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Lesson 4Mar 10, 2023

Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation"

Lesson 4|Mar 10, 2023
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Morning Lesson March 10, 2023

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Part 3:

Connecting the World in the Last Generation - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #5

Reading excerpt #5

1. R. (02:20) Yes, and this is how we roll from one time to another. That each time what seems to us evil, if we in our development, we attain it to be evil we can't stand it, we stand up, we ruin it and we move on. That's how it is, sadly if people don't hear the Kabbalist and by then they cannot see a bit more forward, but rather see how much we are advancing, then we are always discovering the evil. This can take years, and only then we agree that we don't have a choice but to ruin the evil and advance to something better until this good will develop, and seem bad again to us. This is how we advance from bad to good from good to bad in it; this is how it is every time. Until maybe one day humanity will accept the advice of the Kabbalist and will agree to develop according to a different means. Not of the egoistic feeling of what good and evil is.

S. (03:49) We see today that the entire public, all the groups that gather together and call themselves the public they see that there is another group and they need to change their goal. How does this tip over where I don't see the evil in others and I see the evil in myself?

R. This won't be inverted, it won't, our ego will not let us see the evil in another until we organize ourselves in tens and under the control of the upper light that reforms and until then it's impossible. That we will see that others are evil and we are good but rather we will always see the evil only in others and the good only in us.

S. So what's he saying in the excerpt that the public will reveal the extent of evil in it?

R. That's under a condition that he has the means to see the good and evil and discovers them and switches his way of development. What can you do? You see what's going on in the world, and in every society, every state, every place, you're not yet taking into account the national pride that each and every nation has. How much each of them is immersed in their own general National ego, these are things you can't come out of.

S. In the article of the nation Baal HaSulam says you cannot gather because all of these differences. What are the means by which humanity will exit this hell?

R. Only if we will come to a state that we have spiritual force it will never be corporeal. A spiritual force by which we can bestow to humanity and humanity will turn to us to see how can we according to which rules, which values are we advancing intending to exist and they will understand that this is the truth.

S. So how can we respond to all these events happening on the outside because we now see the evil as if revealing. We don’t see the evil revealing in us, and we demand the unity and correction, so how can we use what's on the outside in order to correct ourselves to reveal the evil in us?

R. That's not the way. We see what's developing outside, we respond to that out of our development, our responses and enter into the general system and then this general system is changing bit by bit, turning around, and by that the world is really turning upside down.

3. S. (07:39) Baal HaSulam writes that the evil state is before the good state?

R. Always, always from the moment that the Creator created the evil inclination and said that.

S. The evil state that is appearing at as a result of the development, are there broken vessels being revealed?

R. As a result of development the broken vessels reveal.

S. So how can we come first? How do we discover not go from evil to good but rather discover the broken vessels?

R That is called revealing the evil.

S. How can we work with them, rather than fall every time?

R. We fall, we fall and afterwards we recognize the ascent, the ascent the fall, all these states against one another and gradually we develop.

S. I understand this dialectic, but still how to work with this so that we can discover them every time and work with them every time?

R. That's impossible without the revelation of evil you cannot reach good, that's what you want, it's impossible. We need to go through all the bad states, and from them we will reveal good states. We determine what can be good from that in which we are in bad. If we were not in the bad we would not discover that good exists and what good is.

4. S. (09:46) You said that what can be good for a certain person then it becomes bad for him. It turns out that something may be good for one person, but for someone else maybe it's right, it's not yet right or it's evil. So one should hide what he's going through in order not to harm others? So how does one scrutinize things for himself?

R. As much as the group accepts him in such a way so he needs to change himself. To adapt himself to the group to organize himself and as such together with the group to progress.

5. S. (10:56) The horrors that happened in the world during World War II, not only Europe and Japan and Asia as well, until today humanity is trying to digest the measure of that horror, all these things also helped humanity to advance, science and medicine and many things started there. Yielded good for us, for today things that we love today are results of all kinds of horrible processes that we are scared of today. So I wanted to ask I don't even know how to ask, how to change the way we relate to the evil we see in the world? Also what we see today how to change our relation to it, so that we will see that the Creator is behind that for the best of humanity?

R. That's an incorrect path of development when we first reveal the evil and then we gradually develop the good. That's an incorrect way of developing. We need to develop in the contrary way, we need to do everything in every place with our strength as much as it is possible through our request to the Creator, as much as that as possible, to invite the positive forces in nature. To call out to the Creator, to invite him that he will be in everything. Afterward, we can then Implement those forces. We don't need to go through the evil, in order to recognize the good, to ask for it and reach it. In the beginning we need to organize ourselves in such a way that we can understand that the evil doesn't exist. It exists only in us, but really the whole world is absolutely good.

S. Is it correct to say that the Creator takes the whole of humanity under consideration, not every individual so that some suffer everyone advances?

R. It's not always that way, but there is something in what you're saying. That's called the relationship between the individual and the collective and we learn about that.

6. S. (14:20) It turns out that it's not the evil that grows but what grows is the extent of my revelation that's how I advance, so what does it mean that I can somehow govern or live with this evil in order to advance without falling into the depth of that evil?

R. You cannot correct anything without the evil. You can escape, but you won't progress in that to do anything good, therefore evil was given to us in order for us to stop it, and to start activating in its place the good.

S. We're trying to do that, it's like being aware of the processes in me, when I bring all of these qualities into me, but at some point I can't hold on to the difference characteristics of these states is that normal how to work with that?

