New Life with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

New Life is a series of talks with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman that aims to create a foundation upon which every person, organization, society and nation can advance in better understanding our reality and how to achieve a harmonious life.

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New Life 1328 – Rank Discrepancy In Organizations
How can organizations ensure that employees at every level feel important and appreciated? While hierarchy is necessary, it can lead to comparison, competition, and separation between higher, middle, and lower workers. These obstacles can be overcome if everyone is included in working together toward a common goal. Management should hold regular talks to emphasize that mutual benefit can be achieved only through the efforts and participation of every worker and all will prosper through working together. All are equal participants toward accomplishing the goal, and even simple work is essential. We are all mutually dependent, each one does their part for the good of the whole, and recognizes the value of each one’s unique contribution. Everyone is responsible for creating an environment where everyone is valued, where each one is greeted as a friend by all the others. Upon entering the gate of the workplace, each one should peel off all their shells and enter with a warm heart and uplifted spirits for having been granted the opportunity to work together in common purpose.
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New Life 1327 – Building Trust In A Relationship
Without trust, life is impossible. It takes artistry to build trust between spouses. We must care for the other’s needs, knowing that when things are good for my spouse, they are good for me as well. If I make concessions and do good deeds for my spouse, I oblige them to do the same for me. When transgressions arise, we must talk with an open heart about our love for our spouse and focus on our common intention to build a good life together, starting anew from a clean slate. We need to reach a state where we don’t lie to each other whatsoever. If we were hurt by our partner, we can tell him or her that we were hurt and learn together how to improve. I should give an example of relating with an open heart and see what comes from the other as something good. Although we may have passed through difficulties, we want to build good and proper relations and have a good life together.
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New Life 1326 – Trust Between Parents And Children
Building children’s trust in their parents provides them with a firm foundation for confidence later in life. Trust must be taught by example through telling the truth, keeping one’s word, and cultivating love and respect within the family. Sometimes a parent is faced with a dilemma and must choose between keeping their word and doing what is right. In such a case, it is necessary that the child understand and feel the dilemma they faced and the parents’ pain from breaking the trust between them and that the parents love for her or him was greater than their word. We are connected as if in a single body in which we can approach life together.
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New Life 1325 – Building Public Trust
There is a lack of trust all over the world between citizens and governments who care only about themselves. How can leaders restore trust again? On the scale of the city, a mayor must demonstrate that the needs and common desires of the public are more important than his or her personal ambitions, that the mayor has listened to all the diverse needs and viewpoints and he or she has a vision and a plan that benefits everyone. The mayor must work against egoism that causes each person and sector to act solely for their own benefit. The mayor should lead an educational-cultural movement that will establish consideration of others in every person and group. The mayor's goal should be to promote the understanding that the city is like a family and awaken the feeling that we are all in this together and everyone’s needs must be included.
Episode 132528. Nov. 20211663 Views
New Life 1324 – About Consumerism And Internal Property
The experience of shopping brings us pleasure, excitement, success, and status. In addition, Internet purchases create the anticipation of delivery, and the excitement of opening the box. The nature of the will to receive is to always desire to acquire something new. The more we receive, the more we enjoy. It’s not that we swallow the object itself, but rather we swallow the pleasure we receive from acquiring it. We need to ask ourselves what is needed for life, and plan ahead to buy only that, not what the advertisers persuade us will bring pleasure. Otherwise we find ourselves surrounded by objects that just gather dust, while the emptiness of our will to receive remains. We should educate children by example and teach them to seek inner fulfillments that don’t cost money—books, music, games, sports, relationships, and conversation. Healthy consumerism is buying only what we truly need and raising our importance for attaining inner assets.
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New Life 1323 – Feeling Equal To Others
Being equal to others is generally not enough for us; rather, we want to stand out, to be unique and different in some way. If not, if we compare ourselves to others and measure our worth as “less than” or “not enough,” we feel great suffering. We measure ourselves through the eyes of others. We need to look for how we can give our unique gifts to others. If we help and love those around us, no one will stand in our way. There is room for everyone. Even a small contribution is important since it joins with others’ contributions to create success for the whole. The most successful people are those who properly arrange their mutual connection with others. If we pay attention to where our gifts can match others’ lacks, there is no doubt that our lives will be lifted by the appreciation of others for the positive effect we have on our environment. By recognizing each one’s specific offering, we become equal partners in attaining the goal, and by our mutual help we will reach the top.
