Daily LessonMar 7, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Mar 7, 2023

Morning Lesson March 6, 2023

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Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #6

1. Rav’s Introduction: (00:23)Yes, Passover for us is the greatest holiday because it is the holiday of the exit from our ego, from our will to receive, from disconnection from the Creator, from distancing from the friends. Passover is the beginning of the spiritual path, when we emerge from the clamps of the ego that is holding us together, that is preventing us from breathing. We want to run away from it and advance in our connection and reach the establishment of the vessel of Adam HaRishon, a single vessel, a single soul, and also to feel there the one spiritual world, one light, one Creator and we are all together. It's very important, there is actually no greater holiday than Passover, Pasach from the word skipping, that it skips, it goes over from the state of in order to receive to the state of in order to bestow. Which is why the exit from our ego, from the will to receive, from the earthly, artificial nature that the Creator created, exiting it is truly a great holiday. From that we begin everything. So please.

Reading item #5. (02:20) “ Abraham's question was that he saw..”

2. R. 03:30) This means that first of all a person should feel that he has a need for a vessel so that he will want to receive all the parts of the soul, all of the fillings that they will fill the soul, that they will come and fill all of this internality so that in every thought, in every desire he will have only the points of connection with the Creator, and if one is already in such a state then he has prepared himself for the exodus from Egypt.

3. S. (04:19) Where does the need for a Kli come from?

R. All of the needs come from above: good ones, bad ones, it doesn't matter which ones, and also the fillings for them come from above.This is why there is no question about where does everything come from? Iit all comes from the Creator who wants to develop us. Just as we are with our children, with our babies, we are waking in them all kinds of questions, all kinds of demands. We want them to ask of us, to demand from us, to want to receive from us all kinds of new states and we will be happy to do that for them, to provide them with that because by this they enter life.

According to nature one has no greater pleasure than seeing his child developing. Truly from one day to the next receiving new discernments in this world. Later on in the upper world these things don't come smoothly but rather as the Creator regrets what we call the sorrow of raising sons. We also with our children regret and out of that we begin to understand, and out of that we can learn a lot about the relations with the upper force.

4. S. (06:35) It says that Abraham saw that Israel does not have so that he didn't have the need to attain the completion of the degree so if the need comes from above what is the expectation from Israel about the need.

R. To arrange everything so that my son, let's say, my little son will want that he will receive a need from above. The vessels come from the Creator. It says, ‘I created the evil inclination,’ and when the created being receives desires, thoughts, intentions, all kinds of signs that do not let him rest in his present state, then he begins to ask why and what do I need all of this for ? According to what the ego wants and this is why, this is how he develops, nevertheless, out of lack of choice he's being pushed.There are two angels, forces that move a person, that bring him out of his slumber.

5. S. (08:11) It says here that Abraham saw what was the inheritance of the land which is Malchut  which carries the upper abundance. Why didn't the Creator just say, ‘Okay, I showed you this revelation, and now you teach that to the people of Israel.’ Why couldn't He teach the people of Israel? Why did He have to put all the nation into exile? It is not clear? Because we learn that we need to learn these states that Kabbalah receive, but here it says they have to go into exile without the feeling of the exile or the recognition of the exile, it is impossible to reach redemption.

The advantage of the light is only out of the darkness. This is why the Creator has no choice but if His goal is to bring the created beings, the entire will receive that He created to a state where the will to receive will be with the intention to bestow, then the Creator, seemingly, has, as it is called, I was sold along with you he chose this path then he already has to take them through, and it's not that he regrets on the path but rather in order to shift the will to receive to the intention in order to bestow, this is actually the right and only way, the only way by which the Creator can do with the will to receive of the created being so that they will reach the same state as Him,in order to bestow.

S. We also need to go through the Exile? Time and again?

R. Of course, without exile there is no redemption. We learn that the difference between Golah (exile) and Geulah (redemption) greatness and redemption is the letter Aleph, or the champion of the world, when the Creator begins to appear in our life, then from the exile comes redemption.

S. We also said that now it is sufficient for us to just learn these states that the Kabbalists describe and try to be in those states.

R. We don't need anymore if you listen to it and feel it inside of you how it works. Then we don't need anymore. This is considered that you are learning it, you are going through it, you are feeling it in your life.

