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24. Juni 2020
New Life 1256 – The Evolution Of Consciousness

Themen: Nature and I
Bezieht sich auf: New Life
According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the force that develops humanity is egoism. The “engine” that is found within nature develops the still, vegetative, animate, and even human consciousness to become integral. The leap in consciousness that is ahead for us is to begin to adapt to nature and to see reality not through the ego. According to one’s nature, a person doesn’t want to be connected to all of reality because this obligates him; in contrast to this, he wants to be free. The conflicts in our lives come from people wanting to dominate each other. Suffering develops human consciousness. Humanity must reach a state in which everyone is connected with love; ideal communication is called love. In a relationship in which each one feels the other and fulfills his desires, we are completely connected with each other. A full development of consciousness is one in which I feel and fulfill your heart, and you mine.