Episode 13237. Nov. 20212032 Views
New Life 1322 – How Can We Restore Our Emotional Balance?
Today, as never before in history, we experience internal pressure to fulfill our growing desires. We are never content, always trying to outdo others, which leads to great stress and dissatisfaction. Although we have unprecedented abundance, the experience of satisfaction disappears as soon as our desires are met and only emptiness remains. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah we can find fulfillment only if we connect to each other and nourish each other. We need to learn together how to receive pleasure through fulfilling the desires of others, to connect to others so that the more we give the more we are filled. If we can think about others and not about ourselves, we will feel emotionally balanced, tranquil, and internally elated.
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New Life 1320 – The Generation Gap
Nature creates generation gaps so that humanity will advance. It is impossible to convey the wisdom of life to younger generations, so we need to establish an environment that reflects positive values. If an adult has a desire to give, he should try to learn what is good for the young person and give that. A parent should be close to his child, like a friend, so that he can speak to him freely about everything without moralizing or criticizing. Only love can help us communicate and bridge the generation gap. We should show a child that if he does something wrong, he makes us change our attitude toward him. There is a wide pipeline between our child and us through which love constantly flows, but the key to the tap is in the hands of the child.
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Caring For The Health Of Workers
People are finally starting to value the health of workers and to understand that health requires positive relationships and a good atmosphere. It is hard to create a good atmosphere at work because human nature is egoistic and we tend to criticize and dominate each other. People are willing to struggle their whole lives in order to reach a higher status in society, even if it ruins their health. Competition should instead be aimed at fulfilling one’s maximum potential for the good of society as a whole. Management should guide people to respect one another and connect.
Episode 131919. Sep. 20211103 Views
New Life 1318 – Coping With Violent Communication In The Family
The education system needs to teach children how to behave in relationships. Children who grow up in families with violent communication will likely feel insecure and want to escape. They should withdraw from their violent family environments in order to succeed in building new, corrected patterns. They need positive examples to learn from. The first principle we should teach is the principle of equality. If someone relates to us with verbal violence, we reflect the same back to them, like a mirror image, so they will feel their need for correction. Behind the principle of equality, there is a desire to be built by each other, to build the right patterns for ourselves.
Episode 131812. Sep. 20212001 Views
New Life 1317 – Educating For Global Awareness
Children need to be encouraged to not harm anyone and that, if we preserve our environment and the integrality of nature, we will gain from it. We need to tell children the extent to which we are infinitely connected to nature and emphasize the unity between the forces of nature. We educate them by giving examples and then explaining. We should first ruin as little as possible and then see how we can better our environment. We avoid doing unnecessary things and, by the mere fact that we don’t destroy anything, we already start building. Examining and determining my attitude to everything that happens in advance, from every angle, before we act, is what we need to learn from life.
Episode 131729. Aug. 20211403 Views
New Life 1316 – Quarrels In The Family
In a corrected life, we scrutinize the conflicts between us with the intention of reaching love and peace above them. In order to quarrel correctly, we need to learn the method of relationships that is explained in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Men and women are innately different. Quarrels should be regarded as the necessary revelation of each one’s nature in contrast and opposition to the nature of another. The natural gap between them can be bridged when we openly express our preferences, respect each other’s views, set a good examples for one another, and establish mutual understanding.
Episode 131615. Aug. 20211927 Views
New Life 1315 – Relations With Grownup Kids Who Have Left Home
A long time before kids leave home, we need to get them used to calling their parents once a day and visiting them weekly. It is important for the parents to share what they go through, to show that they care, to ask questions, and to set an example. The parents should prepare their children for the phase of leaving home and raise them to be independent. Kids who have not received the right preparation for life will feel weak, and will find it hard to build themselves and establish a connection with a life partner. Parents should give their children a sense of security, guidance, and a feeling that we are always there for them.