S. Abraham was able to tell his students, his nation what he discovered and that they will yearn or that state?

R. No, no it's impossible to explain it with words, to simply pass it as a story. A person has to go through it inside of his emotions, inside his inner feelings. This is why the whole path is so long and it has to go over each and every person over each and every creature.

6. S. (12:13) I wanted to ask if you could say that the more that you long to come to the desert to connect with the friends that is how you receive more corporeal troubles and you identify with the pain of people outside?

R. Not necessarily. It is possible to go through it and to shift from in order to receive to from in order to bestow, it depends on the root of the soul and all kinds of conditions and, how much you have around you a strong society that can truly be together with you in an embrace.There are all kinds. However, there are many forms of shifting from in order to receive to in order to bestow and it is not done at once, it takes years, it takes 400 years of the exile itself to understand the exile, to feel the exile. It  has to go through the four degrees of the still, vegetative, animate and speaking in the person. Aleph, Gimmel, Dalet, Bet,1 2 3 and 4, and only according to that, a person disconnects from the in order to receive to all the forms of the coarseness of the will to receive and he rises above it and he is then able to exit the in order to receive to in order to bestow; this is called the exodus from Egypt, and in that there are many stages and substages.

S. Any case, if that's how it is felt, what to do to hold onto the Ten and ask the Creator for faith?

R. Yes, the entire exodus from Egypt is that we turn to the Creator and ask, demand, truly, cry and this is out of our connection. Upon us there are only two actions: which is to connect between us and to turn to the Creator with a request.

7. S. (14:59) We learn that there is always a deficiency and then an illumination according to the order of degrees between each and every state. Can there be a state where the light blocks us? What is that light?

R. No, no this is not a question. We have to continue with the same advice that the Kabbalists give us, meaning to connect to, between us and in our connection to turn to the Creator and in that we should see all of the means that we have. We don't need anything besides that, we don't need to change anything in our families, or in our country's, or in anything, but only connection between us and turning from the connection to the Creator.

8. S. (16:22) Everyone of us went through his personal path before he came to this great Bnei Baruch group. Can we call this coming out of a personal exile?

R. The personal exile, yes. The fact that we reached a big group that can provide and supply us with an environment that is actually coming out of the exile of Egypt truly, yes. This is already a large part of the Exodus.The fact that we are sitting together, connecting together and learning together and we can encourage and help each other with all kinds of means: with the books, and the clips, and the studies, and the lessons but for the men and also for the women, this already is considered the people, the nation that are ready for the exodus from Egypt, ready not internally yet, but externally.

However, nevertheless, they have prepared themselves and they are holding themselves in such a way that they want to learn what are the stages in the exodus from Egypt. We want that these stages of exiting the ego will go over us and that we will feel on ourselves ,each one of us and all of us together. What does it mean to exit? What does it mean to exit the ego? What does it mean to rise above this world to an upper world, what does it mean to come out of the feeling of corporeal reality that exists in order to receive a feeling of the spiritual reality whose existence is in order to bestow.

Let's hope that we will feel it soon and then I won't have a hard time explaining it because it is impossible to explain it. It's like we talked about some places in the universe that exist beyond our ordinary perception.That there are other additional places or regions in the universe where different laws exist, different qualities and who knows how all kinds of created beings exist there in which forms etc., and so we are about to get to know them.

S. What is the exile of the Ten now with respect to our great group?

R. The exile of the Ten, let it feel that it is not connected enough in order to discover within it the force of the Creator and feel themselves as one man with one heart. To the extent that they get closer to each other in such a way, to that extent it is considered that they are rising towards each other spiritually.

9. S. (20:17) Should one believe in the solution while in exile?

R. Certainly, certainly. About the exile, the Creator explains to the created being, even before they enter Egypt. He also told Abraham and others that he had prepared this state where they will be in exile and will very much want to come out of it. He's preparing this exile for you, and bit by bit they will suffer the exile.

First, they enter the exile more and more with a good feeling that it is to their benefit that it is a good land, beautiful land but later on they will feel how much this state is a bad state. Not because I lack anything corporeal, but rather it is only disconnection from the Creator, that he's not with them they will start to feel it, to detect it. This is what will repel them and push them out of Egypt. That in Egypt there is all the abundance whatever you want except for the recognition of Godliness.

