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Lesson 4 "Everything Is Achieved through the Power of Prayer"

Lesson 4 "Everything Is Achieved through the Power of Prayer"

Part 4|Jun 5, 2021

Congress Lesson 4 June 5, 2021, Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences from audio

Lesson No. 4: Everything Is Achieved through the Power of Prayer

1. Rav’s Introduction: Yes, all of the lessons are important but this is a special lesson, an important one, it takes us a lot of time in order for us to discover that we have no other work but only to organize the prayer to the Creator, that everything depends on that request if we asked for it correctly in the right direction, for something that we truly need then we will most certainly be rewarded with the Creator arranging the things correctly and from us only one thing is needed to ask the upper force correctly, to arrange in front of us correctly all of the stages through which we advance. That is considered that the righteous asks, and the Creator does. That is our work. There is no more. there is no more Only to locate what is required in the eyes of the Creator and to have it correct also in our eyes. That is called, make your desire as His desire and then everything will be realized. That is why all of our work is to discover the correct state we need to reach, each time. To reveal that we lack the force to bestow. That is already a revelation that we are lacking forces of bestowal, that we truly need this, we want this and if we really want forces of bestowal then ask of the Creator then it is certain that He will comply. This is how we enter this lesson. We should try as much as possible to understand it and to feel it. Ask questions and we will scrutinize them correctly, at the end of the day we have time and we have the ability. It's a very important lesson.

Excerpt 1 (02:42- 03:53) twice

2. R. Baal HaSulam tells this to us meaning all in all that is what we need, we don't need to attain spirituality itself we have no strength for it and in our preparation we have only the ability to realize that we are not in the correct state and to ask for that, meaning we always need to be in a state that we are asking and the Creator responds, and again we search for what to ask correctly what to ask for we ask and the Creator does. If he didn't, then it is a sign that our request was not correct. It was not complete because for a complete request the Creator immediately responds and then we discover His response, His answer immediately. Everything is attained only by the power of prayer and the second is that all the labor in the work is that we are obliged to only discover the lack of our strength to the extent that we are not capable of doing anything that we are not worthy of anything from our own strength. Okay that's good but we need to try and try and try, until we reach a state that his hands are too the Creator, because then only then we are qualified to pour our wholehearted prayer before Him that's what we need to reach. Now we can help each other out here let's say there is a person who is new or younger in the path he's included with us. He's not yet familiar with all these things but he learns from us. How we are already despaired from our own strength and have already reached out to the Creator in different forms and how we wanted to see and do things succeed and we did or didn't succeed and a beginner who has not been through all these stages, he can include himself with us and succeed just as we will that is the strength of the group. That is why we need to be prepared to pour a wholehearted prayer to the Creator. A wholehearted prayer is a prayer that we do together and we try to help each other, we are included between us. One in the other, all of us together, then we reach out to Him from our broken heart, from our mutual heart and by that we succeed.

3. S. (07:19) You said that the righteous ask and the question is the world, even our world, our physical world, does it depend on the prayer of the righteous?

R. Yes, it all depends on our prayer. All in our prayer to the extent we reach out to the Creator and ask from Him to bring us and all of humanity closer to Him and accordingly we will see positive advancement not through suffering, wars, pandemics, and other things. We can develop quickly and positively.

4. S. (08:23) In our desire to nullify before the friends to become nothing almost before the friends and we finally cannot do it, is this where we discover our real weakness and spirituality that we must pray to the Creator to become the heel of the group is that the discovery?

R. Also, but not only that, not just annulment towards the friends but connection, appreciation of the Creator, of the group prayer, all of this collection we need to examine where we are and we need to ask we need to pray.

5. S. (09:30) This concept of a wholehearted prayer, can we reach that at one moment in the ten or is it a process that is cumulative?

R. Yes, it is a cumulative process that we step-by-step gradually begin to discover that nothingness, that correct work which is only through prayer and this takes time, because we all feel that we are heroes and that we can do it ourselves and what is this work I need to do it and here the work is to discover that I am nothing and that my friends are the same as me and all in all in what are we helping each other? To discover our nothingness that there is nothing in us that is related to spirituality nor that can help us rise to spirituality, that we all in all need to reach a state of a request, a prayer.

6. S. (10:56) In our world when I have a child and I want him to develop, I sort out the conditions and let him to the work and also give him the credit so he can build his confidence if you don't give him the credit, he can't build it why and spirituality is the Creator of the one who takes the credit and does the work?

