Daily LessonFeb 13, 2024(Morning)

Part 2 Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 7, item 36

Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 7, item 36

Feb 13, 2024
To all the lessons of the collection: Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 2. Part 7

Morning Lesson February 13, 2024

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation, which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio.

Part 2:

Baal HaSulam. "Study of the Ten Sefirot" (TES). Vol. 2. Part 7, Item 36

Reading item 36. (00:18) “Yet, the letter BDK HYH, which are posterior...” Twice. 

Reading Inner Light item 36. (02:26) “He writes, ‘AVI, of which it has...’”

Reading item 37. (03:38) “We have already explained that what...” Twice. 

1. R. (05:33) Because the light of Ozen is a great light it belongs to a higher degree. That is why he does not even explain it.

Reading item 38. (05:56) “These Mochin, which are the above-mentioned...”

Reading Inner Light item 38. (07:33) “He writes that the vessels NHY of Keter...”

2. S. (08:56) Why is the deficiency of the light of Ozen and why does it return AVI to face to face?

R. Because the light of Ozen is the light of GAR not the light of AK. That's why AVI needs to prepare themselves in order to get to the light of Ozen.

S. They're deficiency should return them back-to-back. Why doesn't that bring them face to face? They have to get a deficiency for this light if the light of Ozen is missing?

R. If the light of Ozen is missing, they raise a deficiency for the light of Ozen.

S. Why are they face to face; they should be back-to-back and then it creates the deficiency for the light of Ozen?

R. No.

S. How does it work?

R. The light that they want to raise MAN to so, they need to raise the deficiency. 

S. So raising the deficiency?

R. That is from AVI.

S. Then they are face to face?

R. Yes, that's it. 

3. S. (10:23) In item thirty-five it says, when the vessel of NHY of Keter cloth in AVI as clothes of Mochin were canceled, too. But they are not regarded as Keter because they have already clothed in AVI. Why are they not regarded as Keter? The NHY of Keter that clothed in AVI are not considered Keter now.  

R. Because they already belong to the degree of AVI.

S. What does it mean that they belong, it’s both Keter and AVI. They are clothed in one another.

R. Yes, but the coupling gave them a new area in AVI.

S. Is this a law in spirituality that when the upper one clothes in the lower one, what clothes does not belong to it anymore?

R. I do not know if this is a law; where can you find such a things? But actually, yes.

S. Does it lose its NHY?

R. It lets the lower one take care of the NHY.

S. It gives it one hundred percent?

R. I do not know, you are constantly wanting me to tell you a little bit more.

S. I am trying to understand how a Partzuf remains without a part of itself?

R. Because through that, it can ascend, it raises itself above its vessels of reception. 

4. S. (12:29) Maybe we're talking about many details. Maybe you can give us a more general picture about these three systems: Nekudim, ABYA, and Adam Ha Rishon. The text moves between them. It talks about this and about that. Can you give us an overview of what are these three systems and how they are connected, Nekudim, ABYA and Adam HaRishon?

R. The world of Nekudim is what connects all the worlds below Tabur with the Partzufim that are above Tabur. There can be any other connection but only through Nekudim. They revealed this deficiency, that is why through that deficiency they connect. I do not know what else to say, AVI is a copy of the upper Hochma, that Bina that are above the Tabur. And they must exist in order to connect, above the Tabur and below the Tabur.

S. By the way, AVI are both in Atzilut and Nekudim, these Partzufim?

R. Correct.

S. Why? Are they the same Partzuf or it was before and then after?

R. No, it is according to that matter.

S. Then he suddenly begins to explain about the world of Atzilut and the Nekudim which you just explained, how it connects above and below the Tabur to the world of AK. How come you suddenly have the worlds of ABYA that emerged so there was the shattering? What is this whole system of the world of Atzilut that now suddenly emerges, the worlds of ABYA? Because he says, there is Nekudim, ABYA, and then he talks about Adam HaRishon, who he went back to Nekudim. He moves between these three systems. It's a little not, it's a general question, but?

R. So we are lacking something right? Thirty-eight or what?

S. I just wanted you to give us a general location. Now in the worlds we read, we talked about the world of Nekudim right now, right?

R. Yes.

S. There are many details here, I would like you to give us an overview. First of all, where we are. Maybe in the beginning of the lesson you can say we're here right now, we're talking about this, so you give us a kind of location?

R. If we are in the world of Nekudim, we have Keter, AVI and ZON. If we are below the world of Nekudim, we have ABYA. We need to relate to the Partzufim in a different way.

S. He adds here that the corrections in ABYA are done through the six thousand years by the righteous in this ABYA. Is this connected to us, to corrections we have to do? That we will perform the corrections in all the worlds as we advance. What are the six thousand years that suddenly comes into the story of the upper systems?

R. The six thousand years are the degrees that have to be corrected through the acts of the lower ones, that is it.

S. We, people, right?

R. We are not in it yet but let us hope so.

Reading Item 39. (17:14) “Let us return to the intention and say...” Twice.

5. S. (21:53) It is written that the sons are the MAN of Ima. 

R. Yes?

S. What does that mean that the sons are MAN of Ima?

R. They raise the deficiency to Ima and compel her to make the coupling with Aba.

S. What does it mean that it's always?

R. That is the order. AVI and below with the sons, the children.

S. And Ima is always prepared to absorb their MAN?

R. No, there are many states.

S. So when we say that the sons are always MAN of Ima?

R. The sons are always in MAN of Ima because they are below. The deficiency rises from them, from MAN.