redemption from exile.

Reading excerpt #121. (04:18) “When a person is in Egypt,..”twice.

2. R. (05:46) Meaning of the word Jew from the word unity it unites with the friends and the Creator because it has nothing to do with the species, with the kind of nations from it, it has to do with the fact that he has attained the connection.

Continuing Reading. (06:06)

3. S. (06:58) It is written he cannot be a Jew because he is enslaved to Pharaoh, so how is it possible to emerge from enslavement?

R. How can we come out of the exile is something that we learn that how anyone who has reached a certain level of maturity inside of his soul and his innermost desire and he feels that his life is under the control of the corporeal nature, the will to receive, that thinks only of itself and it's isolated in this tiny world and it feels himself in exile like someone who has been put in prison. Then  he needs to come to us, to hear his senses are aimed at how to come out of that state when he feels in a regular corporeal life a lack of purpose. And when he hears that he can come out of the feeling of this world and to see how high above the boundaries of this world to see the true reality, the infinite, expansive reality, where the upper forces work, feel Him to see Him with His senses then this person begins to awaken differently, he's got an inclination for it, a sense for it.

There are those that come to us, they hear about it, then they do not respond. It's a sign that they haven't matured yet that they haven't reached a state where they need to be closer to the Creator, to connect with the Creator and there are those for them by opening up a new life, a new world and they can't imagine how is it possible for them to live in such a despicable and lowly world and then they're happy with what they have got. There's the matter here of exile and redemption where anyone who wishes to unify with the Creator is called Jew, from the world unification, he would like to unify with and those who don't feel it, they still don't feel it, if not now then later. It's written, “Everyone shall know me, from the greatest to the littlest and my house will be the house of prayer for all nations.” Meaning there is not a single person who in whichever incarnation in this life, in the next, we can't feel exactly what it is but that he won't come to be adhered to the Creator, to his root, otherwise it won't be the end of correction for the world.

Hence, we need to nevertheless try to be drawn to the connection between us and the connection with the Creator, to paint a trail for all humans. “And everyone shall know me, from the greatest to the littlest and my house will be the house of prayer for all nations.” That's how it will be. We are starting to feel the Creator and the Pharaoh as two opposite forces working inside of us and we have to locate both of these forces, arrange them and each one in his own corner. And to feel who am I doing all this for in each and every moment: the Pharaoh or the Creator? And to try through the group to be adhered to the Creator. This is possible only when I'm arranging my attitude in the group as the attitude of love, connection, care, concern and in this way, through these concerns I come to caring for the friends and caring for the whole world and that's how I'm getting closer to the Creator.

4. S. (13:18) It is written that a person comes out of Egypt from self reception and then he can be a servant of the Creator. Now you are saying by caring for the friends we become servants of the Creator, so are we concerned about someone, the Creator, the friends and then we come out of Egypt? Or do we first come out and then we become servants of the Creator?

R. We try to do what's necessary even though we don't understand or feel exactly how it is done or for whom but we try to do it. Like anyone who studies they don't know their profession yet but they try, they yearn for it and later we become professional or skilled people, meaning we understand what our work is made of and we try each time to lift the level of our incorporation in the general work of all of the created beings.

S. Emerging from Egypt is it coming out into a concern for the friend?

R. It's coming out of the egoism and it can't come out of one thing if you aren't entering into something else. That is why we need to connect more between us and then we will come out faster from the egoism and enter let's say,the altruism, the connection between us.

5. S. (15:18) It is written here that they are my servants and not a servant of a slave. What does that mean?

R. Meaning they don’t bow down before different forces of nature, seemingly they only heed their origin, the root of connection and love that surrounds everything; the Creator.

S. It is written that it is impossible to serve two Kings at once. We have not come out of Pharaoh's control and we are already trying to be servants of the Creator, so how can we characterize our situation?

R. It all depends on our direction, what are we yearning for, what do we yearn for? This will define the state of a person. It doesn't matter that I'm staying with Pharaoh, reluctantly enslaved and he controls me. He's in my egoistic desires but if I wish to come out of these demands then I'm already called Israel, meaning aimed straight at the Creator I begin my exile.