R. To start with He doesn't give us anything He only gives us the state and Kabbalists tell us that this state is shattered and if it's shattered then we have no strength to do something. We only need to become aware that we are incapable of doing anything and then to connect between us from the state of helplessness and to cry out to Him with a complete prayer. That is all. Our approach for connection is incorrect. We are opposite of that, all of our work is simply to discover our zero strength for correction that we have no chance even to bestow upon the other in each one to the others and all of us to the Creator and all of us together 0. Then with that 0 then we have no contact with spirituality so we need to ask from the Creator to give us these forces to teach us how to use this and that is how we advance. If you position yourself in such a way that you want to receive the forces of bestowal from the Creator and you want Him to care for you, and by that you begin to see how the Creator move to you towards the friends and how you all connect with the forces of bestowal in order to start arranging them in such a way that you will be able to reach out together to the Creator.

S. So I need to learn how to move the Creator so He will operate?

R. No, you don't need to move Him, He is ready, He doesn't need any movements or actions as soon as you will make your desire as His desire then you will see He acts in your desire.

S. We say having no forces and then we come to a request and when more time passes, we feel like the request means the most for us all together to come to that request so if there are no forces it is a very difficult action to ask?

R. You have friends, you're just not helping each other. There is no complaining about this, the fact that you have no desire when you have all of the conditions in the ten in order to build up this desire.

7. S. (14:19) We learned that it would locate what is right in the eyes of the Creator's so what audacity does the Creator have to say that a friend the Creator hasn't answered his prayer if what audacity do, we have to even say that the Creator hasn't answered our prayer if our work is to locate what is light right in His eyes and not what is right in our eyes?

R. We need after we identify what we are lacking, the force of bestowal, the force of connection between us, in order to raise our mutual request to the Creator that we see that we are incapable of doing so and the fact is that we didn't succeed until today. As of today, we need to connect and prepare ourselves for a new request, that is all, and more and more to try that same request that should be wrapped more and more with our demand, with our request for the Creator to help to do everything it is written the Creator will complete me. I am not capable of doing it myself, it is the Creator who does it. All I need to do is to start as much as I can.

S. They complain that the Creator did not answer our prayers. Is this a correct scrutiny?

R. You cannot complain that He is not answering your prayers because the Creator is always ready. It is a system that is pre ready to answer any correct request and if you do not feel a response, it is a sign that your request was not sufficient and it was not correct.

8. S. (16:69 ) To come to lowliness, to zero, is that a state or a degree that needs to come after a certain stages after 20-30 years I don't know or actually to listen to you and Baal HaSulam and the Kabbalists and internalized it and it can happen even earlier and then we can work accordingly if it is so and we can save redundant efforts and turn to the Creator is it or is it a degree that comes after a certain stage after an amount of time?

R. How many years have you heard that we need to reach out to the Creator?

S. 14 years.

R. 14 years, that's not much, but did you reach out to Him.

S. I hope I'm turning to Him correctly all the time, let's say in the last few years it is stronger.

R. You have no choice but to examine ourselves and again and again to reach out according to what we see in the writings there is nothing more to do but now we are a little more aware that only through prayer we can attain the desired state and only through prayer we have certainty that we have no other way to reach it only through prayer and that prayer depends on the extent that we see that we have zero strength, zero ability to succeed. We have nothing except for one thing: we have the ability to reach out to the Creator so we use that and the friends as much as we together process the deficiency correctly and reach out to the Creator this is what we need to do meaning all in all to reach out to the Creator.

S. A real rude man like a baby who is screaming?

R. Yes, a rude man like a baby that is starting to hit you on the and demanding you to do, and throwing a fit on the floor, tantrums with your hands and feet and screaming and crying do that, yes do that.

S. As it is written this audacity.

R. Yes, that's good, chutzpah (being rude or overconfident) towards the upper is good. Don't worry if it seems to you that you are right then raise your request and demand say I am right and the Creator will teach you where you are right and where you are not and why you are wrong and also before that check with the friends because the prayer should still come from the ten, from the mutual desire.

9. S. (20:49) Each in the 10 goes through certain personal corrections, so how can you come to all the 10 reaching the feeling of 0 nice and lack of forces when each personally praise and each personally received certain states, so how can we all together is it even possible to come the whole 10, to a state of loneliness and having no strength?

R. We are more or less in the same states, after every convention last thing we need to do a summary, together, all of us together, let's say how should He arranged us according to His name it is all attained in the forces of prayer great then when we finish the last season then we need to calculate what do we obtain from the lesson, how many sentences we need to write a few sentences of the summary of the lesson and with that summary to reach out to the Creator. A 10 that does her summary of the lesson with that same summary it reaches out to the Creator. That is very good, that is, that needs to raise us to a higher degree to a much higher degree.

10. S. (22:52) We have this feeling that it is scary becoming scary to be without the Creator and it's not scary for myself but for the plan of creation for the plan of the Creator is that a prayer? What else can we add to that, we are praying and praying, what else can we add?

