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30 August 2022 - 11 March 2023

Lesson 83Mar 11, 2023

Zohar for All. Introduction of The Book of Zohar. General Explanation for All Fourteen Commandments and How They Divide into the Seven Days of Creation, item 11

Lesson 83|Mar 11, 2023
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Morning Lesson March 11, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 2:

Zohar for All. "Introduction of The Book of Zohar". General Explanation for All Fourteen Commandments and How They Are Divided into the Seven Days of Creation. #11

Reading Item #11. (00:20) “These are the three commandments..”

Reading Item #12. (03:35) “The eighth commandment is to..”

1. S. (04:23) It's written that first the three commandments corrected Nefesh of Katnut and Ruach of Katnut and then the Neshama of Katnut and to pass the foreskin from it. What is this gradual work?

R. In this way we need to correct the will to receive gradually from the weakest to the strongest and biggest.

S. It's not clear why only in the third commandment, the third stage it corrects the circumcision. It seems it has to start from that?

R. There is still no will to receive that you can cut, cut off, it's only after the first and second items that such a will to receive appears that seems to be harmful and that's why we cut it off and don't use it.

S. Where do we begin working from? When will we be able to do something that is written here?

R. We do it gradually under the influence of the upper light. We don't need to do anything physically and also what is written here is not physical operations.

S. I mean the internality, where can we start our spiritual actions in correcting Nefesh of Katnut? How can we reach this?

R. The light will do it, don't worry, the light will reveal in you certain desires, afterwards these desires will become separated from each other and you will see who they are, what they are, what you did with them and you will want to gradually get rid of them. You will gradually restrict them from using them for yourself and you will shift them to using them for the Creator, for others.

S. So, these desires are pleasures from the Creator for myself?

R. In the end, yes.

Reading Item # 13. (07:20) “The ninth commandment is to..”

2. R. (07:48) The quality of judgment and the quality of mercy.

Reader continues. (07:55)

3. R. (08:06) The second restriction.

Reader continues. (08:09)

4. R. (09:03) This is the ninth commandment.

Reading Item #14. (09:08) “The tenth commandment is to..”

5. R. (11:33) On the road to the end of correction we will discover all these steps and understand them easily. It's not as it seems now, that it seems like something high and unclear and confusing.

Reader continues. (11:50)

Reading Item #15. (13:10) “The eleventh commandment is to..”

Reading Item #16. (15:50) “The twelfth commandment is to..”