S. In the meantime we are between heaven and earth?

R. That's the state we are learning about right now. This is an intermediary state in the exodus from Egypt.

6. S. (17:36) The situation where I am not on the same level as the desire of the ten, if this is so how can I come out of Pharaoh's control?

R. Only by connecting in the ten as much as I connect with them more and more and I don't think about the Creator so much and about the final point where I have to reach, it is still far from me. I need to be aimed at the means from love of the created beings to love of the Creator. So first of all love of the ten, attain the connection in the ten where we are all as “one man, in one heart.” This is what we have to come to.

S. If I have an option, a choice and I feel like I am ahead of them, should I wait for them or should I go along with them?

R. With everything you've got you need to walk with the ten together towards your general connection. That's it. You should make a calculation only according to the increasing unity. If you have a ten who's got a center and in that center there will be a connection, you are connected and this connection will sustain you and pull you more and more in this connection later you will reveal the Creator, that's the next stage. Clear?

7. S. (20:03) If a person works for the Creator but at some point he veers off the path, is he still considered a servant of the Creator?

R. Certainly, of course he falls off for a short while and then returns, then he is still considered on the path, very much so. We use the example of a wheel where one half of it is moving forward and the other half is seemingly moving backwards and that is how we advance. Is that clear?

8. S. (20:55) Can there be such a test that if I see the friends as being in Egypt but it seems that I myself may not be in Egypt, can there be such a test?

R. It doesn't matter. Even if you are as it seems to you not in Egypt, you still have to help everyone, all the friends in coming out of Egypt. Then later you will discover that you were also there.

9. S. (21:38) It seems here that to come out of Egypt the intention to come out of the exile is enough in order to achieve redemption. What more do we need besides the intention, do we also need to have Moses appear in our senses?

R. We need to be connected between us as much as possible, as much as possible and whatever will be revealed in the connection between us we will see. For now we have nowhere to go but to be connected as “one man, in one heart.” That's it, don't build any characters there like Moses, Aarron, Pharaoh etc..

S. Will these images come so we don't need to worry about that?

R. We don't, we shouldn't.

10. S. (22:55) When I ask how much I have advanced in spirituality, if I look at myself I see that same ego standing in front of me: huge. If I look at the friends, how can I measure?

R. How close are you to them, to that extent you are advancing in spirituality. That's the way to measure it.

S. Nearing them, how do we feel there?

R. You feel it in the heart, in the heart, only in the heart. What do you need to feel in the heart? You need to feel concern and care that everyone will be together and that each and every moment they will feel clearly more and more that they are connected until in this connection the Creator is being revealed.

S. How can we say that the more important these meetings become for me and I want to be present in every meeting with the friends?

R. Exactly so this is how it is determined.

11. S. (24:40) You mentioned the subject of exile and redemption. What is the symbolism and speciality of the letter Aleph that marks redemption and exile and points out these two special states?

R. It’s the same state. He explains to us the difference between exile and redemption. I have nothing more to say on that. It is the dominion of the Creator and the dominion of will to receive and the dominion of love, the will to bestow and the dominion of the will to receive, the dominion of the ego and that’s what we feel in those two points.

12. S. (25:30) What does it mean to be a Jew, what is the role of every Jew?

R. To be a Jew means to connect everyone just like in Babylon when they wanted to connect all of Babylon together but in the end a small group came out of it and so this is what is needed. Even today, to try and unite the whole world and the whole of humanity together so they will feel they are disconnected from the upper force which is One for everyone and in our connection we all need to connect to Him. That's the purpose of human development for the whole of humanity and only in this way can we reach wholeness, eternal life, whole, perfect life.

13. S. (26:47) As we develop in the ten, I only feel two states, engaging in the society, counting minutes to be together or personal thoughts against the work of society and when I succeed in ignoring those irksome thoughts and paying attention to society instead, seemingly new deeper ways to connect and study get formed and appear. What else is there, is there anything else that I should prepare for as a student?

R. No, these two states are enough for the time being to bring you to the right scrutinies and all the corrections.

14. S. (27:55) You talked about an awakening that comes, an awakening where the joy overwhelms a person, floods a person. At that moment a person wants only to serve the Creator, so is that when a person can get the direction of working in order to give contentment to the Creator?

