Daily LessonApr 4, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Apr 4, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson April 4, 2023

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Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. (The Faithful Shepherd. #149)

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1. Rav’s Introduction: (01:27) Yes, we are in a lesson before Passover and its topic is the Faithful Shepherd.' We see that a person who wishes to come out of the feeling of this world in order to receive the feeling of the next world, the feeling of the Creator in order to bestow, he needs a society and the society has to go through several states of development together with him. This special point in their development, the development of man and of society it's when they feel that they are under the rule of the ego. The will to receive more typically humans don't understand and cannot feel that they are in it. First of all the person on a spiritual path towards the feeling of the Creator revelation of the upper world that is ruling over all of us has to go through that stage where he discovers that he's being controlled by the ego of Pharaoh and this control is total. He has nowhere to run, it is written about it as well about Egypt that no one was able to escape Egypt. That's how closed it was to a country that was controlled by an egoistic force in order to receive. Man is under this control for many years, it says 400 years we need to understand that these are four stages of the development of the ego in him until he discovers that there's no way to do anything outside of his ego and no matter how much he is trying a won't be able to succeed, he simply can't.

Then in a collision between the reality he is in, being inside the ego he needs to resist it through all kinds of actions and he wants to come out of it and then he feels that he is under the control of the ego and this is called the enslavement of Egypt. He feels himself as a slave to his egoistic desire. He begins to gradually move apart from the connection with this egoistic desire of connection with the Pharaoh and he tries with all his might, here and there, to come out but is unable to do so. Part of a person is when all is in the nation of the ego and the people of the nation, called the nation of Israel that is aimed at reaching the Creator, Yishar El, he needs to discover all the forces of nature around him. All these forces oppose him to such an extent that he's got no chance, no hope of coming out from under the rule of the ego. Gradually he discovers how much he is dependent on his egoistic desire, he feels himself in exile from the control of the Creator, one against the other is all that he's able to attain. Consequently, according to the forces he puts in to be above his ego he sees that it doesn't help. Kabbalists give us advice on how to come out of the ego of each and everyone.

This is done by all by us connecting because then we can reveal the good forces, the bad forces, everything that exists in nature and go through a special kind of development, in our awareness and our recognition and our attitude towards the good and evil forces in nature. Where in total it is called recognition of the Exile. We are under the control of our ego and we must feel this state fully. Someone who doesn't get to exile ,who cannot reach redemption, that is our path, that is our path. A very special path and an exhausting path, we would like to leave it for a while for a long time already but we are unable to do so. We are in this nature until we reach the true desire to come out from the control of our ego from our will to receive and only then and only then do we understand our work within the ego. How much we are incorporated in it, how much we are unable to escape it. This is the control of the dominion, called the 'dominion of Pharaoh.

The story is not a simple one. It is very long and it takes time until we manage to run away. Of course, it is not within our power. It says we are all created in the will to bestow in order to bestow. We are all by nature designed to be by soldiers of Pharaoh. servants of Pharaoh. Only because we have a big force in us but these forces are called the point in the heart or Moses. It's only because of that that these forces are able to pull us, we are using these weak forces from the control of the Pharaoh and we begin to feel how it's uncomfortable and inconvenient for us to be slaves of Pharaoh. If those forces do not wake up in us, forces going against the rule of Pharaoh we would never know that we are in exile, that we are under the rule of Pharaoh, that we are slaves.

We don't remind quietly inside this dominion like all of humanity but because according to the plan of creation the general plan, we need to come out out.of this dominion, the dominion of Pharaoh, of our ego where we were born and developed and lived. We begin to feel a new kind of force. This force called the force of Moses is also called the faithful shepherd because he is truly connected to the Creator and if we develop this force in us then we begin to draw after him and he finds a way out of Egypt in order to receive outside. This is clearly not a geographical matter or about different countries but rather it is all of our inner world and it is starting to show that it's divided into one control which is the will to receive for himself and another kind of control, which is the desire of the Creator.

