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2. Apr. 2020
New Life 1220 – Coronavirus, Passover, Night Of Exile Or Isolation Night?

Themen: Coronavirus
Bezieht sich auf: Pesach (Passover) 2020, New Life
Passover is a festival of freedom from our egoism. There is nothing to celebrate since we are not connected, we have not left Egypt, and we remain in our egos. The coronavirus has imprisoned us in our homes to show us our true situation: we are separated in our hearts. We are isolated because we have elevated the ego, which is called Pharaoh, and bow down only to it. It is no longer appropriate to fulfill ourselves without taking anyone else into account. We must open our hearts, move toward a state of love between us, and direct ourselves straight to the power of divinity. The moment the power of connection will be discovered, we will feel all who come into the world in our hearts.