R. Yes, certainly of course you are correct.

15. S. (28:38) It is written in item 121, “For the children of Israel are My servants, and not the servants of a slave.” Does that justify Israel doing all kinds of things that the Creator guides them that may seem on the outside as corruptions?

R. No, I don't think it is like that. Give me examples, no. All the corrections that we need are connections between us, our heart and soul as we call it, meaning to come closer to one another, to help one another, to be more human, to be more humane, to be good to one another. In short, to nurture the love between us. So, in other words it cannot be against humanity or accepted in some other way, I am speaking of spiritual laws, if we start to gradually develop them in us.

16. S. (30:10) What is the meaning of being Jewish or Israel or what's the difference between being Israel or being Jewish?

R. Being Jewish or a Jew is more of a general name or a person understands that we all have to reach connection between us just like it was revealed in Babylon. Then a part of them started to assemble around Abraham who was advertising this knowledge, this purpose to all of humanity at the time. And then those members of humanity that lived in Babylon started to come to him, to learn those things and a group gradually formed out of them called Yahudim [Jews] from the word unification, which is the main thing that they had before themselves as a goal, a purpose. That's the difference between Jews who wish to reach unity and unification and all other people who don't want it, yet they don't have this feeling, this deficiency to reach connection and unity. That's it.

17. S. (32:15) When a person wants to be a servant of the Creator, the study shows him that he is constantly in the will to receive and you can't get out of it and immediately you get the feeling that everything that happens and everything that you feel only pushes you away from relating to the Creator. How can we come out of this fear and take this step?

R. Only through connection, we are in a group and we wish to advance so that we don't have that many opportunities. The connection between us is simply a step forward and the opposite meaning disconnection between us is a step backwards. These are in total the two movements that we may make.

18. S. (33:35) I am willing to tolerate it if you are angry because it is important to me. A person cannot serve two masters and I have noticed that sometimes I think that I am serving the goal and I come to the friends but I am bringing myself. That is what is in me, what is my real human goal? I feel the reception and I feel that all of life has led me, so why am I not letting go, why am I not letting go not of the way but of the approach?

R. I don't know, I can't get into your scrutinies, truly, you will gradually scrutinize them. Such questions exist in everyone, plenty of them and each one is holding them and along the way, gradually it solves them.

S. What do you advise people to do?

R. I advise you to continue studying quietly, and gradually these questions will be clarified as well as the answers to those questions.

Reading item #122 (35:05) “It is impossible to come out..” twice.

19. R. (38:20) What does it mean that the ancestors were in egoism in the beginning?

R. That we are all born with a will to receive in order to receive. And this is how we discover ourselves. If the will to receive is big, if the ego is big, then we discover that we are in the ego and we begin to feel its nature, its character, that it is truly all for itself as opposed to how it can be otherwise. This is how much we reveal all of it but if the ego is not so big, then we don't recognise that it is the ego, it is just our desire, it's what we want, we want to satisfy it and we want to live in it, to have it nice and good and pleasant. So there's a difference here between feeling the desire that operates in us and and also perhaps feeling the manner of the desire that operates in us. That's the difference between those who are close to self recognition and those who are not.

20. S. (40:09) Well we haven't discovered all of the ego, that is clear but there is an understanding that we are under His rule. Does it mean that the Creator has already brought us closer to Him?

R. It still means nothing, nothing. We are revealing a little bit of our egoism and also not by ourselves but by reading about it and this is how we learn, in other words for now it is just completely theoretical.

21. S. (40:57) If I always feel myself distant from the Creator, remote from Him, does it not mean that I take the work upon myself that the ego says, I am distant, I am far away but here I am Creator with you and this is my confusion?

R. Every single moment when a person feels that he is in a system that consists of two forces, a force of reception and a force of bestowal and he is between those two forces he has got room for work and he needs to think what to do with himself. He can move towards the force of bestowal which is the Creator, the upper force or towards the force of reception which is the lower force, the force of this world. This is what is before us and the group should hold him and not let him fall from this scrutiny.