The creator is one force, the force of bestowal that He holds and fills all of reality. In this reality, He has a certain area, a place and a desire in which we can develop a little in order to understand from that as created beings the altruistic force, the force of the will to bestow which is actually the will of the Creator. That's how we develop. The force opposite the force of The Creator which is totally new relative to our nature and we begin to feel that it can awaken, it can show itself and be born from us.

This is the force of Moses that pulls us other than the control of the will to receive called the rule of Egypt ,the rule of Pharaoh and through the connection between us, which is the main thing here, we both increase the force of Exodus in each and everyone but we also help one another so that in each one will have the power of everyone. In this way we come out. We come closer to coming out in order to show us where we are, to teach us which quality we are in, then we have this quality that is against it's because we can only learn something from its opposite.

This is how the Creator made nature and that's how we try to connect intensely as Kabbalist recommended to us those that have been through the path and learned of the process that a person has to go through in order to reach equivalence of form with the Creator, to come closer to the Creator. All in all this is what is ahead of us through the connection between us we come to connection with the Creator. We discover inside the connection of the Ten, we always arrange ourselves in Ten  as it is written in the Torah. Through this arrangement in Tens we try to reach a state if we can be in the Ten as one man in one heart. This is really means the very first one for coming closer and for exiting Egypt and the second one is to develop in the connection that we have in the Ten to develop a connection called love and to also develop a connection between the Ten and the Creator since before we connect in the tin there cannot be any real connection with the Tem.

Each of us want to connect with the Creator but it is not working out because according to what we learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah, this has has to be a complete form of connection, 10 Sefirot, it doesn't have to be at 9 like how we count 10 friends on our fingers but nevertheless between us we need to try and develop a complete connection. As much as we connect to the structure of the Ten, we are supposed to feel the general force that covers us,that controls us which is the Creator and in this way we begin to come out from under the egoistic rule that used to control us all the time to the control of one force. One unique and unified which is the upper force.

The difference between these forces that work in us when this individual force used to work in each and everyone. the force that would direct each and everyone. only for his own self benefit. Seemingly for his own self benefit that's how it seems to us. Now we are starting to discover the force from the entirety of the Ten it is starting to operate in us. We are starting to feel that it is working for the benefit of the entire Ten and this is called the force of the Creator. That is what is being established in us from the connection between us inside of the Ten.

In this way we are able to to come out from under the control of our ego to the control of the general force of bestowal and not depend each one on himself on his is destiny on his luck, on his fate, on his luck but rather each one begins to feel the general force that exists inside the general desire and belongs to the collective and it depends on the collective and it is like a small part in one mechanism in which all of us are like cogwheels and are interconnected and interdependent and if that's the case we can connect in our desires in our thoughts through our intellectual force, in our emotional force and although each one has only one force, one point of force.

One point through which he feels he has to come out of the control of Pharaoh is only the beginning of the path. He now begins to be connected to other points. The points of the friends first in the end and later in general in reality and through it he begins to feel the force that establishes them, supports those points and holds them together and operates them this is called the force of the Creator and with it we continue to develop. We concluded the first stage and we begin the second stage where in this development we are starting to attain the totality of the Creation that the Creator created in order to receive and it's force, it's corrected force, which is called for in order to bestow and that's how we advanced in recognizing the totality of nature. Nature is the Creator and we are also inside of nature because we are starting to connect with the Creator and together with Him to move towards greater and greater connection between us both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Accordingly, we begin to come to know the control of the Creator rather than the method of the Creator, the upper system called the upper world, the world of Atzilut and how it influences us, managers us, how we are incorporated in it, to assist it, to learn from it and in our incorporation between us, in the connection between us, it world of Atzilut we begin to feel more and more the essence of creation, the purpose of creation. We learn from the Creator how he is running all of reality. We are deposited in it, that we are incorporated with all created beings and will become as one man in one heart. Truly until the completed connection, called the end of correction. Of course, I am cutting it short. There are many transitions, many steps and many processes. This is all ahead of us very soon. The main thing is that we are starting on this path and I truly hope that we will also reach its conclusions.

