Conventions & Events
Today, the wisdom of Kabbalah is already everywhere in the world. In this section you will be able to see events, conventions and special meetings of the "Kabbalah L’Am" association in Israel and abroad.

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26 January 2020Unity Evening - Connecting To The Source of Life
14 July 2019Unity Evening - The Purpose of Society
20 January 2019Unity Evening - We are all at the congress
24 June 2018Unity Evening - "Connecting Into One Group"
12 November 2017Unity Evening - “The Story of Kabbalah LaAm”
06 August 2017Unity Evening Tu BeAv on Sunday "Together with Love"
11 June 2017Unity Evening "From Unity to Dissemination"
14 June 2015Unity Evening
22 April 2012Unity Day
29 January 2012Unity Day
20 September 2011Lecture from the Arvut - Kulanu yahad Jerusalem congress
28 August 2011Unity Day
31 July 2011Unity Evening
26 June 2011Unity Day
06 June 2011Unity Evening
27 March 2011Unity Day
23 March 2011Unity Evening
27 February 2011Unity Day
26 December 2010Unity Day
28 November 2010Unity Day
31 October 2010Unity Day
26 September 2010Unity Day
29 August 2010Unity Day
18 August 2010Unity Evening
28 June 2010Unity Evening
17 May 2010Unity Evening
24 March 2010Unity Evening
30 November 2009Unity Evening
05 November 2009Unity Evening
10 September 2009Unity Evening
13 August 2009Unity Evening
02 July 2009Unity Evening
27 May 2009Unity Evening