R. What else do we need to do? That is what we are talking about now only to arrange the prayer to the Creator and it is certainly the only one who knows is the Creator and why is He taking us through all kinds of unpleasant states in order to reach out to Him for us to reach out to Him. Why is He bringing alongside these difficult states also the mind and the heart that will understand why He gives us these feelings and this difficult situation? In order for us to ask Him, there are many times in humanity, thousands of years, for billions of people who suffered and did not know who to turn to and what to say, who is to blame, how to change their state. We are not in that state we know, we feel and we receive advice from the Kabbalists what to do in order to better our state and that's what we should do.

11. S. (24:47) Is the fact that we are constantly asking of the Creator bringing us to a state of shame?

R. There should be no shame when I reach out to the Creator like a small child. He is not ashamed of his parents when he comes and demands from them. That is how it is naturally from the force of nature we have no shame to reach out to the Creator to do and respond because He is the cause of our state and of course He does that from the positive side as a Kabbalist says so when you reach out to Him and we feel the goodness that He receives as well there is no room here for shame if we are asking for corrections, there is no room for shame or shyness.

12. S. (26:01) The answer you gave earlier, that if we are insistent or if we are stubborn or when we ask from the Creator, I really want from my heart the request so I can cry and scream and laugh. When I do this from my mind it is more measured any comment how can we do it so that really inner part will come out and that moment we are in the ten, so that we will be able to cry together and warm up our hearts with what we say so the Creator will hear us, is it necessary for us to do so?

R. Only one thing is necessary for us to collect all of our correct deficiencies together in a 10 and direct them to the Creator work on that, then you will succeed.

13. S. (27:09) It seems like we're all together but on the other hand each is to his own, so how can this audacity towards the Creator if we turned through the ten?

R. Meanwhile there is no chutzpah (being overly confident, rude) here we have nothing to scrutinize here I apologize.

Excerpt 2 (27:53 -29:42) twice

14. R. In other words, we need to do all kinds of actions that we will feel the pain and suffering from not being able to bestow and to the extent that we don't have the strength to bestow even between us sometimes from envy, honor, lust from all kinds of reasons. We need to raise these problems to the Creator in each and every opportunity even if the opportunity isn't really apparent, like a child who is nagging even though he's not really missing anything, but he wants something and he starts asking and driving us crazy. We need to do the same, we need to reach out even with such prayers, by that we will eventually arrange a true prayer with the correct deficiency and in the right direction, then we will truly have more and more of a sensation of the deficiency. We awaken each time small surrounding lights and it gradually influences us and brings us to the correct desire to advance and then we will cry out for the correct desire, the deficiency and the Creator will respond.

15. S. (31:25) We learned that we need to play the greatness and see the friends in bestowal. How does that help in discovering our loneliness in the ten and return to the Creator from that?

R. I didn't understand what you said.

S. We learn that we need to act with greatness and to see the friends in bestowal. How does this help us in discovering loneliness and turn to the Creator from that?

R. I don't understand the question.

S. He's saying if we are acting out the greatness of the friends all the time, the path in the ten and everything we're doing here we have room to feel the lacs of the friends, if the friends are showing me the greatness, they're not showing me something that is missing?

R. We also need that we will try and be in mutual bestowal in the ten and with each one with a good request to his friend but we need to discover that we are doing this only externally that internally we haven't yet reached such real states.

S. So is there room to talk about these states that we have yet reached and is there room to talk about them in the 10?

R. Of course there's room to talk about this, we are talking also about good states like he says half an hour a day you need to be in criticism well that's what's written but it's not for us you can be in criticism with the friends say part of the time a third of the time that you do that you want to reach spirituality that you are grateful and respect the Creator you raise the group, there has to be here work in three stages to respect the goal and respect the group and to see to the extent that we are not yet in that stay in order to raise MAN.

16. S. (34:00) A practical question. let’s say now we are so focused on the lesson it's so powerful and we want to feel every word that comes out of your mouth suddenly He adds a disturbance what's the right attitude towards this?

R. If you feel the disturbance then close your eyes don't look at the disturbance meaning your senses yes and incorporate more in the friends and continue that way.

S. What does it mean to include the friends?

R. That I can open up to you right now. That's a whole other topic. We talked about it a lot, if you are asking me now, I have nothing more to tell you.

17. S. (34:55) Is it the evil inclination that would cause shame or prevent us from connecting or crying out to the Creator?

R. Certainly, it is only the evil inclination that stands and bothers us to connect between us and to connect to the Creator.

18. S. (35:45) We can also ask that from Him?

R. We can also ask that from Him, correct, yes.

19. S. (36:10) What do you recommend what to demand now from the Creator to gather all of the world Kli?

R. We need to demand from Him to show us what we are missing, because I still don't understand that it is clear to us what is missing and what is lacking.