That is what I wanted to say as an introduction.

2. S. (26:44) How do we begin to feel the general force, the general desire of the world Kli?

R. From the connection. We connect and we want to be incorporated as one man in one heart. Meaning in our desire and then we don't need to seem to hear. In the beginning we hear from mouth to ear, but in truth we should feel the heart. The main thing is the connection of the hearts. I hope it will happen to us. I see, I feel, I think that it can happen even in our society, here and from our friends around the world.

S.This is our role, our duty in this Passover?

R.  Our duty this Passover is to concentrate our forces on the people who gather here and on the screens as much as we can connect in one desire. Desire is called the heart. Hence, as one man in one heart. When we connect in this way, we want that our ego will not control this heart, evil inclination and instead the Creator the good inclination will be in control instead of the so force of separation, distancing and hate that we feel as a natural power because this is the way the Creator created us. We want to feel the force of connection, mutual attraction, love, mutual help and then through that b\y connecting we will feel between us this force that unites us and that is the Creator.

S. Do we need to feel one direction?

R. Yes.

S. Because we have many desires, great force but no direction, no one direction. How do we?

R. Our direction is only in one direction, only in the connection, the center of the connection is thenTen. The Ten is simply people who wish to connect to find their common center. To connect all the desires to bestow, and within the desires to bestow to build a place the place is called the Creator.  He is sometimes called the Creato, the place and then we place in this place the place of the world, our place the place of the Creator, we will feel a place of connection of unity.

3. S. (30:46) To what extent can we have faith?

R. The force of faith is the force of connection and to the extent that we feel distancing between us and wish to skip over it and rise above it we will reach the force of connection and then again we will feel the force of separation and disconnection and hate and rejection and again we will rise above it to connection and love and through such skips, by coming closer and then moving further apart like steps to the right and then to the left, this way we come closer. Baal HaSulam gives another example, just as the wheel that is turning on a cart, lets say, there is a part of the wheel that is moving backwards and a part of the wheel that is moving forward and there is no other animal, the ones that jump and run all of them are found in two qualities, two types of movements, there is a movement backwards and the movement forwards and only in this way can you advance.

We are the same, we need to understand that our progress, although we really like to be in the final point, our goal, but to move towards it is possible only through certain steps or through a turning wheel. That is how we advance in connection, in negation, in obligation, rejection and repulsion and attraction. Only this way we are able to make any movements. in other words eventually through our actions we connect, we accumulate negative actions and positive actions seemingly and we cannot have one without the other that is why he who is greater than his friend his desires are greater, his inclination is greater, it's not mechanically it's internally in our desire it cannot be that we will take a step forward unless we first discovered that we need to take a step back.

That is how we advance. In revelation, concealment, in revelation and concealment and attraction and hate and love these steps where we continue we move closer through the steps. You cannot do it any other way. This is how it works, all of our nature, if we take all the actions, all of the phenomena that exists throughout nature, still, vegetative and speaking we will discover that all of nature, all of it is working in this way. We reveal the bed force against the good force and we come to the complete direction, the end of correction, we accumulate inside of us all the negative forces all the positive forces that is why we are able to understand and sustain all of reality inside of us.

4. S. (35:58) You talked about love to develop more inner connection. What does it mean this inner connection that we are building in our ten?

R. That the most important thing for me is to come to a state where I feel that on my way to reveal the Creator, on my way to correction, I am going together with the friends like a battalion like a soldiers, like an army unit, like a group that is united in this way and advancing in this way. I'm very happy to see our friends, our loyal friends from all over the world, who come and want to participate in this with us. For us they are the first, the ones that we follow, the most important is to try to connect together. It is good that we have among us so many shapes and colors and different characters and differences because precisely through the differences we discover this special force called the Creator which contains everything.