Imagine to yourself that you are in a state where you have no deficiencies, that you cannot feel any corporeal ones. Whatever is in this world you will receive it and even more and more and only one thing is missing the recognition of Godliness. That is that we now can detect and find ourselves that we exist in a kind of Egypt, a mini Egypt, take this whole world just live alone the attainment of the Creator, that is Egypt. If you want only to attain the Creator, then all of the corporeal things that you get are for you such that you cannot feel anything in your soul through them. tTen the vessel of the soul opens up for you, when you cannot pacify yourself nevertheless, you feel that your life is empty but you lack nothing actually. Economically and in all kinds of other forms I am living much better off than most people in this world but I don't appreciate it, it's ok in order to survive but all in all, what am I doing? What am I living for? How do I finish my life, if and who knows when it will end ,will it be today, will it be tomorrow, it could be in 20-years but nevertheless, the end will come.

With which results do I come out, what do I acquire when I have such an opportunity? I look at the billions of people who have no such opportunity to get to know the state that they exist in. I do understand to some extent at least that there is something else that I can add, that I can attain. That there are possibilities for a person to obtain another world that exists in our universe, in our perception. It's the spiritual world and I can rise to a degree where the upper force is and see the entire world, people and myself from the upper state. This is what saves us. These thoughts that come, they truly save us from remaining a beast.

10. S. (25:54) My friend is asking what can increase the feeling of the exile? What does it depend on? How can we strengthen the deficiency to feel the exile?

R. First of all it depends on the root of the soul, if according to the root of the soul. Meaning that inside a person's desire he belongs to this desire that has to attain a connection with the Creator, that point is called the root of the soul, then the person yearns for that, He does all kinds of actions, it draws him, he reads and his and investigates, he doesn't know where to learn about that until he reaches us and this is how he advances.

11. S. (27:28) You spoke of a lack of recognition of Godliness. How does that lack of recognition of Godliness come to the forefront of human consciousness from our efforts?

R. We don't do that to the upper light in each and every moment it increases itself, amplifies itself in its operation towards us, it shines on us more over everyone over all people,everyone in the world. Then each one of us according to His desire advances in such a way to fill this lack more the light works more and the person feels a great lack. This is how one develops. You see this is how we develop. The Creator is creating for us all kinds of states by which we develop just like we do it with our children. We bring them to all kinds of classes, we bring them all kinds of games, we teach them songs, movies, paintings and this is how they develop and this is precisely our form of development as well.

S. This is like this sensation of a new desire or maybe let's say emptiness that becomes acutely felt in all of humanity?

R. Yes, yes, yes it will be felt in all of humanity not in the way it is for us one by one in a discreet manner, but rather it will be felt in great hearts in greater masses throughout the whole of humanity. They will have some kind of an awakening. Let's say like all of China for example, covers itself, that they have a certain relation to this and this is how it will be with many parts of the world.

12. S. (30:28) What did Abraham exactly do to create this true deficiency for the inheritance of the land of Israel? What is this force of Abraham causing this lack?

R. This depends on the root of the soul. This deficiency is the innermost deficiency that exists in the central part of creation. This is why it is called Abraham, Avraham, the father of the nation in Hebrew. This is his role. You too have a certain role and you too do even though you are thousands of years later than Abraham that you have reached your expression. Following you many other people will come and you will have to pass down to them the method of correction and of the feeling through the method of connection and this is how it will keep going on and on.

S. Can we help each other become the force of Abraham?

R. This is what we exist for and this is why we connect into groups, into Tens and this is why the Kabbalists teach how to connect.

13. S. (32:30) How do I enter Egypt? We talk a lot about the exodus but how to really feel Egypt?

R. The entrance to Egypt begins when we want to be connected and we discover that we cannot be connected. That inside of us there is some evil inclination and it is hindering us, it's not allowing us to be connected. At first we recognise these things as good that we can be together and do something and gain something and succeed, but later on we discover that it actually comes in order to do harm to us, that it is against us, against our desire. This is how we discover the bad force, opposite of the good force and the exile begins.

S. How do we feel that we really can't do it because in the meantime we yell that we are connected and that we feel good connection?

R. We will learn that and you will see, it is right ahead of us.

14. S. (34:20) What is the difference between advancing from the feeling of the greatness of the Creator and advancing from the sense of exile?