Episode 13158. Aug. 20211228 Views
New Life 1314 – Emotional Balance In The Family
In an emotionally balanced family, the members of the family know how to get along with each other and how to help each other. The emotional balance of each individual in a family depends on the family as a whole. Children who grow up in a connected environment know how to relate to others correctly, are comfortable to live with, and don’t invade anyone’s space. A child can cause a family to lose its balance and upset the general atmosphere. Parents should show that they are not impressed by a child’s extreme behavior. They should set an example by the kind of attitude that they show to others and by keeping their own emotional balance. The parents’ goal is to show that there is a limit to any emotion or relationship.
Episode 13141. Aug. 20211726 Views
New Life 1313 – Parents' Agreement On The Education Of Their Children
As parents, we want our children to lead serious, balanced lives and to know how to relate to other people. We need to set the right example of agreement and acceptance between parents, an example of mutual respect. Children need to see that their parents are as one, sharing the same views. It is a principle that stems from “a man and a woman, Divinity dwells between them.” This means that the connection between them is the strongest. As a result of the parents’ example, the children will learn that they too need to try to live in agreement and mutual support. As parents we try to be as one, to share views, desires, and our perspective of each other.
Episode 131318. Juli 20211014 Views
New Life 1312 – How To Establish Good Communication Between Parents And Their Adolescent Children
We are all egoists and if we want to communicate, we need to adapt to each other by making mutual concessions. Building a family connection requires that each member of the family understands human nature. Parents should consult the kids about their family relations, which will help the kids to cope with conflict and reach agreements. Teens shouldn’t be suffocated or pushed to share their feelings. They need limits, freedom, and guidance. They need to know that they always have a protective shelter and a warm, loving home in order to feel secure. Parents also need to set an example by showing the kids how they cope with anger and calm themselves down. Parents also need to show the kids that they don’t always think alike and that, sometimes, one of them identifies with the kids. We need to make children aware that the role of the family is to help them to grow successfully.
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New Life 1311 – Quarrels Between Siblings
There cannot be contact and connection without feeling limitations and conflict with others. Siblings don’t feel each other if they don’t quarrel, but they may have difficulties with communication. Fighting over toys is natural between toddlers, and parents should not intervene as long as there is no physical harm. If a child cries to his parents that his sibling has done something to him, the parent can hug him, but shouldn’t take sides. Quarreling for the sake of harming others is unacceptable, but otherwise it is a part of normal life. Quarrels strengthen the connection and love between us if we know how to rise above the feeling of rejection. Parents should not fight and should play with their children to provide an example of how to behave properly. To sum up, we should let siblings develop freely in order for them to become experienced and wise.
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New Life 1310 – The Reasons For Losing The Sense Of Closeness In The Family
Connections in the family are fading away because the ego continually grows and doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone. This is a natural process. People no longer feel obligated to their siblings or parents. We can still learn how to develop a warm human connection in the family if we teach our kids about the ego and how to work with rejections and envy correctly. We need to show everyone what they will gain from being connected to others by doing exercises like, for example, helping a different sibling each day in every matter that comes up. We can learn positive competition by comparing who can ascend higher above their own egoism in order to get closer to the other family members and awaken love in them. Family should provide a sense of support, communication, commitment, and being closer on a new level when we rise above the ego together.
Episode 131027. Juni 20211062 Views
New Life 1309 – Communication With Small Kids In The Family
I need to constantly imagine what my child lacks and how I should relate to him with respect to that lack. We should parent using three approaches: as a grownup who dictates, as an equal, and as smaller by learning from the child and modeling that it is okay not to know things. A successful child is a balanced child who does not burst out for better or for worse, a child who understands where he is and behaves maturely. I should let the child feel that I am always on his side and whatever I do is for his sake; when I have to force him to do something, it distresses me. It is a good idea to share my internal world with a child while not pressuring him and giving him space to grow independently. To sum up, do everything together with the child so that he will understand that cooperation is the key to success in life.
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New Life 1308 – Concession, The Means For Better Communication In A Couple
The internal psychology of a man and a woman is totally different and this is the reason for all of our communication problems. Successful communication depends on one’s ability to work above the ego and make concessions. Making concessions unconditionally means investing all of one’s powers in serving one’s partner. We love when each one tries to feel, live in, and fulfill the desire of the partner. We show the other we are trying even though it’s hard, that we are willing to make the effort anyway. It is a kind of a game that becomes real as you get used to it. A person who develops the attribute of making concessions discovers the force that connects and ties all parts of creation as one.
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