S. I'd like us to reach a mutual prayer, all of the vessels, one prayer so that we will be able to reach this lock and open this gate?

R. Ok, I just don't know if it's correct to come to the lock and open it, but together is correct, with what lock? With what lock we need to arm ourselves with? That we don't yet know we are still scrutinizing it and that is our problem, but discover we are missing a very sharp point that is harming us that we are not yet achieved being what we are missing.

20. S. (37:36) As soon as we receive, how do we need to show gratitude, to be grateful for it?

R. To thank it's already no problem, you simply show your heart how happy your heart is if you truly received what you wanted.

Excerpt 3 (38:28 - 41:31) twice

21. S. (41:57) Why is prayer a victory? To be in prayer constantly is a victory?

R. Because if you could already pray that it is a triumph. You already did something that depends on you, you are already raising MAN. Then everything is in the hands of the Creator and certainly He will have to answer it. But our work begins and ends only in raising MAN, there is no more than that.

22. S. (42:39) It is said here that ‘victory is strengthened in prayer to the Creator,’ strengthening in the cry to the Creator. How do we do this and why is it a victory?

R. The nature we are in is a perfect nature. it is completely the desire to bestow and to give. He arranged us creatures, created beings, in a special way. I would say it's like a dream. It is written that ‘we have been like dreamers,’ where it seems to us that we are suffering and broken, and not capable of anything and so on. That's how the Creator arranged us so we would try to emerge from our state and ask Him to take us out of it. By this we will acquire discernments about what's good and what's bad, what's reception and what is bestowal. Then by that we will reveal in us where the flavors, the tastes, the strengths, the discernment where we will be able to live and deal with the upper force, with the upper world. We don't feel Him in such a way, not because it's concealed from us but because our senses are not ready for it, where we are not capable of feeling the upper world. This is why we need now to ask the Creator to give us these strengths, these forces of bestowal. Then we will feel it, then we will have no problem.

S. It's not clear. A cry is something that comes out of you so how can you strengthen it?

R. It's as a result of me not being able to do something, like a baby cries, and the more we check ourselves and see where we are, our cries are for more superior needs. I don't understand this and I don't understand that but I already have certain discernments that go with it, that I'm not capable of something and I do need it. This is how we deal with it, meaning our prayer becomes more and more focused, more aimed with the correct demands and this is how we acquire the vessels of feeling the state of bestowal, the state of the Creator.

S. What brings to this cry, consistency, or what, the efforts?

R. We come to the cry to the extent in which we see we can't attain what we want and that is something we must really get.

23. S. (46:16) As part of raising the prayer, doing an internal scrutiny as to why I don't want to turn to the Creator and then raising that as a prayer as part of my work in the 10?

R. Also, Correct.

24. S. (46:52) What is the cry for prayer for the friends?

R. I pray for us all to have the correct deficiency that is aimed correctly and that is all we lack. That's it.

25. S. (47:38) How can I arrange for a prayer to the Creator.

R. Only by you and your friends talking about it and scrutinizing it and we all do it. It is the prayer of many, that is what is missing.

26. S. (48:20) In the excerpt it speaks of ‘a person’. Is this person the point in the heart in each and every one of us?

R. It's about ‘a person’ and we are all ‘a person’. All the creatures are called Adam, or a person, especially when they want to resemble the Creator. That's why you are called man. We are asking, usually, for the 10. That’s for the time being, where we are. Later we will ask for the 10s to connect to the greater more complex 10 that is made up of more 10s. But we are always asking for the people that want to open their hearts towards all the friends and towards the Creator.

27. S. (49:28) How long can one remain in a state of a cry?

R. As long as you have the strength to cry out but check what you are crying for, all the time.

Excerpt 4 (50:08 - 51:31)

28. S. (51:41) The work with the intention: is it with the will to receive and the intention to connect with the 10?

R. Repeat.

S. This war, this battle we’re doing, is it between the intention to replace the intention with connection in the 10?

R. Yes.

29. S. (52:21) Is there a universal prayer?

R. It’s what comes out of the heart, that's what it needs to be. Prayer is the work in the heart, prayer is what emerges from your heart. If I would write down for you the prayer, it would not be prayer. It’ll be just some article. You need to discover what's missing in your heart in the most internal point of desire.

S. But sometimes...

R. You still don't have the true, correct lack and that's not called that it is a true prayer and therefore the Creator's not answering. You need to work more and more on the true lack, that's how it is.