R. These things proceed in parallel, we will advance and we will see if we haven't started yet.

15. S. (34:43) Delighted in mercy is a stage that precedes the exile? We first have to feel that stage and only then reach the exile?

R. Both, both.

16. S. (35:07) I was given the Ten as a gift, as a vessel for the reception of a light. How can I appreciate this gift if the importance of the Ten disappears?

R. Ask the Creator that he will show you what the en actually is. What is the special Kli, this special state that only through it, you can receive the connection with the Creator and, you can advance in this way.

17. S. (36:03) In order to receive what the Creator wants to give to us we have to create a deficiency. How do we create the right deficiency?

R. In the Ten. We have no other way. It's like we are children and we come to play with other children, and later on we maybe go to the kindergarten or later on school. We are being taught here to behave correctly, how to speak correctly, how to ask, give, take. This is how we should learn these things, also in the group. According to this we get a special illumination from above, from the Creator. This is how we will advance. We will learn these things. Really it's today, the next day, the day after, this is what we have to learn.

18. S. (37:30) We talked about the demand of a single vessel. How does that grow within us the quality of Abraham?

R. The fact that we unite for a single vessel is considered that we awaken within us the force of Abraham. Avraham is the father of the nation. Meaning before Abraham there was no such concept of a nation of the people of Israel who yearn straight for the Creator. This is why Abraham called this way, Avraham, the quality of Abraham we grow this single vessel?

R. We want to be together in the same point of desire so that in that point the Creator will be revealed. This is the beginning of the vessel of Abraham or the beginning of the vessel of Adam HaRishon.

19. S. (39:29) I heard you say before, that in Egypt you have everything, all the best but you just lack the recognition of Godliness. What does it mean that you lack the recognition of Godliness?

R. Just as we see it, according to the story of Egypt they had everything there, They had a good life and in the corporeality, the still, vegetative, animate and speaking it was filling each and everyone with anything necessary except for spirituality. Meaning there was no connection with the Creator. This is why, that's what they automatically, those who have such a desire to discover the Creator, they go through a state called Egypt, where they have everything in life except for the desire and the ability to attain the Creator. This is what one cries out about, and in the end he doesn't accept any compensation but only to get to know the Creator. This is what delivers him from Egypt.

S. What is the work in Egypt because we were told that there are two actions, connection and a prayer, and that there is no recognition of godliness here, so how do we work?

R. In Egypt we have to be connected. The work is only on the connection between us and we will learn even more from the story of Egypt. What does it mean? What is the work in Egypt? What do we have to yearn for you? Under what condition we can already emerge from Egypt.

S. My question is where does the connection of the Creator come in here when we don't have the recognition in Egypt. How do we demand of him that to be able to do work on us if we don't have the recognition of Godliness?

R. Let us begin to study this matter. Why are you putting pressure here? Let us get into it and study it. We have some time where we have to learn what is our state in Egypt inside of our ego? How do we get to know that this is the ego and that it is against us, detrimental to us and we have to run away from it and how do I run away? All of these states, we have to learn them and detect them and use them in order to come out with a great position, that we take all of our bad desires from Egypt. Werun away from Egypt itself and we corrected and built them outside of Egypt.

S. The first stage that we have that we focused on right now can you direct us to what we should be focused on right now?

R. We will study it. Let us move on to the next item.

Reading Excerpt #6. (43:00) Abraham so according to the rule that..” twice.

20. S. (46:47) What does Abraham and also, we, why do we need to know about this approaching exile? What does it give us, doesn't it take away from us the work, or how should I even direct myself correctly? I can somehow elevate the situation or prepare myself better for this exile?

R. The thing is that our spiritual ascent certainly is predetermined for each and every one, and also at any point in time and in each and every state we just need to want this thing to work on us.

This is why there's nothing new or scary here, the world exists, as it is written, that the Creator saw the world in its final form, at the end of correction. He saw that it is very good: for it is both good and very good meaning, the entire will to bestow and the entire will to receive, they will connect and join in order to reveal the final adhesion at the end of correction.

And we have to just reach all these states on our own, we have to learn how to attain the degree of the Creator. Because the world Israel, only testifies to the direction, Yashar-El, [straight to the Creator] so this is what we have to reach, bit by bit we learn about it and we realize it.