S. What is this inner feeling?

R. Unity, Unity. The Creator is called one unique and unified. You can interpret it for a long time. to discover this quality of one unique and unified. This is what we need to discover in the connection between us so the more we unite our desires, meaning our hearts into one desire to reach one source, one Creator by this we will feel that we are together and we need to understand that we do not need to be together but rather inside the Creator because it is written in Him our heart will rejoice. So with the inclination, with the tendency towards him we will want and feel the connection between us and we will want and feel the connection between us and the need for connection and this is the vessel that we need to connect and to develop. It is not so much a matter of number of people. There could be Millions here. Rather it is more a matter of unity of the vessel just like it was with Rabbi Shimon's ten, they were just ten and that was enough. Here there's a great number of us and more people will come. We will be able to discover the vessel in which the light is revealed.

S. Is this the meaning of the full connection and the meaning of all ten Sefirot? So what are these ten Sefirot actually? Can we identify these ten Sefirot as full or how do we relate to that in Kabbalah? Is that full connection, how do we relate to it, do we relate to separate Sefirot, how do we integrate that, what is the mechanism here to bring it to emotion otherwise it's more a feeling of what is this ten Sefirot?

R. In the connection between us we discover a very special phenomenon where each one is adding to the others and we feel how much the connection gives us a complete form. Therefore this is what we gradually discover in the connection between us. Of course it is done by the upper force because in us there are no forces. There are no forces whatsoever both for connection and to detect where each one should be etc. rather the Creator organizes these things according to the inner demand of the heart of each and everyone. We only need to do what we must and what we are permitted to do and that is to connect physically to try to connect a little bit more internally in our feelings, learn the matters of connections that we can learn and in this way to begin to reveal the general common vessel.

5. S. (42:55) You just talked about creating a place and when I come back here I feel this place and I am trembling. There's a lot of trepidation. I'm wondering what is this place that you created here all together? What is the secret of this coming together? We can feel what is happening here. Can you please say more?

R. When I was just beginning my path with Rabash I remember that once I went with him to the Ben Sheman Woods. There, as we sat on the bench, I asked him what is missing in me? I was young, I was 30, maybe even less. So what is missing in me so that I will understand so I will feel so that I will discover, be incorporated in all that is written in these books. It is the world, the world needs to feel, to understand you need to live in it. What is missing for me to be able to enter the world that Kabbalah talks about? He said what you need is a society. Don't forget about that and you will see how difficult it will be to come to it. Indeed to this day I am discovering more and more what he wanted to tell me because building a society, feeling it, being in it, revealing the Creator in it, is the most sublime highest thing and is very difficult but through it we advance. That is it, the main thing is building a society. A person thinks that he needs to correct himself. All we need to correct is the connections between us. Meaning that if I am alone there is nothing I need to correct if there's even just one more person than yes. I am already ready for a correction, so to speak. so this is what we need to understand and do. To understand that the connection between us is the whole place for correction, this is the place for correction.

S. I feel how I want to contribute to this correction for us and I am very grateful that you gathered us and that the whole world Kli and the friends here are preparing this place where we come to a common correction. Thank you.

R. Thank you to you too. I'm happy to see you here with us again.

6. S. (48:22) You said that we are coming out of our individual faith and are incorporated in common force. What is this force that we are incorporating into?

R. When we gather in the ten we establish the force of the Creator between us. The force of perception of the Creator, the force of bestowal as it exists in a complete vessel. It is written by the Creator very simply, you have made me. Meaning if there is a ten that succeeds in connecting according to what Kabbalists recommend to us and teach us then the connection between us creates a special force that consists of ten and that force is called Creator. There is no Creator without the created being only on the condition that we unite together, we create from us, from within us that surface, that area where that force, the Creator can be revealed. Before that it does not exist, not in one, not in two but only by connecting together by friends connecting together they create that condition for that thing called Creator to be revealed between them, Creator Bo Re, come and see and not in any other way. Therefore this is our work, to come to the form where we will become the vessel of the Creator and what will be revealed within us is the Creator. This is our goal.