S. Can we ask the Creator for anything, all the prayers to direct to Him?

R. That's nonsense. We turn to the Creator for the most precious things, otherwise He won’t listen to your request.

30. S. (53:57) How can you explain the help that comes from the Creator? Because it feels that you're not exiting your will to receive but that the prayer becomes more and more focused?

R. It could be that the Creator is still installing this sensitivity for the lacks and the prayers -- more and more exalted ones -- so that He will, truly, be able to help you and answer them. Because for the time being, you're similar to little children who cry, but this cries we see on the child, how he’s kind of crying and asking but that crying, there’s nothing serious about it. We need to continue until we truly feel that pinch in our hearts and its depth so we will be able to all turn to Him and feel between us all of us, and then from that point, that common point in our heart, to turn to the Creator. In such a way, He helps.

31. S. (55:32) If not raising a prayer, how do we stimulate the 10 to raise this mutual prayer?

R. Only through more and more work, reading these verses and trying to live in them. Renew them as much as possible each and every day. Meet with the group, to take this lesson and go over it over a day, or over a week. (Then) another day, another lesson, so on and so forth. Only through our attempt to implement the work of the Kabbalists between us.

32. S. (56:54) Our nature is to want fulfillment in the form of contentment and not fulfillment in the s\form of a deficiency. How do we change it so that we can consider a deficiency, a fulfillment?
It seems totally unnatural.

R. Also, a lack can be a fulfilling thing. You once were a young guy, I think, Mike, yes? And maybe you were kind of, like, longing to come closure to some woman, yes? Then when you were thinking about her you felt a certain tendency, an inclination, a passion, a lack and that was pleasant, that filled you, right or no? A lack can be also a fulfilling. Think about it more and you will see. Meaning it's not the original will to receive, it will never be filled, but the desire to bestow, to give, to yearn for something we love, that can be the complete, the whole filling. That's how we fill ourselves in spirituality, internally.

33. S. (58:40) How can I help each one of my friends to open up their heart, to direct their heart to the Creator?

R. What is the question?

S. How can I help each friend in the 10 to open their hearts?

R. Show him that you open your heart. And by that you will also help them to open their heart.

34. S. (59:33) You said that the Creator is a system and if you don't match the system, the Creator, the system doesn't respond. So how can we match this system in equivalence of form?

R. That is the upper law of nature. If you’re suited to it, then it operates on you like that and if not, then it doesn’t operate on you or it operates in a different way in order to bend and make it adapt to you. But that’s a law. It's written about, ‘He gave a law and it will not be changed’.

S. How can a system work on us if it waits for our response? Since there’s no equivalence of form, how can a system change us?

R. That's how it is. It's awaiting your response and it’s constantly connected to you and it received from you, each time, feedback, a response, each time. But when your response will be exactly with what is written in the system, it's called ‘make your will as His will’, then it operates in a higher degree. And on a higher degree, it operates on you and you, in return, upon it and through the connection between the friends until again you reach the lack of what it has and you reach the lack of what it has and then, again, it jumps to the next degree. That’s how we advance.

S. It is an iterating process, you say, it’s eventually developing us, let’s say, so that we match exactly the system -- ‘come and see'.

R. Yes and we are always connected to that system. We influence it and it influences us. The question is when is that leap from one state to another.

35. S. (01:01:57) You answered the question that we have to reach a cry. What will bring joy to this child that cries out after he makes his cry?

R. The Creator knows what to answer. If it’s the correct prayer He just fills the Kli and that’s enough.

36. S. (01:02:35) What do our scrutinies need to be built from? That we need to do scrutinies around the prayer? How should it be built correctly? Everything that we ask for now, it’s things that are stale towards the ego. Everything is from advice of the Kabbalists and even advice from you. And then when a request comes, it scatters out, it disperses?

R. There is no such thing. The Creator is 100% responsive to each and everyone. Only the final calculation is according to the desires that are mutual in the entire 10. He hears, meaning He responds, He is inspired by each and every desire. Even desires that you don't even feel go through you. That's how it is.

37. S. (01:03:59) In this interaction with the system, with the Creator, our prayer is changing according to the extent that the 10 grows and this extended prayer that is revealed and changes, is that where the triumph takes place? Is that how we attain triumph?

R. Yes.

38. S. (01:04:38) How important is it from my personal prayer that scrutiny to suit the whole prayer of the10? Do we need to do this scrutiny or not?

R. Yes, you need to check this before you activate yourself together. You need to scrutinize our desires to the extent we understand one another, are included in one another, and to the extent that we act as one man with one heart. Yes, that's very important.

Excerpt 5 (01:05:26 - :01 08:17)

39. R. (01:05:50) How can it be? We just spoke about it, now, we need to raise our desires, our cry to the Creator. Here he says that the will to receive is a disturbance in the work meaning it doesn't allow me to reach out to the Creator. Is that ok? What else do we need? What do you want from me? This disturbance comes from above.

