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Jun 20, 2024 5:57 AM -

947This is similar to ten people standing and looking at an airplane flying from afar. To the onlookers, the plane seems like a tiny dot. But some of the people have binoculars that magnify the plane several times in size. However, each of them has a different set of binoculars—one has binoculars that magnify significantly, and for another, it magnifies less.

It follows that one sees the plane as four meters long, another says it is three, and yet another says it is only two meters long. They are all reporting what they are actually seeing, but still there are differences between them. Yet, the differences make no change in the plane itself, for all the changes are only in the eyes of the perceivers (Rabash, Letter No. 19).

Question: How can we discern the forms of spiritual connection between us through the “common binoculars” of the ten?

Answer: Because we are oriented in different directions, we cannot consider the common binoculars of the ten.  In order to obtain “common binoculars,” we must combine our visions and hearts toward one goal. And then we will see the Creator.

Question: Rabash writes that names (Partzufim) appear only in relation to the person who attains. How can we see something spiritual together since this is a personal experience?

Answer: It will come.

Question: Is it right for us to discuss at least something elementary? For example, how do we feel the importance of the goal in the ten or the level of connection?

Answer: Sure, discuss it.
From the 1st part of the the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/5/24, Writings of Rabash Letter No. 19

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Jun 20, 2024 5:48 AM -

275Question: What is the correct intention that the light of the Creator will enter into?

Answer: The correct intention is to make an effort to do a good deed to bring souls closer to each other so that the Creator can reveal Himself in them and they can feel the pleasure that He can dwell within them.

The correct intention is to unite our desires so that the Creator can fulfill them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/20, “Questions and Answers”

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Jun 20, 2024 5:39 AM -

237Question: I feel that I cannot cope with my ego! Should I tell my friends about it or keep it to myself?

Answer: That you cannot cope is clear. But don’t look to discuss these issues with your friends as they have their problems. Instead, seek connection with the Creator.

Be wholeheartedly connected with your friends and at the same time turn your heart toward the Creator.

There is no need to involve your friends because you are in one state and each of them is in a different one. The most important thing is to seek connection with the Creator, and based on your connection with the group.

Question: So should I pretend that I am in a good mood?

Answer: Of course, always keep your friends in good spirits. Especially when you are in a low state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/20, “Questions and Answers”

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Jun 20, 2024 5:30 AM -

610.2Question: What is this state where my egoism desires the Creator? And even not just the Creator, but the quality of bestowal. How, while denying bestowal, can I want it? What is this state?

Answer: Gradually, under the influence of studying and working in a group, the importance of the quality of bestowal will arise within you.

You will feel how you begin to respect this quality; it becomes valuable to you because by possessing it, you can transcend time and space. There would be no difficulty or problem for you because the quality of bestowal is above our world.

Our world is the quality of reception, while the upper world is the quality of bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/20, “Questions and Answers”

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