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28. Apr. 2020
New Life 1228 – Physical Distance For Heartfelt Closeness

Themen: Coronavirus
Bezieht sich auf: New Life
The ego is so great today that the interior and the exterior are not the same. I can shake someone’s hand and hate him in my heart. Love must be developed here so that physical closeness will be the result of an order from the heart. The Coronavirus has prohibited all physical contact so that we will understand that we are living in a culture of lies. The virus makes it possible for us to think about what must be corrected in the relationships between us: first, do no harm and then become closer, like a single soul. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches people how to work in a group until the heart opens. It is up to me to direct my heart toward someone else so strongly that he or she will feel this without even seeing me.