7. S. (51:30) We are in exile since Abraham the patriarch, the ego constantly defeats us. What quality do we need to develop in this Passover so that we will be able to transition to a state of a world of bestowal?

R. To understand that the ego that is growing within us is growing only so that we will rise above it and unite, it grows we rise above it and unite and in this way we have to go through several degrees until we begin to reveal in practice what is the form of the ego, what is its nature, what is its purpose. We will begin to know the matters, the intricacies in it and also what the connection between us gives us. How much it adds to us knowledge, feeling, understanding  and this way we begin to learn what are these forces one opposite the other. The force of separation, the force of connection and out of this we will know the spiritual work, the work of the Creator.

8. S. (53:53) Each one of us when coming out of Egypt, we follow Israel that already came out or are we expecting and anticipating an Exodus that will happen all at once?

R. Look even in the exodus from Egypt when we read the story in the Torah we see that there were all kinds of people who were connected in all kinds of ways between them and not connected and in the end everyone came out. In other words all we need is to hang on and be connected to that group that wants to come out of Egypt that wants to rise above its ego. Even though there are people in it who do not understand why, what for, what for, how? But because they are Incorporated in everyone else just like in any society they are in this general motion and in this way they advance.

S. So do we need to believe that a big part of us already has come out or are we all still expecting, anticipating the Exodus?

R. Each one is in a place where he should be. The Creator controls everyone, each one individually and everyone together. We just need to try to study our states as much as possible and try to be more connected to each other and about the rest we should not worry about the rest. You have to be certain, confident that you have a faithful Shepherd.

9. S. (56:02) How can we attain equivalence of form with a Creator if we still cannot attain in our ten?

R. We will see it along the way. The most important thing for us right now is to be connected with all those who appear to us as wanting to achieve the goal. And with them we need to continue, the rest we will connect according to the root of their soul, general time, our state of connection where we are preparing the place for them.

10. S. (57:03) We are a new ten and this is our first Passover. What do we need to go through this week in the best possible way?

R. Simply try to join everyone; all the talks, all the lessons, all the connections mainly. And, from the bottom of your heart connect with everyone and you will see how by this you are gaining your advancement and growing nearer to the Creator. That is the main thing for us; through our connection to attain the Creator. That’s it.

Reading #149 (58:13) “It is known that the Zohar calls Moses the loyal Shepherd..”

11. R. (59:17) In other words only the force of Faith which is expressing the force of mutual bestowal, that is what we need in order to attain all the forces from which we build the complete soul.

Reading #150 (59:43) “That person has the quality of Moses who is the quality of faithful Shepherd..” twice

12. S. (01:01:37) Moses the faithful Shepherd shows a person his loneliness, nothingness?

R. Yes, in each one of us, in our soul, of each person there is this point of Moses, one force and that is what it is called. And that point is what pulls us towards the purpose of creation, the purpose of life, the Creator; because this is really the first connection to the Creator on one hand. On the other hand the person feels how much is still not connected, he is still not there.

13. S (01:02:37) In excerpt 149 Baal HaSulam explains that Moses gives sustenance, what does it mean to give substance with faith?

R. it means that each one, if he wants to advance with the force of faith, it is considered that he is considering the to be receiving the force of Moses. Moses is the one with faith. It is a definition of spiritual forces. It is not like they're such people.

S. It is simply that it’s the first time that I see this concept of nourishing with faith. We say that we need to become the quality of Moses in the ten, how do we nourish the ten with faith? 

R. Faith is the force of bestowal. When we want to fill the vessel of the 10 with the force of faith, light of faith, light of Hassadim, mutual bestowal.