S. Can we somehow prepare ourselves for this exile in some manner or to somehow build them in the right way or reach these states on our own? Practically what can we learn from this excerpt or from this experience?

R. We have to connect in a group, as much as possible and go through all kinds of states in our life and realize that all of this comes only from the point of the shattering, the point of the ruin and then, each and every one should realize what it is that he has to do, how does he bring himself back to the point of connection, so that even so all of the vessels are broken and there's no connection between them, and they're only in contradiction between them.

And the more we advance, we have even more and more collisions between us and between these vessels, between our desires and thoughts and intentions, but nevertheless, we do want to connect all of them together. We want to make out of it a single weeding, and this is how we study life and we learn life and the more we advance there are greater problems, bigger weapons, bigger ego. And the wiser we become we also have this foolish and greater evil inclination and we are not capable of arranging anything until we realize that only by turning to the Creator, that He would arrange the right connection between us, only this can establish for us the right life. And then according to how much the Creator opens it up for us, opens up the right system, we begin to feel the spiritual world, where we are.

21. S. (51:50) So it turns out that everything depends on the deficiency, actually: so how do we activate the deficiency in the ten and how do we increase it?

R. By wanting to connect together so as to attain the goal of life in connection between us.

S. So what do we do?

R. It's simple, connect, so that in the connection between us we aim to attain the purpose of life and then you will discover in the connection of your ten the Creator. That He is there in the ten.

Reading Excerpt #7 (53:20) “ How, said Abraham, would they receive the light..” twice.

22. S. (56:07) What is a people for us? What is this concept of a people or a nation in the work?

R. We don't yet attain the group that we can call nation, we only attain tens and also not there yet, we still have to establish these tens between us, 10 of men, 10 of women. The nation is essentially some great group that is not even yet listed as tens or hundreds or thousands, just a big group that more or less has the same goal and they agree to somehow move towards that goal.

S. But nevertheless, this is something that is general not that the Creator needs..

R. It's general in the meantime, but later on it becomes the people of Israel or the nation of Israel, that's only a nation that is aimed straight towards the Creator, but in the meantime it's a more general word, like a common people or group, you can call a nation.

23. S. (57:48) How can we increase our yearning or the hunger or need, the lust for the Creator?

R. How can we increase, by talking to each other and connecting to each other and working together, by connecting and praying in order to receive from above the need and will for that and that's how we advance.

24. S. (58:40) When a person is in the work of abundance but he has no lack, he doesn't feel that he is in that place. When we work in the ten and we don't feel this lack for correction, so with the help of what does this desire or need come from the Creator?

R. This desire appears by the upper light, that's it.

25. S. (59:30) The feeling that a ten, the friend has a ten, in the morning lesson and everything is fine and he is satisfied and he can stay this way for years, pacified or calm: how do we jump, each time for his desire or to simply settle for it?

R. Why am I getting up for? What am I doing today? What result do I end my day with? How do I appear towards the others? There are many issues here, that if a person wants to awaken himself then he always has around him, this big group, that is divided into tens, and then he can see himself, and where he is in respect to them, because envy, lust and honor take a person out of this world.

S. We forget each time, why does this forgetfulness exist?

R. It's not that you forget, it's that in order to renew the force of movement forward. That you will each time look at the others and want to be at least like them or more than them.

S. But if I don't want to be like them, what is the work or the war here?

R. If you don't want to be like them, then you are just falling behind.

Reading Excerpt # 7, Again. (01:04:40)

26. R. (01:06:02) From the beginning of creation, as the shattering of the vessel of Adam HaRishon took place, from each and every part and piece there is certainly some spark, there's no desire to receive on the human level, that has no spark that belongs to Kedusha. And therefore, all human beings, in their final correction must achieve a state of adhesion with the Creator.

Everything began from Abraham, therefore, his name Abraham, meaning the father of the nation, and the nation is those people, all of humanity that will have to get closer to the Creator: it started from him. And so we have to understand what is written in these stories and what actually happened there with Abraham and Babylon and so forth. And what he did with Terah, with his people, meaning those people who were willing to follow him, and so they came out of Babylon and entered the land of Israel.Obviously, all those things are not about geography, even though we can also notice the geography of it, but we see it according to spiritual ascents.