R. In the meantime it's okay, everything's okay for now.

7. S. (15:59) The state of descent what does it depend on how much it lasts?

R. The state of descent depends on a person's recognition of evil. The extent to which a person recognizes the evil in the descent and wishes to inverted to good. Meaning it doesn't matter to him how he feels the descent but the descent is given to him in order to shake him. Now to invert the descent to an ascent depends on him correctly relating to the state and wanting that he will bestow to the Creator.

8. S. (17:08) Turns out that the Creator creates created beings, as you said that we are already advancing for thousands of years, always wearing different clothes and driving different cars, but the Creator or vehicles, but the Creator always brings created beings out of the game by wars. Are you seeing that the created beings are changing for the better?

R. Creation doesn't change to a good or bad direction, but to a direction of a discernment of a sharper understanding of where that creation is. In the end we will truly understand that all of our emotions, our development, come only from our ego. Which we will need to depart from, in any case. And we will see that the future is only in the force of bestowal in the force of connection, and that's what our ego was given to us for. Therefore it is called a help against him.

S. It turns out that the Creator does that in a one way, there is war now, the simple people don't want to fight but the leaders they want to fight through the simple people as there is a verse the Heart of the Angels ministers in the hand of the Creator.

R. The Creator doesn't let the good come to the world?

S. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly, why don't the rulers acknowledge that the ego is ruinful.

R. Because they are 100% egoists so they cannot see that. The understanding is based on the fact that there are two foundations in the person, the good and the bad and a world leader doesn't have that at all. If you come to a person who is the leader someone in power, that all that good side is erased in him and instead of that he's just got the desire to control for power.

S. Can we in our dissemination affect them, so that some new point of view will be in them?

R. No we don't influence that. We influence the Creator and the Creator does with him whatever he wants.

9. S. (20:45) It turns out that we live as a result of the evil inclination the forces that he activates in us and in order to proceed it's like running before the chariot before the evil inclination. We need as you said, a vessel, a method to hear the advice of Kabbalist and ultimately being in a ten that reminds you that you're an egoist. What does it mean that the whole of humanity will acknowledge the evil, will the humanity come to us, to our tens in some way? Or in the meantime are we only talking about ourselves, the burden of responsibility is only on us?

R. If we, man and woman, understand in the same place we are in now, the place of connection and from that connection we will feel our connection with the Creator, that will be enough in order to invert the world. The world doesn't need much. All these billions of people are very small desires which can do nothing out of their own will. Our desire to connect and to connect around us the whole of humanity, in a good and pleasant attitude, that desire is thousands of billions of times greater than all the forces that are in humanity. So we don't need to be concerned about that, we need to be concerned only with how we will be the representatives of the good attitude towards everything, that we will be the representatives of the Creator in the degree of our world and then everything will be okay.

10. S. (23:16) What can we teach the world out of this? How can we bring the world closer through this, but it seems like we don't have to teach them anything from this but just concentrate on our connection that that will do the job? Is that correct?

R. Correct, we don't need to go to the world and start distributing all kinds of things there. All in all we need to care about having a tight connection between us, and when we feel that we are truly in one heart in that we will go out to the whole world and the whole world will feel our force as a positive necessary and the only force that can correct humanity. 

11. S. (24:23) We always say we should add in the connection. What is the importance of the meal in the connection between us?

R. Read the article of Rabash about the meal, about how important the meal is, even more important than the study. Because in the study each one turns to the Creator, and in the meal each one can be connected with his friends together and then they turn to the Creator. Meaning a meal can correct the group more than the study, than the lesson. So try to do that and it'll be all good.

12. S. (26:08) We need to reveal the evil, but we should only reveal it inside and reflect to our friends outside. Is it like that not just in our Ten, but it includes the whole World Kli, this love language, is it right?

R. Correct.

S. So if we witness something like that, not love language, but vice versa is used between friends what should be our effort?

R. Immediately to extinguish it, and to turn it into love, into connection. Where there is hatred can immediately be replaced with love.

13. S. (27:48) What is the first condition so we can be the representatives of the Creator?

R. To love each other, to love each other. Look at how you are such beautiful young girls and you also send me these hearts, so let us together, but together that is the problem to connect everyone together, and relate that way to the Creator and then you will certainly succeed immediately. So it is all in your hands, okay?

14. S. (28:53) Will it be good to ask to pray for our governments so they will know how to connect everyone or to simply ask for the connection between us?

R. I think it's easier and better and more correct for us not to go through governments where there are very egoistic and corrupt people sitting there, but to turn through the Creator as it is written make peace upon high and he will make peace with us that's how it should be.

15. S. (29:59) How can I both feel that I'm the representative of the Creator and that the same time feel that I am the least corrupted in the world?

R. Precisely because of that you are the most uncorrected one in the world, because of that you can be a representative of humanity towards the Creator. As the last one, the most uncorrected person in the world will be able to stand before the Creator and say I ask for everyone not for myself but for everyone. Correct everyone.

S. But I'm like a rag.

R. Very good that's great. I remember how Rabash told me that now you are a rag like me, and I have told my students that several times. That now you know that you are a rag like me, he was saying about himself that he is as if a rag and now I am also a rag. For me that was really like receiving some kind of a medallion. A big medallion. With that we will finish the lesson. I think it was a good lesson and we will prepare with you  the holiday of Passover and certainly it will come to us for our good and also to the world, so Shalom to you all, peace to you all and health, peace and will progress to good.