22. S. (42:42) If I analyze the feeling of deficiency of exile, what is it made of, it's made of my deficiency to come out of Egypt, the feeling that the group has to come out of Egypt, a certain feeling of remoteness from the Creator. What is the correct feeling of exile? What is it made of?

R. The correct feeling of exile is that I am under the control of the will to receive which operates on me and opposite that I feel an illumination from the desire to bestow which is the Creator who is probably, probably I don't know for sure, but he's probably influencing me and I have to constantly try to choose the force of bestowal, that it will govern me, that it will direct me and pull me forward and this is what I want to happen. This is that I constantly discover myself, every single moment that I am falling again into the will to receive, into what is called the governance or control of Pharaoh and opposite that I am discovering that there is probably the control of the Creator but I have to detect it and discern it, grab it for myself toward it and in this way I gradually pull myself through a thin thread from my ego into the Creator.

S. In truth it's a little confusing because where is the ten here?

R. The ten is always with you. We can't talk about it in every single word. The ten is always with you because without the ten you are not connected to the Creator.

S. How do we grow this deficiency, this feeling of the exile?

R. The feeling of the exile, we feel it by feeling that I am under the control of Pharaoh, under the control of my ego which is what pulls me and confuses me and every time I wake up to some extent, I feel that I am in it.

23. S. (45:35) We hear from you that we do not need to yearn for the bad we need to pull towards the Creator here in the excerpt he's inviting us to enter the Exile or maybe I misunderstood?

R. I did not understand what you were saying.

S. He writes that we cannot come out of the Exile in Egypt before we enter the Exile?

R. Right a person has to feel that he is governed by his will to receive and cannot get away from it and the will to receive envelopes him and holds him from every side. and when he says that he cannot leave this way he cries out to the Creator save me from this pull me out of it I cannot do anything by myself because the Creator really doesn't give a person anyway to come out of his will to receive but only through to cry out help. And then when a person truly cries out from the bottom of his heart that he wants to get out of his ego the Creator pulls them out.

S. Meaning that you do not need to enter it on purpose just to yearn to the Creator?

R. Yes

Reading #123 (47:35) “The time of redemption is approaching and we must prepare ourselves for..”

24. S. (49:00) Rabash says that we need to know the matter of this Exile but I feel that we are scrutinizing this matter but we do not feel this force that rules over us that is called Pharaoh. It fills me with grief sorrow should I identify with this sorrow being in it or work with it differently?

R. Look I need to feel all the time that I have two ways in front of him. Either to work according to my ego according to my usual desire or to go above it  with the force of bestow force of connection. And how much I can deal or cope with these two desire that is it. And then if I can walk on the path of the bestowal on the path of connection the more I want to delve into it and be in it. Accordingly I will be adhered to the group and the Creator and I will constantly be adhered to them and want to be adhere to them and not think of anything else. This is called trying to be on the path of redemption in the exit from Egypt. More than that there is nothing for me to do. And here I begin to see the resistance from the will to receive and then I have to cry out to the Creator and ask him not let me go with my will to receive because I do not want to go along with it to flow with it in the water that takes me I don't know where. I want to constantly to be adhered to the group and the Creator which is the only place where are I am saved from hell. Truly so!

S. So the question is if I can not feel this hell if I cannot feel the resist I need to do work against or above if I don't feel it the will to receive brings you down it gives you a feeling that you are not in the right direction you are not working properly this bitterness you feel when you have no strength to work against those forces. How to relate to that feeling?

R. I have to feel myself every moment that I have to go forward a little more another step forward and another step forward. Meaning that I am advancing that I am connecting more and more to everyone and through them to the Creator and in me it is like a kind of engine that I constantly operate and it pulls me. This is how I see myself in life. and I'm not worried about more than that.

25. S. (53:36) So ultimately we need to turn to the state like in our childhood where we wanted to be adhered to but we adhered to the wrong idea and now we have to go back to being Adhesion?

R. Yes.

26. S. (54:05) I feel myself in Egypt but I do not want to come out. Even the thought of coming out of Egypt scares me. It seems more safe in Egypt. Is there such a state?