Abraham is called the father of the nation, and so from him this group called Yashar - El [straight to the Creator] started, it did not exist before. So, you can see we're talking about some unity of human beings, who took upon themselves a goal, that they wish to reach a spiritual goal, and that is how it happened.

All of the questions of Egypt that they had to go through, through that state between them called Egypt, a bad state, that is in order to obligate them to be more connected. That each of them will feel that he has no choice, and in order to be saved from death, and death is increasingly felt as detachment from the Creator, so for that they have to be more and more connected between them. And that's how they will advance.

27. S. (01:10:15) What force does this demand of Israel require in order to reach redemption?

R. They need only connection between them and to open that connection towards the Creator so he shines in that connection. And that will give them knowledge, the mind, the power, everything but they have to do that.

S. She was also asking what cry out the people of Israel need.

R. That cry out that they will have that need and that ability.

28. S. (01:11:20) I heard you say that in the exile we have to connect in order to discover the meaning of life: what is the meaning of life?

R. The meaning of life is to attain the Creator that will fulfill all of our thoughts and desires. Then we rise from this world, this dark, disconnected world to the upper world that is eternal and whole.

S. How do we get this taste for the meaning of life?

R. The taste in life, you start having when you start feeling the spiritual life, and before that in order to push us to spiritual life, we don't get flavor, we get lack of flavor.

S. Is the meaning different for each one, or is it individual, or does everyone have the same meaning?

R. Everyone has one meaning but we can realize it only when we are connected together.

29. S. (01:13:30) If a person has already awakened and he is active in the activities of the group, what can awaken the desire in such a person: what will increase his desire?

R. The influence of the environment. Nothing besides that, only the environment. The environment includes friends, books, the study but that is what can increase his desire.

30. S. (01:14:30) It says that they will suffer, the nation of Israel, from not being able to perform actions of bestowal. How can we reach such a state that we are suffering, that we cannot bestow, it's a great state?

R. It is a great state that you can attain only when you look at the friends and you envy them, we need to envy them. Look at the friends that you've got. I'm sure if you look closely and correctly, you will see that they are connected between them more than how they are connected with you. They help each other, they have a greater connection than they have with you, and so on, and so forth. Keep looking and you will see it, that you are not in them, you are somewhere off to the side. You will see and then you will want to be inside of them and closer to them, and then you will start to work somehow.

31. S. (01:15:58) Abraham is the force from above that awakens within us the lack, and do we need to pray to the Creator to send us Abraham?

R. Yes.

S. And the descendants of Abraham: who are those descendants within me?

R. A desire to belong to the entire vessel of Adam HaRishon, that you want to bring it to connection with the Creator and this is called Abraham, the father of the nation.

32. S. (01:17:00) We see two kinds of Egypt: the Egypt of Abraham and the Egypt of Israel. What's the difference between both?

R. The difference in the work is that this work is more individual and the other is more general, we will talk about it more.

S. And between them there is Isaac?

R. I don't want to scrutinize it for now.

33. S. (01:17:52) Something confuses me. Are there intermediary states between this world and the spiritual world because sometimes the person feels like he has some sort of strange feelings but can't determine if it's spiritual or corporeal?

R. The difference between spiritual and corporeal is very simple: spiritual is bestowal and corporeal is reception. So, it has nothing to do with thoughts, it has to do with desires. If I want to receive, do I want to receive or do I want to bestow, what do I want?

34. S. (01:18:55) Yesterday, in Moscow we had a big women's gathering. There were representatives from all tens, there was a great connection. How does that action help us advance even more to coming out of Egypt or is it the beginning of the exodus? Every week we have such a meeting and every time we approach it with great fear and awe and love. Every ten prepares for it. Is that a degree of coming out of Egypt?

R. Generally speaking, that is an extremely positive action, on the one hand. On the other hand, you need to somehow arrange it so that everyone can make it and everyone can participate, so that everyone will understand why it was done. Keep going for now and later we will see. Maybe next time, in Passover, we will speak of it, a month or a month and a half from now.

35. S. (01:20:35) What's the difference in our feelings between the terms: 1. nation, 2. Abraham, 3. Israel, 4. the sons of Israel, and 5. Jews?