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40. R. (01:06:44) In other words, the fact that we want to reach out to the Creator and ask and pray and bring Him all kinds of forms of requests. We have problems, disturbances -- that is done by Him -- until we will reach such a state that it's called ‘my sons have defeated Me’. We are acting, here, in front of the Creator and He is disturbing us and we need to overcome.

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41. R. (01:07:46) And if he sees that he has all kinds of disturbances -- that he scrutinizes them and they are not completely scrutinized yet but he has all kinds of disturbances -- this all comes from there is none else besides Him.

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42. R. (01:08:19) I asked that you erase all the questions from before and ask only according to the excerpts we are reading now. If you are asked about the previous excerpts then I will add you to my blacklists.

Excerpt 5 (01:08:21 -01:10:05) read again.

43. S. (01:10:14) Question about this exactly about the workplace about the will to receive that awakening. I’m asking that we’re talking about a prayer, a cry, it seems like I have this feeling that it's like we're pressing on the accelerator but we are neutral. It’s like how you get to that stay inside the ten, where you feel that this whole world that will receive is only taking us to… (Cut off by Rav)

R. Every day you need to start anew, again and again, and it's impossible that you will not advance, it's impossible if you do not do this you are not advancing.

44. S. (01:11:11) Can we say that to ask for the desire to bestow is to ask to feel the lack of the Creator, His desire?

R. Yes.

45. S. (01:11:26) Here there is a matter that it is talking about faith, a person needs to believe it says and the matter of faith should help us or does it need to put him more inwards?

R. I'm not talking about faith. We don't know what it is. We don't have an agreement and understanding or any sensation we haven't reached the degree of faith.

46. S. (01:12:14) When we recognize our evil inclination what should we do? Do we ask the Creator for forgiveness?

R. We don't need to ask the Creator for any forgiveness, we need to ask only for Him to give us a new deficiency for love for connection and that's what we need to ask from Him now, That's the most required thing. That is what we are missing.

Excerpt 6 (01:13:05 - 01:16:15) Twice

47.R. I ask that you delete all of the questions that you had before we are reading a new except, we are entering a new scrutiny so please delete all previous questions we are reading a new except listen to it and ask according to it again please.

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48. S. (01:16:18) Here in the except it is written that there is nowhere to run from the work and there are people who understand that and here in the lesson I understand that and then maybe two minutes into the lesson I kind of hid from that, is that escaping?

R. This is you escaping from spirituality. It is all because you are not connected to the others. Whoever is not connected to a 10 is thrown, cast away so that he will discover to the extent that he lacks connection.

49. S. (01:17:01) What's the meaning that nothing satisfies me in the work?

R. That I want only to reach the bestowal and all kinds of gifts and all kinds of things that I received instead of the will to bestow that does not satisfy me. I do not want them. I disrespect them.

50. S. (01:17:38) What are the signs that we are in the right direction in the work?

R. The right direction in the work is that it is getting harder and harder to think of bestowal, that I have a greater necessity in everything that's included in it is harder to reach that. To attain the quality of bestowal becomes for me some kind of motivation and some unsettling thought.

51. S. (01:18:24) When we come to the quality of bestowal will we be able to set up a bestowing?

R. Yes.

52. S. (01:18:41) In the excerpt It is written that those people want to escape from the work, why does it say that? Is it about the friends or from the Creator that they want to escape?

R. When they discover that they would want to leave the path but they are not capable. On the one hand, their will to receive is saying, leave the path let's leave, on the other hand, they say that there is no more truth at all besides that and that's why we stay. These are the states that we are all going through and they already existed in these states. We have already been to these states.

S. So my will to receive is recommending it to me?

R. Yes.

53. S. (01:19:51) When I'm connected from home like you said the Creator throws me each time, now we're gathered together and we are in a better way. How to remain in the tension no matter what happens around?

R. Only by one helping his friends. Try and participate in such a way that you will care for no one to escape with mutual intention between you to reach correction and the Creator. That is how it is.

Excerpt 7 (01:20:40- 01:24:09) Twice

54. S. (01:24:11) The prayer is from the depth of the heart but it is a personal, a private one?

R. Yes, we didn't hear of each and every one, that's how it is.

55. S. (01:24:33) What is the meaning in the depth of the heart? How should we understand and how to react from within the depth of the heart?

R. Meaning from the depth of my heart means all of my heart. It's in regular language.

56. S. (01:24:57) I see that everyday despite my strengthening, more and more in bestowal and wanting to bestow towards the Creator and the friends and I see that every day I have less forces in this work. Is that a sign of advancement?

