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3 אוג׳ 2020
New Life 1273 – The Power To Change Reality

Themen: Coronavirus
Bezieht sich auf: New Life
Brain waves are our strongest weapon against the coronavirus. Our thoughts and desires have the power to change reality and heal us physically. The real vaccine against the coronavirus and all viruses is to change our attitudes toward one another. We live in a field of forces that influence the entire universe. Viruses come on the level of thought and desire, through the air. The human ego that aims to be better than others at the expense of others is evil insofar as it weakens us and makes us ill. We need a special education system that will teach everyone how to be good to one another and connect above all the disturbances between us. We must change ourselves so that we engage in heart-to-heart relations with others. We experience new life and vitality when we change our natures from egoistic to altruistic and from hate to love.