14. S (01:04:24) All those years of Exile, do we go through them in the ten or through a person's personal process?

R. This already depends on where he is? If we are talking about the story of Egypt then they felt the exile when they were in Egypt, with the Pharaoh. And then, this Exile changed as they already came out of the exile but they still haven’t actually attained the results of the exile. So, I cannot answer you unequivocally. The Exodus from Egypt means that I'm beginning to come out of my forces of separation with friends, and I begin to gradually discover the connection between us until comes to a state where the Creator is revealed there between us; and we begin to nurture it more and more the connection and the Creator becomes revealed more and more.

S. So if exile there are forces of separation between us and the coming out of Exile is coming of the forces of separation, so how could it be that in exile we have a little faithful shepherd, the force of faith?

R. In Exile we also have a force that pulls us and organizes us and explains to us where we are, otherwise we would not come out of Egypt.

S. But isn't the faithful shepherd the connection that we create between us?

R. No no, it's still before that. it is a force that the Creator establishes for us.

S. So during the Exile we still lack the first degree of connection?

R. During the Exile we still do not have… we do have, but until we come out of Egypt until we go through all the conditions and come to the reception of the Torah, it is all our development.

S. So what is that force that leads us, where is your society when you are in Exile?

R. It is with me in exile; I feel that I want to connect with them but I still do not have the power to connect.

S. So what is leading us, only that desire that we want but we don't have it?

R. Yes. just like you feel right now: You do want to connect with some desires, forces but you don't have it. You don't have them. You would like to but you don't have it. That is still exile.

S. So, this thing simply grows, you want more and you see more that you do not have it?

R. Yes.

S. What do we need to do so that this gap will become the vessel on which the Creator can act on?

R. After we go through several conditions and come to a state where I do not care what state I am in as long as I am connected with the friends. And to this I'm drawn. I can't even express myself. It's also not clear from the Torah to find these verses about the condition where a person feels that he is emerging from the exit coming out of Egypt. It is written that he runs away, he does all kinds of things, that bad forces come to him, they want to kill them and they run away again, they cry out to the cCreator, they pray. You see, the story brings us to all kinds of twists. I have nothing more to say.

S. So how during the exile you connect internally to the faithful Shepherd that you will be able to keep walking from this force?

R. Precisely by seeing how much I am in the desire to bestow, it turns out that from this I develop my will to receive so that it will be directed towards bestowal. I do not know exactly what to tell you. It is clear that the desire develops gradually and in the direction of connection with the Creator, that is it.

15. S. (01:11:05) It says here that he saw there was no one and that caused him to ask the Creator the force of faith, you said that faith is the force of bestowal and the request is also faith but you don't see it. There is a kind of game between raising up the faith. On one hand you don't want it to stop, it is comfortable for me, this play between the initial faith and the faith of bestowal, can you explain that?

R. No. This is something the person needs to feel in himself. He experienced all kinds of states and through this he understands.

S. Whoever feels, what kind of an example can he give to the ten, only in the heart?

R. Only in the heart, connection in the heart

16. S. (01:12:14) How do we recognize and clarify the quality of Moses so that we can follow it, so that it will become more important for us?

R. The same force that pulls us to the connection with the friends, to the connection with the Creator, this force is called Moses. That is it. This, we need to respect and develop and nurture and to constantly follow it only towards connection. What does Moses do? He organizes all those who want to come out of Egypt to meet the Creator; in all kinds of ways that are appropriate for them in every step of their way. He helps them go through the desert and go through all the disturbances along the way.

17. S. (01:13:47) The more I understand and advance, the more I understand what I don't understand. So, the way to check my understanding or advancement, is to check as much as I am helping the friends?

R. Yes. Of course. Our whole test is to as much as we connect between us realistically in the group and are willing to continue the path only together in one vessel, in one desire, in understanding and recognition and mutual help.

