Daily LessonMar 12, 2023(Morning)

Part 2 Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation"

Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation"

Mar 12, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Connecting the World in the Last Generation

Morning Lesson March 12, 2023 

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 2:

Connecting the World in the Last Generation - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #7

Reading Item #7 (00:14 - 05:26) “All this agony is felt only by the Klipa of our body…” Twice

1. S. (05:36) Here he’s saying harsh words here that “when all the people of the world agree to eradicate their own will to receive, they'll have no desire but to restore to their friends”; meaning, there's a chance that we will be like whole-heartedly we will be unanimous here?

R. I think so, there is a nature in human nature to join others so it is possible for it to be ‘in one mouth’ or wholeheartedly.

S. Then he says,” all these torments are only to understand that we”, the question is why do we have to suffer so much, these torments we have, they're terrible and it's only through the revelation of its nothingness to end the harm in it, so what's the reasons for theses torments?

R. The reason is that you need some awakening to move, transition from one state and enter a different state where you will feel better.

S. And without torments we cannot advance?

R. Without suffering you cannot because you are a desire to receive, you are not prodded with this prod, a sharp prod, you will not move.

S. Meaning, we have to be in torments and suffering?

R. The will to receive needs suffering?

S. Let me understand, we are all suffering and this whole mess in the world is only to show us how much we don't have the quality of bestowal?

R. Depict it to yourself, yes.

S. That's the way it is, so much trouble?

R. Like this, so much, but it can be more.

S. All these thousands of years, that how it went, all these sufferings for the people of Israel over humanity, is that the only reason to bring us the state to discover how wrong we are?

R. Yes of course

S. Can’t it be done in a different way?

R. No, how do you do with your children?

S. I buy ice cream.

R. Ice cream, so then, are they willing to do everything for ice cream?

S. Look, you give to them from yourself so they will be human beings, you give a person so he advances, you don't have to slap a kid so he will be a real human?

R. The fact that you might not always give them ice cream is also slap.

S. That’s true but we don't get any ice cream, we all we get is slaps and earthquakes and destruction and the whole nine yards, so why?

2. S. (08:52) It talks about the suffering that goes to the Klipa, the shell, on the one hand it says that we shouldn't relate to it, on the other hand we cannot ignore who we really are. This desire with respect to the others, how to build the right relationship in our address to others?

R. The right relation is composed from our awareness of why we are getting blows and try to see their direction. Meaning we I see that it is coming from a higher force which means that everything we are receiving is towards the goal, and we are ready to go through the blows if we see a correct and good goal; and in this way we advance, this is it, this is all.

3. S. (10:39) We see now that the nations suffer and are going through different situations, all that is ultimately to bring people, as it says here “to the quality of love another like yourself”?

R. Of course, in order for the nations to love one another they have to feel natural hatred towards one another in which they were created, and then understand that in this state they cannot continue to exist.

S. But this happens between nations, but within a nation that goes through different difficult situations so that within it, it says here “that only to the extent that we love each other we can feel that we are being for, we don't have any care for yourselves”, that's what people have to reach?

R. Yes sure.

S. So how do Kabbalists depict it for themselves that people will gradually connect to ten or what, how will something change in them and they will love each other?

R. Love has many degrees, many steps, and in these steps and these degrees we are going to have to climb up to true love. From egoistic love we will climb up to higher love that doesn't depend on what we received from our friends.

S. You are talking about our group, a group of Kabbalists but here Baal HaSulam refers, the way I understand it, to a general public?

R. Yes, of course and?

S. So how can it happen in such a broad public to reach the quality of love, caring, bestowal, carrying not for oneself?

R. And this is exactly how we will get there gradually with the influence of the upper light.

4. S. (13:19) Our development in the ten prior to the Machsom is also in the Klipa or do we come out of it when we connect?

R. Of course if we connect then we come out of the Klipa.

5. S. (14:00) It seems, Rav, that in order to come out of the place we are in we have to use our original ego to start the correction, is this right?

R. Yes.

6. S. (14:29) They are all kinds of different sufferings, it can be physical sufferings, pain, it can be psychological sufferings, the relationship in your family; there are also sufferings when you are not suffering for yourself but there's a kind of war there, or earthquake or a sick friend. All these torments can become torments of love but we are not capable of shifting it to be torments of love, for example to shift physical pain to be torments of love is difficult, can we ask the Creator to give us some lighter torment so how to work with these sufferings, to answer or to choose what suffering should I work with?

R. Stop digging about suffering, I can’t hear this anymore; you’re yearning not towards suffering but towards happiness and joy and love, and stop picking the suffering and think only about love and then you will have a completely different life.

7. S. (16:09) One would want to reveal the purpose of life or love of others?

R. A person of the world will want to reveal the purpose of life, he has to understand what he lives for, is there a reason for his life, does he not lose something more than his life.

8. S. (16:44) It reads in the passage, “all human beings agree to abolition and eradicate their will to receive from themselves, and many friends here have been on the path working to do that with great efforts. So it seems inconceivable that all humans would eradicate the will to receive, what is the balance of the forces of our efforts to connect and annul our will to receive, our dissemination efforts?

R. If a ten connects there is no problem to annul the will to receive within the ten, that is in the ten, and aim oneself in the correct way. That the flow coming from the Creator will take them and align them in them towards the purpose of life, that’s it.

S. And what is the balance of the efforts in the ten, our dissemination efforts, and the disasters in the world, what are the balance of these forces that’s going to bring about all human beings wanting to eradicate the will to receive, there are many forces that work here, what is the balance?

R. There is no balance between them, as much as there is in the positive we will advance nicely; if there is force in the negative then we will advance less or even the opposite way until we reveal the evil in us and they evil in us will obligate us to change course.

S. Is it up to us to point out the evil in the will to receive or is that becoming concrete or the Creator will take care of that or we should point humanity in the right direction to eradicate the will to receive?

R. We have to try to clarify the evil inclination of ourselves and this should be our intention and not to complicate things.

9. S. (19:43) How does the work that Bnei Baruch does prepare the ability of all the people in the world to let go of their own view and to connect?

R. This is how it is, there is no stronger positive or forces that pull humanity towards the purpose of life like us, which is why we are, in essence, the ones who are bestowing, influencing, disseminating the purpose of life; how to approach it, the reason of purpose of purpose of the reason for humanity, we hope that more and more and more will come and become greater than us even. There is no competition here, the opposite is true, may we be the smallest of all who disseminate the wisdom of the Creator to the world as well as long as there are many people dealing with us and in this we will finish.