Daily LessonMar 8, 2023(Morning)

Part 2 Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation"

Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation"

Mar 8, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Connecting the World in the Last Generation

Part 2:

Connecting the World in the Last Generation - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #2

Reading excerpt number 1 “The basis of my entire commentary..”

1. S. (02:39) There's always a question of what the matter of necessity which isn't praised or condemned, how can a person check this?

R. That should be done personally for each and every person but a person can tell that less than that he won't be able to exist and more than that he doesn't really need, that it's worse for him to receive something above that measure and he prefers to go below that measure as much as possible.

S. It's something a person needs to scrutinize or is it scrutinized in advance?

R. That's according to his measure his correction, and he sees that after he is alive in order to bestow and less than that he will not be able to live and bestow so for him that is the boundary of necessity.

S. Is that part of our work?
R. Of course it's part of our work.

S. Does he need to ask himself if I'm in a question of necessity or if I'm in love of friends and all will be revealed?

R. That's not for now but we need to come to that that degree of necessity that’s neither praised nor condemned.

S. What do you mean it's not for now?

R. It's not according to our state right now, according to our spiritual state, but we will come gradually to such a state where we will begin to judge ourselves, are we in a state of necessity or not,

S. For the time being where our ten should be?

R. For now it's for us to scrutinize who are we, what's the purpose of the group, the connection between us, such general things and later we will work on having or giving the correct characterization to the definition that I gave. That’s it.

2. S. (05:01) He writes here that he should adhere to His qualities He is merciful. What does it mean to be merciful towards the friend? What is this quality?

R. You don't know what it means to be merciful?

S. I understand the word but what does it mean to be merciful? What to have mercy for the friends?

R. You are constantly concerned, are they're lacking anything.

3. S. (05:33) It's unclear how one comes out of oneself according to what he writes here that in every created being there is the evil inclination and from that it stands before what the Creator wants from us which is adhesion, and equivalence of form. How does one come out of the other? He created the evil inclination within us so what does that mean He wants our adhesion?

R. So that using the evil inclination we will be able to control ourselves and adhere to Him.

4. S. (06:35) In the text that we read that he said that everything a person does for himself, from the force of necessity according to what he needs isn't considered disparity of form, that not praised nor condemned, so could you explain what it means to care for one's own needs?

R. What the Creator gives him a desire to receive he feels that's necessary for an order to exist, that's the meaning of neither condemn nor praise, he must concern himself with maintaining this desire, fulfilling this desire, that's it.

5. S. (07:33) So he opens it here. The basis of my entire commentary is the will to receive imprinted in every creature and which is disparity of form to the Creator. So all of the troubles, all of the crises we see, hatred, etc., who is to blame for this? Are we to blame, a person who has received this desire to receive? Who is to blame for all the mess in the world today?

R. Nature, the Creator.

S. You say that it can be corrected, how can it be corrected?

R. We were given this to correct it.

S. How?

R. We were given this to not use the will to receive that is hostile towards the others.

S. And it's possible to correct through our behavior?

R. Through our requests, our behavior, our prayers.

6. S. (08:46) We need to reach equivalence of form to bestow upon the friends, so that action to bestow what does that mean?

R. To bestow to the friends means to do good to them whatever they want I help them attain what they want.

S. According to what can I check?

R. According to what you see, to what you understand, you don't need to consider anything and consult with anyone, or talk to anyone, but according to what you see. If you see that you can bestow to a friend so it'll feel good, he’ll get whatever he wants then you make arrangements and you give it to him.

7. S. (09:56) We need to know that if there is no bread there is no Torah. If a friend has the importance of dissemination, of connection, working in the ten, and he knows that he needs to advance in corporeality but he has no importance of corporeality. Where can he get importance of that?

R. He needs to maintain himself to supply for himself and for his family in the way that he was created otherwise he is not keeping the minimal condition of creation that's it and if he has, in addition to that, time and energy he has to give that to dissemination.

Reading extra number 2 “ An attribute of singularity which exists..”

8. S. (14:47) This feeling of singularity, of the uniqueness of the Creator, are these qualities of the Creator special qualities of the Creator and how do these qualities help us in our work?

R. You should try to take these qualities all of them and then check them on yourself and then you can understand it. Good luck.

9. S. (15:34) It's unclear here it says here that each one is going to exploit people for his own private benefit without taking things into consideration that he needs to build himself on the ruin of his friend. What does it mean here, that I'm going to be creating this destruction in the world?

R. When you worked in whatever you worked, didn't you see how all the people who are working under you are only thinking each one about his own self-benefit?

S. Yes but what's happening here? Each one is caring for themselves and wants to eat and they don't care if the others burn it down.

R. Meaning you agree with what's written.

S. Yes, you see this destruction on our hands.

R. So what do you want to say against it?

S. So I'm coming to say I don't know how this will change.

R. That is something else. Just like the Creator tilted this business into one side He will turn this to the other side.

S. When?

R. I don't know, ask Him and talk to Him.

S. How can I flip this back? It depends on us, it all depends on us, it doesn’t depend on the Creator, nature is doing it and we need to correct. How can we correct it? How can you suddenly see an opposite form so that people won't exploit each other, that it'll all be great. We're already tired of it. How do we do it?

R. I still don't know I didn't make it from the beginning of creation to the end of correction and from the end correction to the beginning of creation and I can't answer your smart questions.

S. A little bit of change, how can we create this small change in the world so that we will be able to…

R. There is no little in spirituality. You have to change everything, everything.

S. What needs to change?

R. You have to change man from rejection to connection, from hate to love and then everything will work itself out.

S. That's all of our work?

R. That is all of our work, that's it.

S. How will it all become inverted?

R. Organize such a party, such a political party, and everything is through political parties, we can add another party, a party of love, do we have such a party?

S. It made me laugh.

R. What?

S. Want love and want notherin, each one is rejecting the other.

R. It doesn't matter. Specifically against that start a party of love.

S. I will create a party like that with you.

R. I gave up a long time ago but you, you are young you can do it.

S. I'm close to your age. You tell me I'm young every time.

R. Okay we will do it, start organizing people that want to love one another, but understand that only with love we can correct the world.

S. Bnei Baruch understands very well. So how will we do it? That's what I'm trying to ask. How can Bnei Baruch create such a political party like this?

R. Let's try to love your friend as yourself.

S. We need to be a personal example.

R. Yes, personal example we also lack personal example

R.Continue reading. I see here we have many questions, especially women, I understand why it’s for women because they want love more than men.

Reading excerpt number 3 “By the term egoism..”