R. It's found inside of us, in our work to the extent that we are able to determine, to discern our correct attitude to the other, then we can say that it is a nation, it's Abraham, it's so on and so forth.

36. S. (01:20:30) It is written that the nation of Israel will suffer, that they cannot perform actions to bestow and that will bring them to adhesion with the Creator. So in what do the nation of Israel suffer: that they cannot perform actions to bestow or that they are not in adhesion with the Creator?

R. It is the same, it is the same more or less, of course because one is an action and the other is an outcome; but it's the same.

37. S. (01:22:07) You're saying that we need to reach a need and that we will have the ability to come out of Egypt. How great should that need be? Does it need to be the whole vessel that is connecting in this need, to have this ability?

R. No, it's enough to have a number of friends, a small number of friends.

38. S. (01:23:00) What does it mean that the Creator will remember the covenant with Abraham?

R. That he didn't engage in it and now he decided to engage in it.

Part 2:

Zohar for All. "Introduction of The Book of Zohar". General Explanation for All Fourteen Commandments and How They Are Divided into the Seven Days of Creation. #8

Rav reading Item #8. (00:40) The fourth Commandment, know that the Lord He is the God. Meaning, we have to attain the Creator on the degree where he is like a God to us, Elokim. To include the name Elokim to the Nukva of ZA, in the name of HaVaYaH in ZA, to know that they are one and there's no separation in them. And this is the verse, let there be lights in the firmaments of Heaven, said on the fourth day of the deed of creation. This is so because here, the Nukva of ZA was included in ZA in a single name, lights, indicating that there is no separation between them for they are of equal level.

Reading Item #8 Again. (01:45) “The fourth commandment is..”

1. R. (09:13) Well that's not so clear to us. We might need to read it again and maybe around it, but that's what he's telling us about these first corrections that took place.

2. S. (09:30) What does it mean the qualities of the HaVaYaH and Elokim?

R. HaVaYaH and Elokim are the two qualities: the two types of the revelation of the Creator, one from the side of the vessels, HaVaYaH, and one from the side of the lights, Elokim. That’s it.

S. But there's a connection between lights and vessels so is it the matter of the vessels or the lights or are they equal?

R. We can't say that is the same, because even though they depend upon their states, their state itself depends on their spiritual height. I don't know how to say it better. It's better if we keep moving forward, we will find words.

Reading item #9. (11:15) “We could ask, why were the Mochin..”

3. S. (25:22) The creature perceived this place as black light due to restriction because he knows about restriction?

R. The restriction itself builds the light and then the light influences the restriction. There are such mutual actions between them.

4. S (2609) Is the connection between us a prerequisite, a condition for the Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and AHAP relationship to work with MAN?

R. Of course, there's nothing to speak of. All corrections are to build for corrections between us. Whatever happened previously by the Creator those connections broke, and now we have to check them and resurrect them.That is called to justify the Creator for all of his actions.

5. S ( 27:45) The two types of Ibur conception. The first type is from Galgata, from Abba de Ima a connect with the AHP of Keter and the second connects to the A of Abba de Ima

R. We will learn in more detail soon and then you can ask.

6. S (28:18) During this excerpt when we read he asked on which conditions are we equal and can rise to him. On which connection can the upper one raise the lower one to Him and the black turns the white?

R. He takes it inside him if he takes it up on him he cannot do it, but he takes it inside of Him it is as if, like He acquires him inside. Like an embryo inside, like in some sack in the mother. That is why she can perform any action upon him that she needs. In every state he needs to be from 0 to 9 months to birth itself. They build between a system that through it they are connected and they determine one the state of the other.

7. S. (29:43) Regarding item 8,when he speaks of Elohim and HaVaYaH, I thought they are separate concepts because there he says that the lights are making the unification, What are those lights? Because in the rest of the text I felt that it is the entrance of the lights that rise through all the Sefirot

R. Yes, so?

S. What is this concept of the light? Is this the lights in general? The lights in the firmament of the entire collective?

R. Yes, all the lights that appear from the degree of Bina they shine on Malchut and Malchut can already scrutinize and connect them in some kind of a combination of lights together.

8. S (1:23) Why is it because of specifically the harsh judgment and the land became soil that can produce fruit?

R. Because there was the flood and afterwards the ground, the land had to be corrected by the restriction?