R. There is such a state as you feel it you need to be closer to the friends and they will influence you and will convince you that you do have to come out of Egypt. Which is a state when you simply lose Yourself.

S. Is everybody coming out of Egypt together or is anybody left behind?

R. Not everybody together but a group comes out that is studying and wants to come out and following it everyone comes out afterwards after this group.

27. S. (55:15) I want to clarify something about the crying out to the Creator. We say that based on that cry the Creator takes us out of the feeling of Egypt and he transfers us to the state of Israel. Sometimes I have a feeling this cry awakens quite sharply. There is a feeling as if the Creator doesn't take us out but rather he lowers this clarity and dulls it. So I have a feeling that the Creator responded to this cry but did not take us out but he only calms us down. I guess the question is the feeling is that this cry came to the correct conclusion, how to understand it?

R. The outcry ended with the Creator hearing you and pulling you out of Egypt, that is it simple, very concrete without any philosophies.

S. The cry should be because I cannot stay in Egypt any longer?

R. The outcry is because you cannot come out of Egypt.

28. S (57:00) You said that first week come out and then later the others, for us it is clear we study we have a point in heart. How can the other ones come out?

R. Do not worry we are projecting our desires on them and our steps. And therefore we are moving them and they are moving after us. All of humanity is moving.

29. S. (57:45) I understand that I can barely adhere to the Creator but we have friends and despite the friends Pharaoh is so strong that he can make me disconnect from the Creator in every opportunity, how come the Pharaoh is so strong and what can I do to overcome pharaoh?

R. Pharaoh is not so strong his power is exactly balanced with what we have in our powers. therefore if we ask correctly we defeat pharaoh. And he does not interfere and that is not stop us from exiting but on the contrary afterwards we will see that by his resistance he helped us develop a great and growing power to exit that overcomes let's call it the gates of exit. Pharaoh is assisting us also. There is no force in all of reality actually that is really against us. There is no such thing. Everything is for us all we need is to know how to work with each of them.

30. S. (59:20) How will the Exodus from slavery and the attaining of Freedom how will that be in the 10?

R. We will discover it and see. For now we only need to know how to reach it, and reaching it is only through increasing our connection.

31. S. (01:00:10) What is the meaning that every generation must come out of Exile perhaps only to advance to each spiritual degree we must know ourselves in Exile and each time to come out of it?

R. We will see it along the way. This questions are not stemming from the study.

Reading #124 (01:00:45) “To reach  the desirable good and Broad land we must first go through a stage..” twice

32. S. (01:02:53) Our 10 feels like Rav is escaping questions from us we want to know why is it and how to make it better?

R. I cannot say maybe it seems that way to you. I am drawn to answer first of all to people who are further away. People from Turkey Italy lessened them Russians Etc maybe that way it seems to you I have some disrespect towards you. But no. so what is the question no question.

33. S. (01:04:03) What will help us to acquire this sensitivity for the direction to the center of the 10. Why is this center giving to us the power to place this balance between the Creator and pharaoh?

R. If we in a group yearn to connect by this we can awaken the heart of each and every friend towards connection and then everyone will be drawn towards the center of the 10. Another words here is an example that everyone gives to the others is very important we have to use it.

34. S. (01:05:09) Cry out from the work means that they were in the work they didn't let go of it and they cried out because they are not getting likelyhood from it they can not get to lishma?

R. Yes they don't feel that they have strength to continue in this work.

S. They remain in the work?

R. For the time being, yes

S. Until help will come?

R. No, whether help comes or not that is the current state don't add to it. I am in a state where that I respond to this or that way and that is it.

S. Lower my head and I keep going?

R. Yes, but still your are adding. It's your nature what can you do but you have to pay attention to it and tend to it and take care of it.

35. S. (01:06:25) How can I praise the Creator for bringing us out of Egypt?

R. If we come to a connection between us in the 10 at a certain level I would say a certain level of compression, then we already begin to feel that we are incorporated in a stream that is about to lead us out of Egypt.

S. When we leaving Egypt can some friends return?

R. Yes, they can but normally usually it does not happen. Theoretically it's possible but there is no going back to Egypt. No going back. it is really a one time trail, one time movement.