18. S. (01:15:18) What actions strengthen the point of Moses in us?

R. The point of Moses is the connection between us and the advancement toward the goal. Moses is the first point that leads us and we need to be in it. We need to adhere to it. The more we adhere between us and to it, the more we advance.

Reading #151 (01:16:07) “Rabbi Shimon said happy is Israel that a Shepherd such as Moses walks among them..” twice

19. R (01:19:53) Meaning that the faith that is in a person is called Moses. And by that a person actually advances; he is drawn by the force of Faith from in order to receive to in order to bestow.

20. S. (01:20:26) How can I do how can I create a group?

R. A single person cannot do it, he can stabilize the beginning of the group, by the group is a number of people that need to connect in order to reach the purpose of creation. He cannot attain it alone. They're closer it is to the ten, the more worthwhile it is. I have nothing more to add to whoever he uses and you hear us so he knows that you must connect and must be incorporated one another and according to the force of this inclusion we can create a place for the revelation of the Creator, which is our goal.

S. Used to talk about the steps we take back and forth. I want to know what are those steps in the ten that bring us to our new nature?

R. In order to advance we need to have their revelation of the evil force so that it will be clear what to correct and then we can take a step forward in order to correct the evil force and to come to a good for us instead of it and then we can get the revelation the addition the revolution of the evil and is if we become further and again we move forward by correcting this evil force to a good force and come closer and that is all of our work one step forward one step back and two steps forward and again that's the back two steps forward. That is why all of our work is in fact needs to be with support for the friends and preparing this force of patience because we have no choice and every time again we need to attain the greater will to receive in order to have the ability to correct and want to correct our next step forward. That is all of our work. wants that back two steps forwards. It is similar to what we spoke about before about the wheel that turns and in general all the things that take place in our nature they always also include a step back also in or even in order to advance.

21. S. This wheel that part of it goes backward in the beginning you describe there's a 10 there's the parts that go ahead?

R. Yes, not necessary sick but go ahead.

S. So entertain the sports now that someone who feels that the wheels going so how does this force of Moses help especially in this time help you hold on?

R. This time he's included in his general motion and he's not here as a pulling force but it can be as a rejecting force. This is how it is usually in our group work but all in all we need to understand they are always those that rise and always those that fall and throw them there later on …. Why do we need to know who agreed who didn't, why do they have such disagreement, it is only in order to know how we are working through complete connection alongside their arguments meaning in different actions for us.

S. During this process can I hold on to some force that everyone can feel that we are moving forward even though someone is moving backwards?

R. Of course even those who are against also help eventually to advance.

Reading #152 “our sages said Moses tatntmountmount to 600,000..”

22. R. …This is the meaning of the word meaning that he including him all the relations of the crate that later on were revealed to all of the public this is the meaning of the words that the Divinity speaks to the Moses's word meaning the Moses was rewarded with the general Revolution called the divinity”.

23. S. What is that force and then that reveals that the general divinity

R. It is everything we don't have anything the head innards and that is why the 10 in general refuse the Creator towards it.

S. The distance we discover in the time between the that is the entrance to the exile?

R. No, not yet. The distance there is an attending opinions and arguments all in all this is the same courses that we need to overcome. these are small things it is the same state like in the wheel that goes back and forward. it overcomes when it comes back and this is what we have these in little things in the 10.

S. So what is the sign that we have entered exam?

R. Decided that we entered that we begin to feel the force of separation between and to the extent that we are not able to overcome in order to connect again that all of the forces that come to us in spite of making an effort they do not they are not able to connect us. and we do not know what to do we give up. this is the force of eggs that overcomes us and then us they're not let us to connect and then the people of Israel aside from the work and their cry Rose to the Creator until they receive help.

24. S. The first stage is the exalted we are in and only the quality of Moses developed so why is it necessary to know the exile you said the 400 years is the full measure and then you can develop the force of faith?

R. How can you develop such a powerful force complete upon of questions that is less than 400 states. you need to reveal this entire coarseness.

S. So the whole process of the exile?