R. Yes, it is a sign of advancement if you find that every day you have less strength than yesterday, even though you don't agree to that but you find that you have less strength than it’s a sign of advancement that you become weaker everyday but again alongside that you do not agree with that.

57. S. (01:25:57) For advancement is it more beneficial to know that the prayer is being received or not?

R. There is no such thing that the prayer is not accepted. All prayers are accepted, to the extent that the person understands that the Creator answers him or not, that's something else, but all prayers are received. Doesn't matter which.

S. When it seems that the more it happens is that more or less good?

R. I don't know. It doesn't necessarily have to be like that but I'm not sure. The only thing we need to think about is how do we raise our deficiency in a more correct manner towards the Creator, how do we raise a deficiency. What we get in return, we don't really understand. It's not really important to us. I can't build a mutual system with the Creator yet. I don't yet feel this mutuality, me to my beloved and my beloved to me.

S. So not to pay attention to the response?

R. To constantly pay attention only to what we are sending to the Creator and what we are asking the Creator from and in the return, that is a serious confusion. It's not an easy thing to scrutinize.

58. S. (01:27:56) How much to run away from the prayer that the person doesn't run away from the exception in its to do?

R. You have to constantly nag the Creator, don't stop, constantly nag the Creator, always try and pull His attention. We need to do that like a child.

59. S. (01:28:26) How does a person agree to come to the work of bestowal? What does he agree to?
R. If a person agrees to work in order to bestow then the Creator sends him all kinds of questions in order for the person to overcome and to learn what it actually means to bestow.

60. S. (01:29:01) What does it mean to enslave myself to the Creator?
R. To enslave oneself to the Creator that means that everything I want to do is in order to bestow through all the creation to the Creator. That by that I'm realizing His desire The Creator once to be able to be revealed among all of the creation that's His pleasure and I need to pay attention to that and I need to give do it all my energy all my life for the Creator to be able to be revealed among everyone and that's considered to bring Him contentment that He will be joyful and clothe it amongst the Creator.

S. When you enslave something you receive something, but here there's no benefit?

R. Of course there is no benefit, it's all to the benefit of the Creator. Everything goes to the Creator.

What is here for self-benefit?

Excerpt 8 (01:30:43 - 01:32:23)

Excerpt 9 (01:32:25 01:34:07) Twice

61. R. I want to hear a prayer from the friends

62. S. (01:34:26) In this prayer to the Creator. We ask that you connect that broken heart to fill it with you, the Creator. We ask of you to unite our broken heart and fill it with you.

63. S. (01:36:47) Now in the lesson you said the sentence, to reach bestowal we will understand that the rejection keeps rising and this obsession has to be above the rejection?

R. The Creator distances us but in such a way that we will understand what way we have to come closer to Him, it's like a dance. We distance from this and come closer from there. That we come closer to this, we distance ourselves from there. It's like a dance. The fact that we are rejecting, He's actually building a place for us to come closer to Him on the right side.

S. This has to be in a mutual dance between the ten and connection?

R. Yes, the fact that you're not connected between you is the reason why you still haven’t reached the cry.

S. Something as small as that connection is enough to bring us towards the Creator.

R. Yes.

64. S. (01:38:40) You spoke about the cry that needs to come from the heart of the prayer. What is more important in the prayer, is it the cry or the content of the cry?

R. The cry is more important than what's in the cry because the Creator already understands what inside the cry, you need to do quantity and later you can be concerned about the quality it's like kids when they grow their cry become better in their content.

65. S. (01:39:39) It's so wonderful to be in such a congress in such a lesson in the last except we read that it said that we can be weakened in the path, how can we help on another not to be weak in the path but on the opposite to overcome and rise the power of bestowal.

R. If at any given moment you're not taking care of being united then you'll be weak. It all relates to how connected you are the more you are attracted towards connection the more you succeed otherwise the situation is not good.

66. S. (01:40:48) Now you answered the friend in the lesson, but I want to make it more precise. Is there an action about asking to watch the friend or not to ask about myself, what is more important?

R. You are right it is more important to pray about the connection between us more than to be in bestowal because if I do ask about myself it's more of an egotistical request and I want to ask more about the connection.

67. S. (01:41:48) What can we do when we feel some empty space instead of the heart?
R. It's good that you have emptiness instead of your heart because in this place you have to continue onwards, to ask, to pray, it's excellent, as it is written there is no one more whole that one with a broken heart and happy you are in that place you feel that your heart is empty.

68. S. (01:42:40) We ask how much is it important to learn to be grateful towards the Creator in our sensations?

R. It is very important because it gives us a connection between us and the Creator, certainly besides the lack that we feel and this lack is nevertheless egotistical, but when we feel the connection between us and the Creator and we want to feel it, that's already a spiritual request. Connection is spirituality because just like we all fell from the degree of first Adam HaRishon which was shattered into pieces therefore we return to the connection between us is what a spiritual connection is.

