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Jun 13, 2024 5:54 AM -

562.01Question: How does annulment before the upper lead to bestowal?

Answer: As a rule, prayer for annulment before the Creator leads to the Creator giving us His quality of bestowal, and when we bestow, we become like Him.

Question: How do you hide yourself so that it is a pure bestowal?

Answer: It will come gradually.

Question: Each time we pray we compose a new prayer. Should we strive for some form of prayer, or does the fact that it is new every time indicate its imperfection?

Answer: It does not matter if it is new or old every time. The main thing is to pray. The main thing is to ask.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/24, Writings of Rabash “The Desire to Bestow – 1”

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Jun 13, 2024 5:49 AM -

294.2Question: Who is more sensitive to fulfilling the Creator’s will, a woman or a man, a wife or a husband?

Answer: In general, a woman. Therefore, it says that a lot depends on her because she can convince her husband to act one way or the other. She is more sensitive to the “voice” of the Creator than a man. She was created this way by nature.

She feels more dependent both on her husband and on the Creator. She has an inner sense of faith that the Creator guides her.
From KabTV’s “Man and Women” 5/14/24

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Jun 13, 2024 5:44 AM -

959Question: Midrash Rabba (The Great Commentary) says: “A pious man, a pious woman.” What exactly is meant by the term piety?

Answer: Piety is obedience to the Creator, the aspiration to fulfill His desire, that is, His commandments.

Question: There are so many disagreements about what the Creator commands. What is His primary commandment? Can His desire be expressed in some way?

Answer: The Creator desires a husband and wife to fulfill His commandments and continually check themselves against them. The primary commandment of the Creator is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: It turns out that in a couple, the closest people to each other are the husband and wife. Should they start fulfilling the commandment “love your neighbor” with their relationship to each other?

Answer: In general, yes.

Question: If I learn to love my husband as myself, will it be easier for me to treat other people the same way?

Answer: You will be righteous.
From KabTV’s “Man and Women” 5/14/24

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Jun 13, 2024 5:38 AM -

271Question: According to Kabbalistic sources 6,000 years are allotted for the complete world correction. According to the Jewish calendar, it is now 5785. So the correction stage should end somewhere in 2240.

Is this a firm date, or could the correction end sooner or take tens of thousands of years more?

Answer: No, there does not have to be an exact date. But by all indications, we are, as they say, at the end of days.

Question: What must we do to move on to at least the first stage of spiritual development—the awareness of evil?

Answer: Study and teach.

Question: In other words carry out the educational process?

Answer: Indeed! You do not need anything else! As soon as we are convinced that our most important task is to accept the laws of a correct relationship with each other, we will immediately begin to join the new system of relationships and thus accelerate our development.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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