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12. Mai 2020
New Life 1236 – The Fear Of Returning To The Old Routine

Themen: Coronavirus
Bezieht sich auf: New Life
The long disconnection from our old routines has led to changes in our attitudes to life. We are not the same people we used to be. We are living in a new era. Until now, we fought with each other like kids but it’s time to grow up. We need to limit humanity’s engagement in unnecessary matters and warm up the atmosphere between us. The workplace needs to be turned into a place of challenge and adventure and pay must be disconnected from work. A new, positive routine will require that everyone has their basic needs met and people will work in areas that humanity really needs. In such a society, people will feel a sense of balance and will be free from destructive competition. We need to develop the right ecological conduct which includes a humane attitude towards the air between us and what we fill it with. If we each know that we leave our homes in order to learn how to live a balanced life, we will have nothing to fear. If we don’t want to learn how to live a balanced life, the blows will continue and force us. Evolution doesn’t stop.