69. S. (01:43:55) According to the practical work we are doing in the ten, listening to the lessons we thought for asking for each and every single friend a prayer, do we need to do a workshop to fill the deficiency of the friend or we don't need to?

R. It is desirable to do a workshop and to talk about the connection between you to the extent to which you come closer to one another and to turn to the Creator so He will help you with this connection, yes.

70. S. (01:44:56) How to accelerate this process for an answer from the Creator because we've been asking for so long and we already got used to that state of separation.

R. We need to battle with this otherwise we will not feel the wisdom of Kabbalah and you'll stay in this room and this world and that's it.

71. S. (01:45:44) A friend is asking that we got into some sort of a routine, how to always renew our deficiency?

R. Read an excerpt every morning from what we study and see if you're in that state or not.

72. S. (01:46:26) Could you please explain what it means that the Creator looks for the prayer of the righteous?

R. He has a lack to bring us towards connection and correction and He wants to bring us to that state and if we do that then we certainly evoke contentment within Him by doing this.

73. S. (01:47:11) It is unclear how to find a prayer that comes from the heart many times. It seems to us that you are praying from the heart but something else is happening and how to even?

R. It is not important, do you need to continue and pray for the Creator to help you to be in one heart and you will succeed with that, besides that you are really changing well as much as I know you, you are changing well both as a group and as individuals, there is great advancement.

74. S. (01:48:13) What specific action must we take besides the connection that we can do each and every friend in the ten together in order to show our desire to bestow to the Creator and ringing content?

R. Simple answer - only connection.

75. S. (01:48:55) What does it mean the hand of the Lord will not be short?

R. If a person correctly asks the Creator in the right way, he for sure immediately receives an answer because we're talking about the Creator, it's the upper system. Just like we are in one field that's called this world the Creator is simply called the upper degree which is a certain degree that is above us if we have a lack and we send it to the Creator we immediately receive a response like always receive this response but we don't always receive it as something that we want but we don't always realize how good it is we just need to realize that we need to try and understand Him.

76. S. (01:50:17) How can the ten reach or use the ability of the connection to reach the broken height on the one hand not to be tired on the other hand and not to be tired?

R. We need to hold on to each other more and more. Try, you have a good heart, try to connect all the friends together so on one hand you embrace them and on the other hand you are embracing them you will come to it I promise you I can feel it.

77. S. (01:51:22) Demanding seems like the easiest thing to do for the will to receive, but why is it so hard to request?

R. We need to help one another until you're not ashamed and you are going to be in a disclosed manner with the Creator inside your heart. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you have nothing to be afraid of the Creator is like a baby towards his mother, can he hide something from his mother, no, that's how we are towards the Creator. Try and depict yourself in such a way towards the Creator like a baby towards his mother we just need to grow up and to constantly show the Creator the extent to which we want in this embrace between us and with Him to feel Him in our entire common body, our common heart and then there will be no partitions between us, ok?

78. S. (01:53:05) What is the feeling of pleasure different between bestowal and receiving?

R. This cannot be depicted. Its different worlds, the unlimited world, the infinite pleasure we don't understand a little more than the translation, I can't explain.

79. S. (01:53:49) We are working and a long time ago we connected but still there are disturbances that we can overcome. How can we overcome it?

R. Only between you, start going over all the lessons of the congress one by one in a simple way without going too deep and then start writing down in each and every lesson what is not in you and what can't you observe and engage with and from that will receive a deficiency to pray for.

80. S. (01:54:44) What exactly is missing in a prayer and why does it go wrong?

R. Only one thing is missing the connection between us. The connection is in the ten, the reason why the Creator doesn't hear the prayer because he only hears what rises from the ten, that's how it works.

81. S. (01:55:29) I want for all the obstacles that we need above them to ask from the Creator help for all the world clear is that the correct prayer?

R. Correct, you just need to ask and if you ask correctly, then the Creator will answer, you just need to ask and if you ask then the Creator will answer.

82. S. (01:56:26) How is it felt in the ten, the spiritual work, what do we need to feel?

R. You need to feel that the world is endless, eternal and that we are also eternal and endless. Everything is in a state that there are no boundaries, that we are all in an awareness and acquaintance with the fact that we are in such a reality that each compliment and complete one another and we are in complete feeling of each other and in control of our entire faith. I hope that we are coming to this and with that we must conclude and we will try in our next lessons to give more room to the women maybe even tomorrow morning lesson or in the afternoon also, definitely in the afternoon will have more time for the women to ask as much as they want.