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New Life 1269 – The Citizen And The Leadership In A Corrected State

Episode 1269|20. Juli 2020
In a corrected world, a citizen is supposed to feel the state as a family, which his wise relatives manage. Today there is unrest all over the world because the world is managed by the force of the ego. Leaders today divide the nation in order to weaken and control people, and think about their own chair. It is impossible to change the feeling of disconnection between the public and the ruling elite unless each citizen and all of us together learn how to connect to each other. If everyone feels mutual care and responsibility, we will not be afraid or worried about anything. The warmth, love, and connection between people will draw support from nature, which is also one. In a state where people live as one family according to the principle “love thy friend as thyself,” every citizen accepts the others as his brothers. If the nation connects in this way, the leadership will be forced to go along with it. The State of Israel will become a caring, unified system, and then people will feel that there is a global innovation here that is worth replicating and will want to get closer, and the unrest in the world will subside.